Out of all the leaders I have met during my travels, very few have matched the complexity of Tyraz as an individual. Within the strength and valour of his character and the frightening façade of a master warrior, lies a complex personality that very few ever experience. Under his leadership, he has brought his people out of the darkness and has transformed them - regardless of the efforts of the myriad of enemies that sought their downfall - into one of the most important civilisations in the Gigaquadrant and for that he has my deep and abiding respect.

- Apollo

Sometimes the most unlikely of men change the course of history for the better. Born nothing and raised in cruelty, Tyraz Breek has become a being both feared and respected. Through all adversity, he has risen as a protector. And woe betide any who would stand between him and his hopes.

- Uriel Ultanos

Tyraz Breek, otherwise known as the Grandmaster and the Apostate amongst many titles, is a Zazane warrior and the Lord Councillor of the Brood of War, a Highlord of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, and Grandmaster of the Guardians of Light who is renowned across the First Gigaquadrant for both his dark, supernatural powers and his indomitable temperament, while to a lesser extent he is known for his loyalty and compassion. A troubled and oftentimes misguided warrior that has undergone a great many ordeals and trials, Tyraz is despised by his kind due to his tendency of immortality and his innate paranormal abilities although he nonetheless seeks to bring justice to wherever he feels it happens to belong; despite the controversy surrounding his actions and behaviour throughout Gigaquadrantic history, Tyraz upholds his personal sense of justice in high regard yet holds those whom he deems as friends and family higher, utilizing his loyalty as a shield and armour and maintaining that his purpose is to both protect and fight for his friends and people.

A pessimistic and severely compassionate individual, Tyraz suffers from an overwhelming depression that leaves him absent of a sense of worth or respect to himself, alongside possessing an aggressive, volatile secondary persona within him that guides his actions in times of anger and stress; he relies upon the power of his anger and supersapient strength to overcome problems as a universal solution which leaves him lacking in skills more aligned towards communication, for he, as a great number of his race does, feels that actions speak for the individual louder than their words. Regarded by many as bloodthirsty and savage, with much evidence to supply legitimacy to these claims, Tyraz has both caused untold havoc throughout several galaxies and has saved the lives of many through his involvement and despite his lacking esteem he boasts astounding courage in the face of danger, especially when such danger threatens the prosperity of those he is close to rather than himself.


Early Life[]

Tyraz Breek was - according to the chronological terms of the First Gigaquadrant - born on December 13th, 2745, as the bastard son of sector-governess Nailan Chullath and the Emperor of the then-recently-founded Third Sovereign Domain Khatanos I, having been conceived a decade after the birth of the Emperor's eldest son Moxix. Prohibited from otherwise making a claim within political affairs and academic education, Tyraz was abandoned from a young age and grew within the urban under-hives and the rusted outlands of the industrial world Ikhanas, a planet conquered and terraformed during the reign of the Second Sovereign Domain ages prior that fulfilled the purpose of constructing vessels and weaponry for the war that was being waged against the likes of the Junction as they made their advance against the territory of the Third Sovereign Domain. Tyraz drifted as a rogue for sometime into his teen years, participating in unlawful operations under various criminal heads and serving as a gladiator for sometime before being drafted into the Ikhanasi local militia, where he would be trained and equipped to fight the Junction and their synthetic infantry in terrestrial encounters as well as various other threats that opposed the Sovereign Domain, such as the Kingdom of Dynarthei - a meritocratic rogue state led under the barbarian Savas Golge - whom he have crossed paths with a number of times.

Raising through military hierarchy at a swift pace, due to many positions consistently changing due to the raising death toll that came with each conflict alonsgide his own achievements as a soldier, Tyraz made a compact, almost intimate friendship in fellow Zazane soldier Keldar Taran, whom would become much like a sister to Tyraz as he did a brother to her even if he did, at some point during these early years, feel a desire for further intimacy with her. Ironically, Tyraz and Keldar would eventually come under the command of Moxix during a significant campaign to blockade the galactic core from the Junction whom were being guided by Silver Death, the results of which culminated into the Third Sovereign Domain losing access to the core and the Emperor Khatanos losing his life to the metallic claws of the aforementioned Junction commander; throughout the campaign, Tyraz and Moxix, of the knowledge that they were indeed half-siblings, grew resentful of one another, Tyraz becoming jealous of the opportunities Moxix and their younger sibling, Khatanos II, had opened to them while Moxix became volatile towards Tyraz' continued dismissal of his command, resulting in various non-fatal encounters between the two that grew from their animosity towards one another.

