I hate war as only a soldier who has seen it first hand could. I have seen the brutality it brings, it's futility, and, most of all, it's stupidity.

- Barda Clett

Barda Clett, known by his titles as the Hunter, Supreme Field Marshall Lord of Flame, and currently, Ugandalore the Untouchable, is the current leader of the Ugandalorians, their strongest member and warrior, and formerly, a feared bounty Hunter who traveled from the Mirus, Plazith Rim, and Quadrant Galaxies.

Formelry a feared, pitiless mercenary, with little heart or emotion, Barda has since reformed, and is now an honor-bound, moral being, leading his people the best he can.

After becoming Ugandalore the Untouchable, Barda made many steps to make his peoples' influence more felt and appreciated on the galactic stage, working with many nations, and going as far as sending warriors to help defend the New Cyrannian Republic from the Bisistar, and going as far as joining the Mou'Cyran Accords in an attempt to further promote peace, while seeking to defend the Republic further, seeing them as a sort of role model for what his people, now leaders of the Mendel Pact, could be with hard work.

However, his defeats that where suffered by the Xonexi Powers at the end of the Second War of Mirusian Coalition created a hot bed for rebellion. While still respected and beloved by his people across the Pact, many, a fair number of Clans, questioned his rulership, and that of his fellow High Kings. Rallying under a mysterious leader, named The Hand of Retribution, the rebel managed to subvert a number of Barda's intelligence agents, and evade Phase-Hunter, allowing him to strike down Comacar of the Kodalorians, exile Casio of the Walgolorian, and kill Barda himself. He was mourned by many of the Clans, though they dared not do so publically, or face The Hand's wrath.

Despite his death, Barda's bloodline will shape the future of Mirus, and beyond for ages to come.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Barda was born at the end of the Grox follower-Ugandal 1st war, a month before his grandfather, Field Marshall Cadus died destroying an Alpha Grox cube. His father served as Field Marshall, then Reago became a bounty hunter.Barda was later Kidnapped with his brother, and many other young Ugandalorains by Dormuncka, an Insane Scientist. His brother and many of his friends died. Finally his father and many other Ugandalorian Defenders came and almost killed Dormuncka, but he escaped. This left Barda emotionally scared for the rest of his life, and almost left him incapable of interacting with others. As though to add to his difficulties, his parents where late in helping cull the Blood-thirst, causing his increase in aggression, but helped him develop massive strength and endurance.

Later, a Terrorist Uprising cost his Mother's life, and Barda grew to develop a deep-seeded hatred for them. In fact, he accepted missions that involved terrorists later in his life as a bounty hunter, enjoying the feeling of taking vengeance and his built-up rage upon them, sometimes even killing them when the mission said to not do so.

Exile Edit

Barda's life would remain generally steady, up until the age of 9, right after he had begun the path of the Warrior, the right of passage among his people to become an adult and receive full honors. While he had conquered much of the Ugandalorian "bloodthirst", he had not conquered all of it, leading to higher aggression, but improved strength and durability, even for a "runt". Barda and his father, in an attempt to finally cull his emotion, went about a hunting drip together, to bond and to mat things out. After a long, relaxing trip, upon their return home, Reago was bite by some mysterious life-form, but thought nothing of it, disinfecting the wound.

This would prove futile, as the creature carried a monstrous venom within it called Phazrite, which Reago had, ironically, helped stamp out. After it began to fester in his body, Reago went insane, losing his mind and attacking Barda and his sister. Forced to protect his family, Barda stabbed his father with a knife. Ashamed at what he had done, Barda left, stealing his father's old armor, and reconditioning it for himself, before finding transport, splitting ways with the Ugandalorians in total, and burying the body, and leaving behind most of his inheritance for his sister.

At one point, Barda made his way into the Quadrant Galaxies, searching for Bounties and money to keep himself feed. After one hard bounty, the young hunter made his way Raamakota Bar, a salon that had another famous patron: Zevracence and his partner Ktrn. Barda and Zevracence had appearntly encountered one another before, though neither wished to comment on it, and simply called each other, good friends and the like. Despite, Zevracence was generous, paying for drinks, and even an exotic Yunilinage dancer. The two where soon drunk, and left, saying they would meet again, though Barda would soon after, head back to Mirus for more familiar hunting ground, though not before getting involved with several women over the course of his hunts, unknowingly fathering a son from this.

After gaining several minor bounties, Barda accepted the bounty of an insane human named Phase-Hunter, a rogue Ugandalorian-accepted, whose exploits and split from the Ugandals his father had told him all about. Going after Phase, Barda tracked him to a bar, where he found him with 2 females, and a dead Ugandalorian bounty hunter. Phase shooed the 2 away, and asked Barda to have a drink with him. Hesitant, the young hunter accepted, believing he could capture Phase easier if he was drunk. After talking away the hours, Phase revealed why he left the Clans. His wife, a Ugandalorian, was killed by Grox worshippers in front of Phase, causing him to lash out in rage. After brutally killing them, and the Clans found the abandoned ship, he was exiled. Barda, seeing a kindred spirit in him, told Phase about how he had killed his own father.

Phase, after a moment of silence, asked Barda if he still planned on capturing the bounty. Barda responded that he would "think about it", before Phase poured him another drink. Barda took it, as the 2 drank the night away, with Phase revealing his want to have a city named after him, and a statue of himself overlooking the harbor, fist held proudly in the air.

