Nothing will stand in my path.

- Imperator Tyranus

Tyranus was a male Basileus who served as the Imperator of the Basileus Imperium and the first Grand Mandator of the Outer Rim, prior to his death in 03 NE. Tyranus was born on Vasuband in 110 BNE, where he would be instrumental in expanding the reach and power of the Basileus throughout the Outer Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Though a prominent leader in galactic affairs for decades, Tyranus first came to the attention of the Core when he joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War, though he would end his involvement in the movement during the third year of the conflict, when he declared the formation of the short-lived New Basileus Empire, a regime which proved instrumental in shaping the face of the new order to come.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus rose, Tyranus made a name for himself as the right hand of Emperor Tyrómairon, being considered by most to be the one responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the vast Imperial hegemony. For three years it remained such until the Imperator began to seek greater power within the Empire, a campaign obstructed by Imperial Libertus such as Tereyn Aeresius and Taev Vosaetiur. This led the Imperator to consider deposing the Emperor and instating a Basileus-led Imperial order, a plot which came to an end at the Emperor's own hand, resulting in the death of Tyranus and his would-be conspirators.

The death of Tyranus had a profound effect on Cyrannian politics, being instrumental in the rise of his self-proclaimed successor Tyermaillin, the establishment of the rebellious Cyrannian Imperial State and the outbreak of the New Cyrandia Wars, which would end in the final destruction of Basileus notions of galactic dominance.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Born into the Imperium's royal family in 110 BNE on the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband, Tyranus was from a young age charismatic and ambitious, qualities considered to be of great importance to the his people. As the crown prince of the Imperium, Tyranus was granted a ceremonial position within the Basileus military, gaining the rank of General within a short space of time, an accomplishment due doubt achieved due to both his family background the cut throat tactics he used against potential adversaries. At the age of twenty, Tyranus shocked the Imperium by publicly defeating, and slaying, the Imperator of the Basileus, who happened to be his own mother. As per Basileus tradition, Tyranus ascended to the high throne of Imperator.

Great Cyrannus War Edit

Blockade of the Perliama Run 02

Tyranus' brainchild, the new Basileus Warfleet.
Blockade of the Perliama Run, 03 NE

We have spent centuries consolidating our power. Now finally, it is unleashed.

- Tyranus, during the creation of the New Basileus Empire.

In the decades leading up to the cataclysmic Great Cyrannus War, the Imperator allied with the Mortalitas of the Unknown Regions, working alongside figures such as Moch-Na and Zillum in the construction of what would become known as the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Though displeased with some of its more democratic ways, Tyranus became a notable figure of authority within the Confederacy, maintaining that it remained a vital component in his master plan for the galaxy. During this time, he came into contact with the mysterious power broker known as Tyrómairon, who guided the Imperator in many of his decisions during the latter half of the conflict with the Republic.

During the last year of the Great Cyrannus War, the Imperator began to cite reasons why the Basileus should leave the Confederacy. Enacting his master plan, the Imperator officially left the Allied Systems, forming a new power, the New Basileus Empire. In an effort to destabilise the proud Republic, the Imperator had his fleet lay siege to the vital Perliama Run, the most important hyperspace lane into the Core Worlds. During this attack, tens of thousands of Republic and neutral citizens died, and also cut the Core Worlds off from the majority of its forces. Though the blockade was eventually broken by a contigent of Republic-allied smugglers tasked by President Apollo, the damage had been done, with public opinion about the Republic turning for the worst.

Grand Mandator Edit

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus rose from this chaos, the Imperator became the second highest authority in the Empire, after the Emperor himself. He gained the rank of Grand Mandator of the Outer Rim and among the foremost ambassadors to other civilizations. To this end, the newly promoted Grand Mandator Tyranus voyaged to Orbispira, where he met with the Emperor. The Emperor sent the Imperator to Anor Krawgíl, where Kies was sending the galaxy down the path of war. However, the Emperor had already won favour with the vast majority of the galaxy and sent the Imperator to formalize the Empire's rule there.