Eventually the campaign ended in failure as the Junction had taken the core; while Tyraz and Keldar had managed to survive the final assault on the galactic core's defensive stations, they were abandoned by official Sovereign Domain military forces at the order of Moxix whom was left ashamed by his failure and supposedly commanded his loyalist forces to stand their ground and die on the field of battle in wait for reinforcements that he knew would not arrive. Gathering what resources and assets were left available to them, Tyraz, Keldar, and several squads, taskforces, and remnants of the local militia swiftly evacuated the site rather than staying to die at the Junction's synthetic hands and survived being hunted down by Moxix' forces outside of public notice so as to evade further military and political controversy via not allowing the knowledge that the remaining forces of the campaign had been deceived by Moxix and his colleagues to be exposed to public knowledge. In the aftermath, Tyraz, assuming a separate guise, and various squads under his command underwent mercenary work within the remaining industrial sectors of what was left of the Third Sovereign Domain while Keldar took her own detachment of forces and began an independent campaign within the outer-worlds to attempt sparing them from the assaults of the Junction threat for the Sovereign Domain had too abandoned them to focus upon the inner and more significant worlds - eventually leading to her forces being absorbed into the already-established Affinity of Swords with Keldar eventually taking the mantle of leader for herself.

When the time of the Great Migration came to a head, Tyraz - now long-believed having died at the Junction assault on the galactic core - managed to board a craft that had been capable of pressing onward into the First Gigaquadrant in 2767, bearing witness to a great number of Affinity and Kingdom ships joining those of the Third Sovereign Domain, still governed by the very hand of Moxix, before splitting apart and voyaging throughout the Ottzello Galaxy that they had come to arrive within, reestablishing territories and proceeding to fight amongst themselves once more in territorial and political disputes, eventually resulting in what would become known as the Acquisition Wars and culminating in a process involving the discovery of and Tyraz' subsequent contact with an archaic, alien artefact containing a supernatural consciousness, a somewhat stabilized state of affairs amidst the factions, the eventual death of Moxix, and Tyraz making claim to the throne as the new Emperor of the Third Sovereign Domain.

War of Claim and Second War of Black Fog[]

Founding of the Brood and the Andromeda War[]

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Golden Movement[]



Tyraz appears as a somewhat stout, crimson-scaled Zazane with noticeably black patterns around his physiology and is largely recognized both by the number of scars that are present across his body, most noticeably upon the torso area, as a result of his many years of combat exposure and his seemingly empty eyes that are lacking in pupils and irises; instead, it appears as if the entire sclera is a bloodied red, although such has not always been the present case and has only developed as a result of his experience within the realms of Descension Energy. Tyraz stands at 1.95m, taller than a majority of baseline humanoids yet considered to be short by the standards of many Zazane, and has a noticeably athletically-inclined anatomy, having developed admirably-toned musculature despite his stature, possibly as a combination of his nature as a supernaturally-empowered entity and his many decades of combat and training. Tyraz' face is seen wearing a perpetual frown and it is uncommon to witness more positive expressions, such as smiles, from the warrior as it is more likely for other, more negatively-inclined expressions, including scowls, to be found displayed for others to see during certain occasions.

In regards to attire, Tyraz contrasts with a wide number of Zazane in that he prefers to cover his body rather than have it exposed for others to see and analyze, believing such boasts would only garner disdain from others due to his not-wholely-Zazane physiology. In exchange, Tyraz wears a combination of formal robes and armour at all times, with two primary outfits; one being a black armour derived from traditional, archaic Zazane structural designs that has been heavily updated to be rendered efficient within the modern age, which he considers his appropriate wear for matters regarding his role as Lord Councillor, and the other being a white and red armour of intricate and highly efficient design that maintains an almost-organic aesthetic, which he wears for matters regarding his position as the Grandmaster and as a Highlord. Tyraz only ever removes his wear while isolated from others, finding difficulty in exposing his nude form even to his most intimate companions which renders his private activities somewhat restricted and, in his eyes at least, to some extent uncomfortable. Tyraz is rarely seen without the advanced hypertech blade known as the Firesword which he uses as his primary weapon under most circumstances, having come to develop an almost symbiotic relation with the sword and persistently wears it upon his back due to its considerable length.





LoveRelation.pngAll my hopes and dreams - my aspirations, desires, purpose, and worth - lie with you.

  • Iovera IX - “A gleaming star within my darkness; she holds the light that brings me comfort.


Green face.pngIf I am the weapon that brings this world its justice, these men and women are those warriors that grasp my hilt, guide my piercing blows, and decide for when I shall be sheathed or unsheathed.