The 2 would later become inseparable, developing a close brotherly bound as Phase tried to teach Barda a little about the culture they had left behind. Mission after mission, Phase held a deep-seated need to die, but after seeing Barda so courageously keep going after what he had been through, Phase would be inspired to fight on with him. After a few years together, Barda would decide to sever the relationship, with Phase agreeing, saying he needed a better brother in his life, and areal father figure.

Call of the Ugandalore Edit

Barda was later called by then-Ugandalore, Torscka Nitrocon as part of the Call that every Ugandal must answer. Barda reluctantly answered, though demanded to know why he was called. Torscka explained that the Unified Nations of Spode where gearing up for a war, and he wanted Barda to act his second-in-command to help defeat them. Barda at first refused, believing it a governmental power struggle, and had no place for a Bounty Hunter. However, Torscka reminded him of the fact that many innocent lives would be lost, and any man fighting could prevent that. Barda reluctantly accepted.

Barda lead the war effort as Supreme Field Marshall, alongside Kastor Darius, Supreme Fleet Marshall. While he respected Darius, he did not respect Torscka, believing him an armchair general despite claims by his troopers of his powerful abilities in battle. Barda' faith in his leader was restored when Nitrocon risked his life to save Barda from a trap set by UNOS agents, and received a shot in the chest that would plague the Ugandalore for the rest of his days. Barda, with his faith restored, swore loyalty to Torscka, and interacted with him and his troops more, opening himself up to outside contact more.

Barda was instrumental when the Gardeili revealed their leaders, the Prophets of Hun'gora's, betrayal of their ideals, and rallied their supporters alongside the Ugandalorians and their allies. Barda was with Ajaar'Magnos and Loda'Gadem when the 2 lead a strike team against the ruling Prophets and their loyalists. They destroyed the Prophet rulers, and the survivors fled, only to be assimilated by their real controllers.

Barda helped the allied empires rebuild, and settled on his old estate on Ugandalore's moon.

Dead Watch rising Edit

Encounter with the Shadow Edit

Barda was later part of clearing operation to end a potential Zarbanian-Dead Watch alliance, which worked. However, he found the crystals that had caused his father's break in sanity, and had a horrible flashback. Breaking down, he almost couldn't finish the mission, but pulled himself together, and struck with resounding fury, and, almost back to his old ways, took no prisoners and killed anyone trying to run, even if they where not important. Torscka and one of his Defenders, Forbila, realizing Barda was about to forget the Ugandal Creed and forget his culture again, called him back to base.

However, Barda encountered a strange being. The Dark Hunter. Born of his father, Reago's, DNA, and the Phazrite Crystals that infected said Clett, Dark came seeking the crystals as food, and it's users as members of his growing empire. Both briefly fought, before Dark stopped the fighting and spoke with Barda at length. He revealed his past, and called Barda Ickro'brota, prehistoric Ugandal for brother. Barda denounced the creature, and said he was no Ugandalorian, and no brother.

Dark carved a star-shaped mark onto Barda's shoulder, after consuming the crystals and enthralling the survivors to his cult. He then left, and carved the same star-marking on his own shoulder, to symbolize their link.

Barda, for better or worse, now faced a dark threat equal to himself.

Grox Follower War Edit

After many years of peace, The Ugandalorians faced a rebellion from a race they had actually helped grow and uplift. The Tarmeal, once a peaceful enough civilization on it's way to galactic stage. However, unbeknownst to them, Dormuncka, the very same scientist who had nearly killed Barda and turned him into a super soldier, had, with the help of Grox agents, sought out the Tarmeal, mutating them and twisting them into the savage, xenophobic Tarmealox, under Dormuncka's command. Upgraded with new biologic and cybernetic upgrades, and allied with the Grox, the Tarmealox staged a massive assault on the Ugandalorians, and their allies, the Kodalorian and Walgolorian. Meeting the 2 future leaders of each, Casio, Prince of the Walgolorian Dominion, and Comacar of the Kodalorians, Barda grew to respect the latter, though felt the former was a soft prince used to a palace full of servants. He was again proven wrong when the Walgolorian, both in his advanced combat suit and on foot, fought alongside Barda and their troops countless times.

During one ambush, Barda and a group of Ugandalorian Defenders, seeking an important holocron, Barda was struck in the head with a plasma bolt, though his helmet saved him. The Defenders set up a defensive position, as their leader sent them to get help, as she, Forbila Cantor, fought the waves of Grox soldiers, even picking up a chainsword to defend herself. After waking up, Barda would thank her for her defense of his life, and he would go on to request her be sent to fight under his command.

After a couple more years of pushing back the destructive Grox forces, Barda and Forbila would settle on marriage to each other, having their first son, Takanuis not long after, shorty after the Grox Followers agreed to an armistice.

Alpha Grox invasion Edit

After the Grox Followers' brief excursion into conquest, the Alpha Grox would reawaken from their tomb worlds and hive ships, attempting to gather more and more resources to feed themselves. At first moving slowly, as the Alpha Grox consumed more worlds as they traveled, they became more ravenous, and, as they did, moved faster and faster towards other planets to consume them. The forces of the Mendel, Ugandalorians and their subspecies, the Waptorians and their member states, The Zarbania Powers, the UNOS and Brotherhood of Spode moved quickly to rebel them. Barda, having lost his grand-father to the hated cyborgs, was zealous in his need to kill them, almost getting himself killed several times, before Ajaar'Magnos, Forbila or Torscka stepped in to save him. Finally, growing sick of his stupidity, Forbila punched him, breaking his jaw, and telling him to get himself together, which, surprisingly, worked.

