She was a mistake. We took our experimentations too far and look what we have created. This isn't a girl, this is a weapon....what have I done?

- Professor Velebi, Tytho's creator

Subject Tytho is an artificial crossbreed of the Solonese Union's five key races. originally created as a supersoldier, she broke free of the laboratory that created her and lived on the streets of Foth'Venn, of one of the Union's larger settlements, until she was discovered by Elrom'Tussar; a mercenary contractor of Arvaad Tactical Solutions Inc. who took her under his wing.


Tytho (a name given as a scientific designation) was originally created in a government laboratory on the planet Foth-Venn in the Solonese Union in 2786. She was a project into creating a 'sixth race' using genetics aquired from all five G5 members of the union. Her embryo was developed alongside dozens of others deep beneath the planet's surface, out of thirty embryos, hers showed the most prominence and for the next six years her growth was accelerated to meet the expectations of the G5's military board. She was given the best care and stimulated by visits to holographic locations, but was always slightly ennerved by the 'empty' people she met.

When she was six however, the government wanted to move her to a different site to continue her training and hone her latent yet immense psychic potential. She refused to be a tool and forced her way otu of the lab and to the surface, killing a total of 68 military personnel through unconscious use of her powers. Once on the surface she encountered a world she barely recognised and lived the next few weeks on the street. Emerging into the city itself almost overpowered her as she could hear the thoughts of millions whiel trying to find sanctuary. She found solace in the rooftops of Vorthara, the city she had grown up under, where she could easily evade Solonese soldiers conatantly looking for her. Every meal she had to steal to feed herself and every night she had to find shelter, often finding derelict or abandoned apartment buildings to sleep in.

Mercenary Life[]

It was by chance she ran into a unit from Arvaad company, a private military comapny operating within Andromeda. Sensing her potential, A Ryketian psychic named Elrom'Tussar took her in and kept her company as he helped her recuperate. he learned that the government was chasing her down and, sympathetic to the child, he offered her a home with the company where he trained her in the arts of close-combat and telekinesis. He treated her like a daughter over the first few months and kept her presence hidden from the Union, all the while offering her less violent jobs that the PMC were given.



Tytho resembles a slim and young female Ryketian. When not in disguise she bears a plate-like crest on her forehead as well as several bony ridges that extend along the side of her elongated head, with strands of reddish silk-like hair tucked within a makeshift cradle formed by these protrusions. Her hips are wide and she appears somewhat wiry aside from a firm and healthy-looking pair of breasts. She prefers to keep her hair long and tied, having it come down her neck to a point at the base. Her eyes, once hazel, are a faint amber that glow softly.

When not on duty, Tytho prefers to wear a range of practical and hard-wearing outfits that denote a level of rugged elegance to them. Common clothing types in her wardrobe include vests, hiking boots and leather jackets of varying designs.


Tytho is a quiet, perhaps shy individual. Due to her life on the streets and the Solonese laboratories she is quite defensive around strangers, paranoid that they could pull her back to the Solonese military or abuse her. When cornered or faced with death, she becomes fierce and willing to do anything to escape them. When angered, her temper shows. She no longer becomes afraid and instead will likely lash out at her aggressors - occasionally going as far as using her abilities to show she is not to be messed with.


Although a psychic, Tytho prefers keeping an array of stolen pistols, knives and ammo packs close at hand. Tytho - being something of a pragmatist from her brief time as a mercenary - prefers wearing something resembling contemporary combat armour.


Tytho was bred for her psychic potential. As a result she is a formidable psychic. While she still has much potential to unlock, her abilities are gradually increasing as she understands herself better in order to use them whenever she faces an attacker. As well as the standard telekinesis, she is capable of making powerful assaults on the target's mind, psychologically scarring them with several well-placed thought attacks. She has demonstrated that, when cornered, is capable of incapacitating or even killing large groups. These supernatural abilities have been vastly augmented by the energies donated to her by Mezzadriel.

Aside from this, her Solinkidor and Ryketian genetics give her a supreme level of agility that closely matches the former and surpasses the latter. She can perform impressive feats of acrobatics and the strengthened muscles provided by her Colmar genetics makes her formidable in hand-to-hand combat, something she is slowly teaching herself. Such feats include bending backwards to dodge sword-swings, bounding through treetops and hanging upside-down for an extended period by only her feet.



Green face.pngYou...care for me?

  • Elrom'Tussar - Closest thing to a dad I've ever had.
  • Arvaad Comapny - We look out for our own, right?


Yellow face.pngLeave me alone.

  • Chairman Orfiv - Short guy, smaller tolerance for mistakes, big temper. Never met him personlly though.
  • Everyone else


Orange face.pngBack off!


Red face.pngI don't want to destroy your mind. But I will.

  • Solonese Military - You can all die in pits!



Quite a mind that one. I just hope we can keep her out of trouble for as long as possible. Not easy with her background.

- Elrom'Tussar

The only way she is a benefit to the union is if she is dead

- G5 Board member

She looks pretty...

- Hachiman

A freak of nature. Nothing but a smudge on the galaxy's beauty.

- ferthian dominion


  • Tytho was initially inspired by Jack from Mass Effect Canon.


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