  • Koluap - “Not a man of any particular honour, yet a man of valor and justice. The honour to be had is mine.
  • Uriel Ultanos - “My hand guides my sword, but the will of this man guides my hand. No caretaker am I; indeed, he cares for my wellbeing.
  • Sarec - “I am the weapon that drives forward and protects our front; you are the weapon that holds our flank and defends our rear.
  • Arkarixus - “Ancient and forever wise; the rage behind your eyes burns with a strength sanctioned only by the power of a love sought and lost.


Blue face.pngWe have beheld a great number of struggles together; I would not choose any other to have beheld those troubled times alongside.

  • Jerkon - “The blade that one wields is concealed, yet ever-present nonetheless; the weapon that one should fear most is the weapon they cannot see.
  • Hachiman - “Not the light within my personal darkness, but the one that enlightens the shadows of this hellish realm we call our universe.
  • Herquie - “Carve a destiny fit for oneself rather than follow a prophecy fit for others; you are a guiding hand, not a guided weapon.
  • Apollo - “One wields their words as I do my sword; a stance unshakeable with overwhelming strength applied to the rear of every swing.
  • Xerkea - “We share much common ground; our statures petite and compact, our power and will untameable.
  • Vekaron - “One embodies the visage of which I had always hoped to become; consider my respect bought.


Yellow face.pngThe nature of your presence is, as of times yet, undecided; will you fall as the armour my blade cuts through, or rise as the sword and shield I wield?

  • Lemmo - “The causes one fights for is divided from my own, but the skill that one fights with for whatever cause you pursue is commendable without doubt nonetheless.


Orange face.pngTread with untold caution; I would much rather tolerate you than have to bring myself to cut you down.

  • Kithworto - “Strong and indomitably potent, yet the element of yours that brings me the sharpest pains is the coinciding ego.
  • Kezoreg - “You were never held by chains nor the clasp of others; go forth and pursue what path you shall, make one's own mistakes as you will.


Red face.pngSome cowards, others not; the differences are arguable, yet in the end times, you are all worth the title of my nemeses.

  • Kolossus - “Be swift and meet the damned edge of my blade, for I grow ever eager to cast away that which provides to me an existencial bane.
  • Moxix - “No brothers do I have; only enemies.
  • Kol Daren - “Any whose vision treats their curse as a blessing are a pox stain upon the world we strive to live in.
  • Kryptkor Talsar - “You cast are trust and friendship to the flame; I shall cast your body and spirit to the next life, my old friend.
  • Hagto'Zhl - “You are not even a reflection of your predecessor's image. A mere shadow hiding within a shadow.
  • Crispy - “I will not allow the people power that they are oblivious of the skill to use.
  • Volkarus Khaxvis - “Perhaps my greatest mistake; to you, the gift I shall bring is rectification.


I find admiration in your powers. Though, for now, that is as far as I am willing to extend my hand. There will come a time when you must decide whether I will stand aside you or face a blackness darker than the void.

- Kithworto

A fine friend and a man who would stand by you no matter what. I do not care what the media say, I am proud to be one of his closest friends.

- Uriel Ultanos

I have your back until the end of time!

- Sarec

Every. Scrap. Of you shall one day be mine!

- Volkarus Khaxvis

Remember how we started? Me beating you to a pulp, at the brink of death? I will do that again, Tyraz Breek. I will sever the wings from your back and force them up your rectum. You'll wish you had never provoked me.

- Kolossus

We used to be friends. Emphasis on used. His narrow minded attitude made me realize he's nothing but a manlet with anger issues.

- Koluap

His depression and self-deprecation are harmful for his success. He will never achieve what his powers would allow him to with this behavior... Perhaps he should be given the old Kormacvar Empire's psychological training. If he endures it, that is.

- Arkarixus

We shall meet again, and I shall spit you upon my sword. You shall squeal as you are impaled and your juices lie on the floor, evidence of your submission to a superior force, then I shall impale you as a sign warning of the foolishness of dealing with me. That is your fate, whelp.

- Director of Occult Operations Cruciatus Infernus

His heart is strong, and it must be to fight the monsters within him. I would raise my shield in his defence, stand at his back that the enemy may never overtake us, and draw my blade to taste the blood of his foes. So it shall be, until the End Times come for us both!

- Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va, Blademaster of the Fordan Empire

His resolve and honour are to be respected even by those who judge him based upon his actions in the past.

- Apollo

A most disturbing and cruel being!

- Aurestor Beldrin Savenium


- Hagto'Zhl




  • Tyraz was the first Descended character; the term descension was coined by TheHachi in reference to Tyraz as an opposite to the more benevolently-inclined ascension.
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