After successfully rebelling the hated cyborgs, the allies went to repair the damage, as many planets where now left barren, and many of their colonies where cracked, decayed and damaged greatly by the Alpha's advances.

Nebulorian-Alpha War Edit

During the Nebulorian Wars, Barda and Ugandalore where recruited to fight alongside The Volver Empire and face the Nebulroain invasion force. The Volver had been contacted near the end of the Alpha invasion, the Ugandalorians had grown to respect and admire their new-found allies.

Barda and his troops defended the Volver capital, and did significant damage to the Dead Watch, Unitech, and Neulorian forces.

Barda was sent to recruit Magmos and his Lava-based people to fight the Nebulorians. After almost being killed by them, Magmos's father,Lavern saved them and struck up a negotiation with them, with both he and Barda developing a respect for each other in the process.

Barda also fought Lorka Gredyc, second-in-command of the Dead Watch, twice. Once in a forest, along-side King Glynn, who fought King Ziskin of the Biskin, and then during the final battle, between Wtz'e Ugandalore, and Barda against Solid, Wzt'e's brother and elader of the Unitech, Tox Cano, the dead watch leader, and Lorka Gredyc, Tox's second in command.

IN the Middle of the fight, Dark One arrivied, and fought against the powerfull Lord Ne'yon. WHile a draw, Ne'yon used the Spear of Apoclayse to destroy Dark's body, temporally killing him.

Dark killed Tox, thought, by entering his body, and killing him, taking over the corpse.

Barda and the team barred witness as Glynn sacrificed himself for the Universe, killing Ne'yon and destroying the Omega Dimension from which he came.

Barda and Ugandalore, along with several of their allies and former enemies, formed the Unified Federation of Glory.

Second Infectant War and the Loss of a friend Edit

Barda and Ugandalore the Great, on the behest of their allies, joined against the Infectants, bringing Fresh troops and supplies to help. Barda lead many attacks, and succeed in killing Lorka Gredyc.

However, Lorka was cloned, and this clone fought Averil and Arkaalin at once. Barda and his comrades blazed ahead, but Ugandalore the Great was caught off from his allies, and killed. Barda tried to help, but Ugandalore told him that his "Life-times' journey" had come to an end, and Barda's was just beginning.

With that, Barda was named Ugandalore, and, in his sadness, revealed his own Elemental power; Fire. With this, he and his friends battled the Hive-mind, and saved the galaxy from her clutches. He would briefly lead the Federation in Torscka's place, but very unsure of his own leadership.

Clone Training Program Edit

I was...put off... when I find the Zarcrion Mirco had used my DNA to produce a group of clones without my permission. I was against it from the start, making these men fight a war they knew little about, and asking them to die when they didn't have a choice. So I had my sergeants educate them. They where given choice, and could settle down and have families. Do what people should be allowed to do.

- Barda on his Clone Army

During the interim years between the Second Infectant War, and the Enlightenment War, the Zarcrion Mirco Cloning cooperation had informed Barda of a new clone army, based off his DNA, to be used by the Federation. Beginning a few years before the Infectant War, the Clone where flashed trained, but the rest, and most important parts of the combat training where left to Clett and a group of Training sergeants he had selected.

Selecting a group known as Kuyeni'Das, made up of 200 Ugandalorians, and 100 other species, the Ugandalorian Clones where trained for the operations they would face ahead, and Barda spent 7 years training the Army for battle.

By time he was done, he had wiped an army into shape, increasing the power of the Federation's military greater.

Enlightenment War Edit

Barda Clett, as Ugandalore, would lead his people during the Enlightenment War, leading them and his allies against the enemies of the Federation. He would shrug off several assassination attempts by several Volver rebels lead by code-named Crimson.

Barda would coordinate against them, as well as against the Unitech Citadel of Sentients and the Ugandal rebels known as the Dead Watchers, who he had fought earlier, but this time under the command of the Grox.

Barda would lead a large assault on a Zarbanian supply base, as a test for his clones, and would, alongside W'tze and Brygon, lead his legions into battle against them. They would later clash with Terikalinra, and his servants Krianus and Torackix. While the clash looked lost against them, a mysterious black-armored Volver fought them off.

Later, the Dead Watch, their allies, and their masters, would assault the planet Ugandalore. Fighting alongside the The Zarbania Powers and their master, Terikalinra and his son Gridlock. During the fight, Barda's old friend, Phase-hunter would appear, helping defend the planet, and, while making a nuisance of himself with the other leaders, would later prove effective at helping them fight off the invaders. Barda, seeing what Phase needed gave him something few others had given; compassion. Forgiving the exile, Barda adopted him into his clan as a brother. After the war, Phase would be overcome with emotion, though not show it to his "bro", feeling his life was now complete once more.

He would lead his warriors to battle, and would bare witness to the resurrection of the Multus Esse, the Precursors that had created the Ugandalorians. Their leader, Kossi'Valicar, would join the allies in their attempts to fight the Alpha Cyber Collective.

Barda and his comrades would push the Collective off, before leading an allied force against the Kashriinox Collective, seeking to weaken the Grox. While his allies made it through, the Grox would unleash the creator of them, a Multus Esse named Kashriin'Rashas. While the Multus managed to overpower most of the other members, Kossi, his close friend, managed to convince him to stop, and Kashriin, understanding he was merely a thrall now, committed suicide, taking the Alpha Grox Overseers with him. However, one of the Overseers, Mortox, possessed his remains, using the skeleton to attack them.