Imperator Tyranus and Mar-Júun listen to the Shodrae declare their loyalty to an extragalactic empire, the Indoctrinate Collective.
The Fall of Shrakéo, 01 NE

When he arrived, the Imperator met with Emperor Kies, who quickly agreed that the entire galaxy be made a protectorate of the Empire. Pleased, the Imperator reported back to his Emperor. Tyranus remained on Orbispira for the next few months, taking over from Tyrómairon as commander of the armed forces, while the Emperor was on the Rambo Capitol. During the fourth month into Imperial rule, Tyranus was shocked to learn that the Shodrae, a species native to the Core Worlds had not yet pledged loyalty to the Empire, instead remaining loyal to the Indoctrinate Collective, which was unacceptable as per the Extragalactic Concordat, which banned extragalactic influence. Sending Mar-Júun to the Shodrae Homeworld of Shrakéo, the dark warrior managed to crush resistance. By the end of the day, Shrakéo and the Shodrae that remained in Cyrannus were subjugated by the Empire. Tyranus later returned to his flagship in orbit, overseeing designs for the next generation in Imperial superiority. In the Emperor's absense, Tyranus organised the first meeting between all the current Mandators and Grand Mandators on the Imperial Capital of Orbispira. Residing over the meeting, the council discussed many issues, such as the Cyrannian Neraida, the conflict in Anor Krawgil and rebels. In the end, the meeting was a success.

A few weeks later, Tyranus gained his first official flagship, the Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser, Imperious. With the Emperor back on Orbispira from his trip to the Rambo Capitol, Tyranus returned to the Outer Rim, where he began to search for species which he could use to further the Empire's military capabilities. After surveying the star maps of the galaxy, he decided upon the planet of the Nahdar in the Inner Rim, home to the Hipaca and the Mon Nahdar. When he took a fleet and invaded the planet, he was met with resistance, though after a bitter struggle, the Nahdar surrendered, placing the world firmly within the Empire. Returning to the galactic capital, Tyranus promoted the Mataii known as Rivergron to the position of Mandator, unaware that he was secretly in league with the Cyrannian Syndicate.

Declining Power Edit

During the first month of 02 NE, Tyranus went on a state visit to the Kraw Galaxy, bringing with him plans for a dyson sphere known as Concord, inside which would be a massive hyperspace bubble. Presenting the plans to leaders of the Kraw Federation such as Daaxri, Ko'han, Horkarew and Ekrixx, Concord received a great reception, with plans to construct it beginning as planned. After visiting some Imperial colonies, as well as those of various other factions, Tyranus returned to Orbispira. On another visit to the Kraw Galaxy a few months later, Concord was in the full swing of construction. He was soon visited by the Tahar Collective Commander, who was led on a tour by Tyranus, being greatly impressed with the Empire's technological might. The two figures soon parted, with a certain mutual respect. In the next few months, Tyranus began to lose more and more power to his new political enemy Tereyn Aeresius, a Libertus. While Tyranus was at one stage considered the second in command of the Empire, Aeresius soon usurped him, becoming the Empire's first Potentate. Needless to say, Tyranus was furious.

End of a Tyrant

Tyrómairon kills his former Grand Mandator.

When the Outer Rim Wars in full swing, Tyranus began to grow interested in it. When the Carindes Campaign began, Tyranus was pleased and sent Tyrant and a large Imperial Fleet to reclaim the planet from the hands of the Confederacy of Free Planets. Tyranus however, remained on Orbispira to plot his next move. Tyranus summoned Mar-Júun to his office and informed him of his intentions to overthrow the Emperor and create a new Cyrannus under Basileus rule. Mar-Júun agreed to aid the Grand Mandator and helped him attract more allies to his cause, including his fellow Basileus Mandators Santanan and Rachelia.

Death and LegacyEdit

However, unbeknown to Tyranus and his co-conspirators, Tyrómairon knew of the plot all along and waited for the perfect moment to strike. Several months after their first meeting, Tyranus, Mar-Júun, Rachalia and Santanan met in the Grand Mandator's office where they put in place the final pieces of their plan. Suddenly, the sky darkened and the door to the office disintegrated. To the awe and shock of the conspirators, Tyrómairon had arrived. Without effort, Tyrómairon destroyed Rachalia and Santanan and dispatched Mar-Júun through the window, where he fell to the streets below. The vengeful Emperor then used his telekinetic abilities to lift Tyranus into the air and began to choke him. Tyranus remained defiant to the end, informing the Emperor that he would never crush the Basileus or their will to dominate the galaxy. Promptly, Tyrómairon finally ended Tyranus' life by crushing his throat.