However, the allies managed to destroy the skeleton, forcing Mortox to retreat, and W'tze activated a Staff of Life stored on the station, converting the station to Alliance holdings.

Afterward, the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment was formed, Barda being among it's leaders.

Attero Dominatus Edit

Our enemy is massive. We will leap to meet them. Our enemy is merciless. We will return the favor in kind. Our enemy is advanced. We will be strong in body and mind.

- Barda Clett

Return of THEM Edit

Barda later, during the Return of THEM, was involved in fighting Xizothano Ada, THEM, and would fight the forces of Xizothano, included the resurrected Infectants, and Nebulorians, and Omega Grox Empire, as well as Xizothano's other agents.

He would face Ghorie's clone of the Omega, Gzorie, and defeat him. Afterward, he would defend the city of Matrukoris, the capital of the Alliance, and fight off the forces of the Void.

Barda and Brygon would later fight against the leader of Xizothano's forces, a resurrected King Glynn. The King and Barda would clash violently, and at first Glynn seemed to have the advantage, until Barda struck the winning blow.

Later, the Alliance's fleets would face Xizothano Ada in his realm, and fought him, until he unleashed his god form. he would damage Matrukoris, and seemed to win, before the Alliance sealed his own power within his body, weakening him. Dark One, however, would arrive and absorb Xizothano and his powers, before throwing the Alliance out.

Barda would later assist in helping rebuild Matrukoris, before going home to Ugandalore, to help the rebuilding process at home.

Gigaquadratic Conflicts Edit

Conflicts in Mirus Edit

Barda's leadership of the Ugandalorians would be tested the day the Scramble of Mirus began, leading him and the other highlords to try and keep their people together in such hard times. As the French, Draconid and Tybunsen began grabbing up territory for their war against the DCP, the Mirusian powers tried to scramble to grab up territory of their own, believing it to be theirs by right. Unfortunately, they where left with too little territory, and too little resources, with other powers in similar straights. For once, The Mendel turned aside their rivalry with Zarbania, as their leaders gathered the other powers, attempting to bring them together to form a grand alliance against Xonexi Imperialism. This alliance, including the Mendel Pact, the Zarbania Powers, Xylon Empire, Pseudopath and GMCS, became called the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition. The Coalition was even supported by the Imperium of War, though only to further their own goals.

While the Pact, like the Waptoria Alliance of Species, did not want war, other members, after the Fall of Lanat Prime early on in the Conflicts, saw that the galaxy was not safe from any imperialism, and as such, moved to war to protect their own interests, fearing the Xonexi planed the same thing as the Galactic Empire. While the most hesitant to go to war, Barda, with the insistence of the other Highlords, finally agreed to rally his eager clans for war. Likewise, after the betrayal of the Hegemony, the Waptoria also gave in and joined the Coalition, disgusted by the needless bloodshed that the Hegemony had wrought.

The Mendel, along with the other races, swept through the Xonexi holdings, seizing The Drakodominatus Foundry worlds for themselves and holding them throughout. Unable to fight a two front war, the Draconid Imperium's Grand Admiral, seeking a quick peace, sold off the Tyranny holdings, including those belonging to France and Eldarisia, knowing they where too stubborn to let go of their territories, and did so behind their back.

Barda himself was left conflicted about waging war, though ultimately decided it was needed. Mirus would never be a respected, orderly galaxy if extra-galactics could come in whenever they pleased and took whatever they laid eyes upon. If the Pact was to become a top, respected power, they could not have extra-galactics doing as they pleased, whenever they pleased.

After, the French Colonial Empire would arise, and, joined by the Eldarisian Empire, moved to take back their territory. Refusing to back down after such a hard-fought war, the Coalition gathered their military for another stand against the Xonexi. Ultimately, this was almost undermined by the betrayal of the Imperium of War, who would attack all sides, though, much to everyone's surprise, the Zarbanians would stay at the Coalition's side, fighting alongside their enemies in the Mendel Pact for survival. Though they fought hard, winning a grand victory against the Imperium of War at one point, they ultimately where defeated, forced to surrender. Though Barda and the Zarbanian diplomats fought hard, their territories where ultimately returned to their pre-war status, Zarbania and Mendel given small strips of land at the edge of Dominatus holdings. This greatly angered the two warrior nations, feeling it an insult to their honour. Further insult came when, in their battles with the Imperium of War, the Mendel where told any territories they captured belonging to one of the Xonexi powers would be returned after the war. Angered that they would be fighting for another's ultimate victory, Barda and the Highlords ordered, in secret, a program to loot everything from the foundries of importance, and leave nothing for the others.

The Mendel Pact would, later, have to cope with an enormous influx of refugees from the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the United Federation of Glory, as both fell to the Imperials. Preparing for battle, Barda instead found that the Imperium was merely content to box the Pact in and keep them isolated - for now. The Imperium would go on to sack Matrukoris, located on the crossroads of Mendel, Federation and GMCS territory, during which many Mendel civilians amongst others were ritualistically slaughtered to bring the Brotherhood of Darklings forth. Most of the GMCS armada would eventually make heed to Matrukoris, successfully rescuing the surviving civilians. In doing so, they left their own territories open to be conquered by the Imperium, exactly as Caligustus had anticipated. With no home to return to, the armada instead set sail for the beleaguered Pact under heavy fire from the War-Imperial fleet. Their leader, the Holy Prophet of Truth, was forced to use all his psychic might to keep the missile barrage from destroying the GMCS ships, and would die of exhaustion once the fleet reached the safety of Mendel space. There, a broken Loda'Gadem would offer up his blade to Barda, and pledged his surviving troops under Barda's command. Barda now had to manage an army made from various nations, and also had to suppress anti-foreign feelings within the Pact, as many a Mendel expected the refugees to take on Mendel culture in gratitude of Mendel hospitality, and tensions rose towards the large groups who refused. Barda and the Highlords took the side of the refugees, reminding the clansmen to focus their ire on the Imperium of War instead, and prepared for battle with an enemy that would soon strike again.

Indeed, the Imperium began a push into Mendel territory; only to be met by the full armies of the Pact -plus whatever the refugees would muster- above Kodalore. The battle, once more, seemed to go awry, until the fleets of Tyris Mayor and the United Persan Descendants arrived to turn the tide. Barda seized the momentum and drove off the War-Imperial fleet, before meeting with Domivere, Brygon and Pulporious V. Zuki revealed that Zarbania also stood ready. Barda agreed to go on the offensive, with his fleet and the Persan setting out to GMCS space. Ajaar'Magnos taunted the Warmaster at the fleet's head into attacking, which allowed a Zarbanian fleet to encroach in of the War-Imperial armada's rear. Taking the armada in a pincer movement, Zarbanian, Tyrisan, Mendel, and Persan forces destroyed it utterly, turning the balance of power the northern front against the Imperium. With this, the push to reconquer the fallen lands begun. Ridanax of Zarbania warned all to be quick, evidently hoping that France would still be weakened so that the Covenant might be undone before it had even come into effect. Alas, in the south, too, the Draekar Remnant and Troodontid Empire had unexpectedly reinforced the beleaguered French and Eldarisian forces, allowing Xonexi forced to advance north. During the reconquest of Waptorian space, the Troodontids also aided the anti-Imperial Mirusians, and broke the news. In the Pact and amongst Zarbania, there was outrage, with Barda even accusing the Troodontids of willfully tipping the scales in favor of the Xonexi again. The Troodontids denied this, saying that they simply wanted to end the Imperium as quickly as possible. They urged the Mirusians to accept France's offer to coördinate the attacks of the two fronts, even if it meant also accepting the Covenant. Only this way, losses could be minimized for all. Barda, Zuki and Ridanax reluctantly agreed. Both the Xonexi and Mirusians agreed to give Drakan Thel'Vimicelnes of the Dreakar Dominion overall command, giving his long and antagonistic history with Caligustus and his reputation and a fair and neutral battlemaster. Quickly making his reputation true, Thel'Vimicelnes introduced both sides to the Rebel Consuls led by Gastus Graviatus. They were a group of Dragowar rebels that favoured democracy and which, he proposed, would be given the mandate to form a new Dragowar government after the Imperium's fall. Outside of the Troodontids, who abstained and had previously sought to sacrifice the Consuls to the Imperium to ensure a safe retreat of their own forces some years before, all parties present voted unanimously in favor.

With most of the War-Imperial armada destroyed and the Imperium beset on both sides, Thel'Vimicelnes wasted little time going straight for Warminz. At this point, Caligustus had realised that the war had been lost, and dispersed the fleets of his sons, the Warmasters, into other galaxies, so they at least might survive. As for himself, the Dragowar Imperator recalled all remaining forces to Warminz and prepared to go out fighting. The battle for Warminz was the most destructive battle to ever grace Mirusian history after the battle for Demogorgon Prime. The streets of Warminz ran thick with blood, and by the time that a strike team consisting of Pulporious V, Brygon, Ridanax, Barda, Zuki, the Troodontid Android Samrakk, Draekar agent X-30, Ajaar'Magnos, Oskel Leton, Averil Daxur, W'tze and the Unitech deflector Solid reached him, most of the War-Imperial military had already perished in suicidal charges against the advancing allies. They found Caligustus not as a broken leader, but as an empowered one, calmly sitting on his throne even as carnage raged all around the Imperial Palace.

Caligustus explained that the slaughter of both the allies and the War-Imperial military was of such scale that this had brought Caligustus on the brink of descention of a Darkling Prince, and that the entire War-Imperial military had gladly paid the price for it in death. The Imperium's fall mattered nothing: in destroying it, Caligustus felt that the allies had only validated his views. Ridanax argued that, even if that might be so, Caligustus no longer had the favour of Terikalinra, and thus his descention was found to fail. This only served to incense the Dragowar Imperator as he finally lost his calm, charging forwards and knocking out W'tze and Solid in a swipe that would've broken the latter's spine if not for his cybernetic implants and nearly snapping the former's neck. The rest of the group scattered and begun their assault. Caligustus would eventually be de-armed by Samrakk, only to feel Polporious V's sword at his throat. The Imperator gloated at the Soldarian king for thinking him now to be defenceless, and, in a single move, devoured him. His was the final kill that Caligustus needed as descension came upon him. His skin turned into molten brass and liquefied his flesh, his blood vessels simultaneously erupted and his bones broke into microscopic shards. Yet the amorphous mass of blood and metal grew, rose, and darkened, taking on the shape of a being that was a mix between a Dragowar and a Darkling, his skin a mixture of blood-red ruby and the darkest onyx. The descended Caligustus immediately sheared Samrakk in two, though the Android managed to transfer his mind-data to his flagship AI, ensuring his survival. Then, the Imperator turned his eyes to Ridanax, who told the others to run, taking the unconscious W'tze and Solid with them. Ridanax simply stood his ground as Caligustus' massive claw tore into him, using the pain to achieve his own Darkling form. The battle was no longer about the destruction of the Imperium - at was about who would become Terikalinra's favourite, and both knew it. Eventually, Ridanax pinned down a heavily wounded Caligustus, though the Dragowar was not defeated yet. It was at this point that Gastus Graviatus took action. Judging that Ridanax would survive, he ordered the Rebel Consulate's ships to unleash an orbital bombardment upon the two titans, reducing their forms to ash. With nowhere left to escape, Caligustus was incinerated immediately, though Ridanax escaped at the last second, teleporting his true form back to his own flagship. Thel'Vimicelnes ordered the rest of the fleet to join in the bombardment, finally putting an end to the hated Imperium of War.