With Tyranus dead, his distant relative Tyermaillin rose to take his place when he crowned himself Imperator of the Basileus several months after Tyranus' death. In doing so, he formed the rebellious Cyrannian Imperial State inspired by the former Imperator's plots for Basileus dominion over the galaxy, though was ultimately forced to tone down such aspirations when more and more species flocked to his cause. The resulting conflict was known as the New Cyrandia Wars, raging for the better part of two years before finally ending with a resounding Imperial victory in the skies over Vasuband. With Grand Mandator Erissare now the de jure leader of the Basileus people, the position of Imperator was abolished, with the sovereign powers vested within transferred to the Imperial government in the Core Worlds, or more specifically the Emperor himself.

Personality and Traits Edit

Tyranus was a highly determined and intelligent Basileus, who rules with iron claws. However, his people adored him, considering him the greatest leader in the history of the Gigaquadrant, something that the Imperator certainly doesn't argue against. As a young man, he often had dreams for a successor to the URC, one that would have his people at the top of the galactic hierarchy, when the Empire was formed, his dreams were realised.

However, he also possesses a charming and caring side, and is deeply committed to his people, ignoring the prejudices that would plague other nations, such as gender or age. However, he can swiftly change this persona to one of ruthlessly and fury when a subordinate displeases him. He is also incredibly intelligent, and believes that he will lead the Basileus race to glory and domination. In recent years in the aftermath of the Empire's rise, Tyranus has gained a reputation for his condescending, sarcastic attitude toward a large portion of the species from the outer Gigaquadrant.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green facePerhaps you will be spared. Assuming of course you don't anger me.

  • Zillum - A powerful warrior and a good friend.
  • Mar-Júun - A strong Basileus. He brings pride to our people.
  • Nirndal - A capable and devious officer.
  • Savra Mathen - A fine leader.

Friendly Edit

Blue faceI can work with you.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceHmph.

  • Lizaconda - A great admiral. He should stop being foolish and return to the Empire.

Political Enemies Edit

Orange faceI have nothing to say to you.

Enemies Edit

Red faceYour annihilation is well under way.

  • Apollo - A weak leader, he will suffer under my rule soon enough.
  • Tyrómairon - Your time is over!

Quotes Edit

A strong leader, who I consider a personal ally.

- Zillum

A dark and disturbing figure indeed. I hear he wishes to rule Cyrannus.

- Sola Naberraé

I shall honour his legacy by bringing the Basileus to a true dominion.

- Mar-Júun

I wonder: Why people of URC consider him a tyrant? He is quite sane for a ruler... quite unlike some of the Cyrannus Republic's leaders, actually.

- Clericarch Iovera

He would be the perfect candidate to rule over the Cyrannus Galaxy, if he would take power he would spread chaos and fear throughout the Cyrannus Galaxy. The perfect time to claim power in Cyrannus for my own, as I will promise justice and peace, which all of Cyrannus seemingly love so deerly!

- Morgandaûr

Turn on your master... You are the leader... YOU MUST BE THE EMPEROR... YOU MUST BE THE EMPEROR...

- Divin-Ra

Oh, I'll be sure to follow your orders, your Excellency. Though, please do not question my methods. It's better for you like this.

- Rivergron

Your actions only spur us to grow more resolute against the Empire. But if I get my hands on you I will make sure you die quickly and painlessly; not that you deserve such a generous fate.

- James Lorrelas

"Nothing will stand in my path." Heheh. Dead.

- Agent Nu

Now that he is dead, I actually miss the lizard.

- Garlboz

"Envious of his power", they called me. Fools. I read the Basileus' mind - sensed his treachery long before the snake revealed himself. Now, let me ask you, who among us is dead? That is right. Him. And who is alive? Me. ...Wait, what do you mean he is alive again?

- Agnassana

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