In the aftermath, Gastus Graviatus and his fellow Rebel Consuls were installed as the leaders of the Imperium's pacified remains. The battle had rendered the already harsh planet of Warminz completely uninhabitable, however, and thus the decision was made to move the capital of the new Consulate to the much more hospitable planet of Praxis. Hence, the Consulate of Praxis, as it became known, was born. Barda fully supported the new government, promising the Consuls that the Mendel would be ready to defend them whenever necessary.

Cyrannus Edit

The Mendel also became embroiled in the Battle for Ventia, after the New Cyrannian Republic world became embroiled in a fierce battle with the Bisistar, along with members of the Mou'Cyran accords, including the Mendel's allies, the Vanara Empire and the Waptoria alliance. The Mendel did not whether to help or not, uncertain of whether the Republic was an empire of respect and honor and worthy of aide. Finally, High lord Comacar O'kariin spoke in favor of lending aide, which the other Highlords voiced similar support for. Choosing Commadore Mentrex to lead the attack, the Mendel fleet departed, eager for war.

After the battle, Barda, seeing the potential for an alliance with The Republic of Cyrannus and the Mou'Cyran accords, talked his other high lords into sending diplomats to the New Republic, beginning talks and gaining an alliance, trade agreements and membership in the Mou'Cyran Accords. This, Barda felt, would mark the beginning of a long, successful relationship that would result in the Mendel people being seen as a power to be reckoned with, and most of all, respected.

Galactic Empire and Imperialism Edit

Five years after the Great Xonexi Schism, the Mendel where on the long path to recovery, opening up trade deals with the Draconid Imperium and the other Xonexi powers, though still restrictive and angry about a great many things that had occurred during the fight, such as the Great Betrayal and the deaths of so many Koatria, fully trained or just cadets. Having a young son who was Koatria, the humiliation of being unable to do anything, and the distrust for outsiders did not lessen any further during those years for Barda. The Pact still pursued a policy of hostile isolationism with the Eldarisian, and where slowly bringing back much of their hostile actions back to the fore-front, such as adopting the Persan policy of head-hunting any within their borders. To further restrict the Eldarisian's influence, Barda and the other Highlords issued the capture and retrieval of any Mendel who had been brain-washed.

Still, distrust and anger still remained within the Mendel people. The Hegemony and Eldarisian had done so much to them, and the Mendel felt they had left the war scot-free. Barda himself tried to keep his peoples' natural aggression in check, though he himself felt embittered as well. At Comacar's suggestion, the Mendel High Lords began creating a new Olympian chapter, in secret, in case war with any extra-galactics ever broke out again. Though he was against going against the Alliance's ideals, he agreed that, in order to defend it, they would need to step out of line just a tad in order to protect it from the brutish Hegemony and Eldarisians.

Later, Barda alongside Chancellor of Zarbania Bisarko, where invited to celebrate the birth of The Emperor Alexandre's son, Alexandre-Bonaparte. As Casio was rather apathetic towards France, and Comacar still bore a hate for them, Barda was the only High lord who could still approach the French without any hostility.

The Hand of Retribution and Death Edit

You are a fool, supposed "Hand of Retribution"! A mere savage dressed as one of us! You have no place here, in this life or the next, and I will be sure to protect my people. From you!!

- Barda, before his battle with the Hand of Retribution

Legacy Edit

Despite the defeat of the Great Xonexi Schism, and the Mendel gradually losing ground on their run to rise to the stature of a great power, Barda would later be remembered as great leader among his people. While many questioned his decisions early on, it came to be realized, despite his hatred for the Xonexi, he truly was doing his best for the Mendel, and, after the defeat of the Hand, his daughter would continue his policies, seeking to put the War with France behind the Clans and continue where her father left off. Though he was controversial by the end of his reign, a year into Kirta' reign, around the time of the Second Cyrannus War, the Clans began to appreciate what he had tried to do for them, even if he had not succeeded.

Barda's daughter, Kirta, would take on his role as High Lord of the Ugandalorians, and lead her people to defeating the Hand of Retribution, and finding peace once more. The tutelage of politics by Casio Lwerian'ca allowed her to continue the policies of her father with growing the Pact fleet and beginning to make the Pact into a serious power in the galaxy, wishing to put the War with France and Eldarisia behind (Though she did not retract the Anti-Eldarisian head-hunting policies her father and his fellow kings put in place).

Barda's Son, Takanius, would go onto be a great Koatria Warrior and leader, inspired by his father to become a master warrior and leader of his friends, and to fight against the darkness for the rest of his days. While he would refuse to ever accept a place in the political arena among the Clans, he would spend the rest of his days protecting those he cherished with all his heart. Forbila, their mother and Barda's wife, would become a top leader among the Clans, and take over leadership of Clan Clett in her husband's steed. Her leadership and tactical knowledge gave the Clans much guidance during the dark days of the Second Cyrannian War, and helped her daughter greatly in making her military decisions.

Barda's best friend and adopted brother, Phase-Hunter, thanks in part to working alongside Kirta and the two helping each other conquer their issues, would settle down and learn to handle his problems without resorting to drugs, alcohol or sex. While still regarded as rather insane, Phase would become a respected warrior among the Clans, and, most importantly, learned from his best friend's death to not rely on others as an emotional crutch anymore, staying close with his new family, but learning to handle himself without the help of others. As part of his oath to protect Barda's family, he would go about searching for any lost members of Clan Clett, finding Barda's long lost sister, Aylin Clett, and her daughter, Ambori Clett, though Ambori believed she had no place in their family, and journeyed off on her own.

The biggest thing Phase would discover, was that Barda had an illegitimate child from 10 years before he meet Forbila and fathered his two children. Setting out, he swore he would find Deloros Clett and help bring him back to the Clan and let him know he had a family, even in another galaxy.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

It should be noted, that when he first became active, Barda generally kept to himself, and felt deep pangs of regret from killing his father and leaving behind his clan back home. As he traveled, he hoped to finally get away from it, but found he could not. However, after coming back to his culture, Barda has not only warmed up to his people's ideals of honor, which he once considered out-dated, and came to find he did not have to hate himself over his father's death. Barda is deeply religious, though, like most Ugandalorians, who encourage open thinking and a "non-fundamentalist" attitude, is open to any other religions.

Barda still is relentless, fierce, and aggressive, though can hide it with a show of friendliness and comradely brothership, happy to meet new people and get to know them, but, if pushed, and it does not take much to push him, Barda reacts like a vicious animal, hunting down anyone in his path in retribution. Barda takes great pride in his people's culture, and would suffer no slight against them.

Despite his training as a warrior, and pride in his culture, Barda frowns about the pomp and ceremony that surrounds much of his culture's view on their leaders, especially the view of some taking him as semi-divine in some respects. Also, caused by his years of service in battle, Barda has begun to step away from the more martial aspects of his culture, trying to grow his peoples' relations with other nations and trying to be a proponent of peace.

Abilities Edit

Barda is noted for his extra endurance, power and reaction, a side-effect of waiting a year before conquering the Blood-Thirst in himself. Due to this, however, he suffers from heightened aggression, which he usually keeps in check through mental training. Barda trains himself to rely more on skill and less on strength. He is an expert with most weapons within the Pact, though prefers two Lizeath-pattern Modiure Pistols, and a powerful Gwedian-pattern Snahence Rifle. In melee combat, he commonly deploys twin sets of Power Claws to rip through his enemies, and, as last resort, can use his father's claymore in battle. For battle, Barda trains himself to out-last the enemy, since, while their are stronger enemies, his plan focuses on letting them tire themselves out. Barda prefers ranged over melee combat, and is noted for his expert ability to land crack shots from his Snahence, leading to him being nicknamed by his friends as "God of rifles".

Barda now also demonstrates Powers over an Element, like many Ugandalorians today. He controls fire, heat, and lava. He can summon it, absorb it, and direct it with his will, and use it to heal himself. Thanks to training by the late King Lavern, Barda has much better control and command of his element then even Ultra Commando units. Many worry about Barda's lack of telepathic shields to protect against Darkling-incursion, though his faith in his religion and his love for his family keep him safe from any attacks by Darklings.

The fact he couldn't access it before-hand was a side-effect of Dormuncka's experimenting.

Armour Edit

Combat Edit

Barda's standard armor, which was modified for his position as field Marshal, is what he usually wears in missions or when leading his troops. The armor is stream-lined, and built to maximize speed and durability. Other then modified shoulder and leg pads, the armor is no different then any other warrior's armor. Like his skin, the armor has changed to a red pigment, symbolizing his element of fire. The armor has 3 scars running adjacent to each other going from near the right shoulder down at an angle. The helm's forward is decorated with the clan symbol of the Clan of Clett.

On it's wrists and various other parts of his body, are several in built weapons, and around his back is a short cape.

Ceremonial Edit

Barda, when meeting with other statesmen, wears an elaborate, ceremonial set of armor made for pomp. The armor's shoulders are modified to be larger, making him look more imposing, as well as having capes around his shoulders, and a long, flowing cloak across his back. While not designed for open combat, the armor still has weapon systems capable of self-defense, and storing at least some of his weapons.

When meeting with other statesmen and leaders, Barda will commonly carry the Nerosaur Axe, a symbol of the High King's office, and meant to help convey his stature among his people, as well as doubling as an effective melee weapon.

Appearance Edit

Barda is noted for his pale features. Even after reclaiming his elemental power, he still is rather ghostly compared to Ultra Commandos, due to the amount of time in his armor. Still, he keeps himself healthy, as "an unhealthy Ugandalorian is not a Ugandalorian at all", and he must lead his people through battle and war, usually at it's head. Despite, he still looks mostly healthy and is very fit. As with most Ugandalorians, he is very strong.

Barda wears the typical armor of his kind, though was worn by his father when Reago was a warrior. The armor is modified to fit Barda and his tastes, though retains it's ancient look, to show Barda's respect for tradition and the ancestors.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Green face We stand together, as brothers.

  • Forbila Clett - Despite that I was never the best at displaying emotion, she always understood me better then anyone else, without words being needed.
  • Takanuis Clett - Your a light in my life, element or no.
  • Kirta Clett - I have always...Cherished you...
  • Torscka Nitrocon -You've left too big a legacy for me to fulfill...
  • King Glynn - You will remembered...
  • Reago Clett - I miss you dad...
  • Kirra Clett - Mother...
  • W'zte - You are a great ally in any situation W'tze.
  • Captain Jallas - The protector of my family.
  • Ajaar'Magnos - We started out as foes, now we are brothers.
  • Kossi'Valicar - I am honored to stand with you, Great Creator.
  • Phase-Hunter - I'll miss...your ugly

Friends Edit

Blue face You're OK.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face What do you need?

  • Zeveracence - While I'm past that life, I still consider you a friend.
  • Gridlock - The sins of past have been laid to rest, and now, you are a magnificent ally.
  • Emperor Alexandre - Remember what they say, "Emperor", those who lay with dogs rise with fleas.
  • Sylo Ethland - Hide behind France. It will not save you. Threaten my home, and my family again, and there will be no body to barry.

Enemies Edit

Red face You're no good to me alive.

  • The Dark One - I will protect my people...from you!
  • Dark Hunter - Unwanted, unloved abomination. You are not my brother, and you are no son of Reago Clett! You are merely a parasite with his DNA!
  • Zontross - You're nothing but slime.
  • Dead Watch - Murders and thugs, they defile what our ancestors stood for!
    • Tox Cano - A disgrace to our people, I hope he stays dead.
    • Lorka Gredyc - While I hate to admit it, he's my equal in every way.
    • Gortoi Kametian - Lorka at least wants us imperialists. You want us mindless servants.
  • Dormuncka - You've killed enough innocent souls, you insane freak.
  • Lord Mortox - You will pay for all you did, Meeno Grox scumbag!
  • King Terrox - Your plans shall not succeed. Never.
  • Eternal-Mind - What in death's name are you...?

Qoutes from others Edit

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He is a strong warrior for sure, but, beneath that, is someone far more meaningful to his people then a simple warlord. Far, far more meaningful

- Forbila Clett

I failed you once. I won't fail again. Your family and Clan will be safe.

- Phase-Hunter

Do not deny me, Icka'brota...

- Dark Hunter

Annoying brat, out of my way!

- Domuncka

No no no! You've got it all wrong, fool! Can't you see? Are you all blind!? I don't want you mindless servants. Neither does Mortox!If he wanted, he wouldn't have allowed the Dead Watch to keep free thought in the first place! But, unlike Lorka, don't expect any mercy from me, false Ughandalore. Your are the one who killed Ketoi! And I will do everything in my power to avenge him! Even if I have to offer up the galaxy, no, the whole galaxy, to the Meeno Grox if I must!

- Gartoi Kamatian

A nice fella, though he shouldn't dare to take my bounties!

- Zevracence

He's a true bounty hunter and Ugandalorian. Though he seems a little dark...he reminds me of myself in my younger years!

- King Glynn

He fought alongside my father and has helped save the galaxy and the universe. A true knight of Ugandalore. I have to say, he outmatches me!

- King Brygon

A fine warrior. I am happy to have fought alongside him, and not against him.

- General Oskel

He can really turn up the heat! Even a great warrior like me respects him. Barda is not to be messed with!

- King Lavern

Barda, you'll make a fine Ugandalore.

- Queen Si'daal

Inferior scum. You will eventually perish.

- Lord Ne'yon

Your head, and the Prize as Ugandalore, will be mine.

- Zontross

The leader of one my peoples closest allies, no wonder the Mendel chose this most capable man to lead.

- Empress Besta

Such a fine warrior. Most Volver would call you brother, Vell'Ushmaven, as your fighting spirit is greater than one of our own.

- Dr. Que

Now this is a man I can rely on, tempered by the fires of life like a well crafted sword built to lead nation of swords

- Exarch Zuki

Hunt me? You fool. You may have been trained for battle but I was created for it. I am the perfect life form, made in a lab by scientists I won't sleep until I kill. I am more than you could ever be!

- Glacier

I look forward to converting you into a genetic freak in my army.

- Anthrax

Miameq chemum'lim mijura'l, Mith mekusta chihet.

- A verse from Empress Zuki's requiem for Barda Clett

Qutes from him Edit

One could spend their entire life perusing peace, and it would not be wasted by any account.

I am the Untouchable!

Clans of Ugandalore, lend me your ears!

Such a pity. If only I could knock more idiots up-side the head like this one.

Many men will volunteer to die, but few will be patient in the face of pain

The mark of a great leader is his ability to get his men to follow him because they want to, not because you order them about.

I'm from many places. Lots of different places.

Notes and trivia Edit

  • While initially based on Boba Fett, the user gradually shifted Barda to be more of a Hot-blooded, Dwight Eisenhower inspired figure, basing him off the user's favorite, most respected President.
  • Barda was originally supposed to be the central character for the whole of ZF's time on Sporewiki, though ZF decided to experiment with different character designs and ideals, and, as such, made the decision to kill Barda with a heavy heart, having grown to love writing him.
  • [1] This is his theme

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