Remember my name, for it is the one name worthy remembering. When I set my eyes on something, I have it, and none may stop me. When I aim my weapon at someone, they may as well consider themselves a corpse. And when I order this galaxy to bow, it will bow, or I will make it myself if I must. The Tiranozark will reign these stars and purge the unworthy, leaving Cyrannus in flames if we so desire!

- Tyrant

Villios Mervandis, most known by the moniker "Tyrant" given to him by the various alien civilizations he antagonized, is the former leader of the Tiranozark who currently serves under Zillum. A figure known for his immense power despite not possessing any supernatural enhancements who leads the Tiranozark's stratocracy with an iron fist, Tyrant has made himself notable across the Cyrannus Galaxy for the great destruction he has caused to many factions through history and for his distaste toward the Capricyránae races, believing them to be obstacles in his people's way. Tyrant shows no regard for the weak, and is more than eager to cull them out of his way rather than give them any chance of survival.


Early LifeEdit


Zillum and Tyrant stand before a Cognatus army.

Villios was born at Tyranikus, the homeworld of the Tiranozark race at 238 BNE under a family of high-ranking commanders of their race's space navy. He was trained to be much like them, quickly developing an interest in combat since a young age and served as a recruit on his father's spaceship for several years before being promoted to a captain himself. He would be granted control over his own vessel at the age of 46, which is roughly the beginning of an adult Tiranozark's life, though he continued serving under his family's fleet at the time. Villios would grow up learning his father as well as many other officers were extremely discontent with the current Master Commandant of the empire's government, believing it to be weak-minded and far past its time, which eventually led to a civil war in the Tiranozark Empire with Villios being among the front lines of the rebel side.

Villios would lose his parents as well as his right eye five years into the war, causing him to grow vengeful and wrathful toward the Master Commandant, taking over his father's place and uniting the rebels under his rule through a combination of power and fear. He would grow to be respected by them and eventually elected their leader, and at the end of the war, Villios murdered the weak leader of the empire and was chosen to be its new leader by his supporters at 160 BNE, and proceeded to initiate a furious expansion through space as several alien civilizations found themselves violently attacked by the Tiranozark as they forced themselves into their worlds. Such civilizations, such as the Viegar, would come to name Villios "Tyrant" due to his aggression, a name who Villios himself would find amusement in and consider it an official nickname due to feeling pleasure over their fear of him.

After the expansion of the Tiranozark, the now-named Tyrant became involved with the Mortalitas, learning to respect them for their similar culture to his own. During the Intergalactic War, Tyrant joined forces with the Mortalitas general Zillum to fight off the threat of the First Cognatus Empire, consolidating a friendship with him and being eventually led by him to join the Confederacy of Allied Systems, becoming one of its highest military authorities.

Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Zillum and Tyrant

Tyrant meeting with General Zillum.

Tyrant made his first notable appearence during the Battle of Carindes, meeting with general Zillum while he was on the planet. As the two greeted, Tyrant warned Zillum about an upcoming threat to Carindes. A massive swarm of "Grox" Cubes was approaching the planet and could arrive at any moment. Tyrant showed Zillum that the Confederate Navy had been warned of this invasion, and reinforcements were preparing for the attack. While Zillum couldn't give his support on space, he would lead the forces on the ground, as he knew of the Grox's tactic of launching Conqrix, Marinox and Caprigrox on land. As they finished discussing, Tyrant left back to his spaceship. As the "Grox "started to damage Carindes' atmosphere, Tyrant came up with a plan to decapitate the "Grox" command at the battle by destroying the Primary Cube. However, this would be a dangerous mission and only the bravest captains even thought about volunteering. Nevertheless, within the hour Tyrant had gathered a huge fleet of CAS vessels, all of whom were elated at the chance to destroy the "Grox".

Battle of the CAS Capital

Tyrant engages the fearsome Grox Cube.

The fleet of vessels under the command of Tyrant and the Providence-class Cruiser, the Tempest quickly convened on the Cube's location, only for many ships to fall to the might of the Cube's tremendous superlasers. However, the shields of the Tempest held, and Tyrant fired a barage of turbolaser fire at the key systems of the Cube, followed by the same on the other CAS ships. Soon, the Cube was engulfed in flame, and came crashing down into the ocean. Tyrant would later be present at the death of the Confederacy leaders by the hands of Meketanor, and then join the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus under the rule of Tyrómairon.

Rebel HunterEdit

Know that the dissidents that aided the rebels in the attack on Carindes will be found and executed and the glorious Imperial Navy will do its utmost to annihilate those who would supplant the order that our Emperor brought to this galaxy.

- Tyrant, rallying Imperial troopers during his attack on Carindes

During the first year of the Dark Times, Tyrómairon called over and met with Tyrant in Orbispira with the objective of giving him a mission. The Emperor ordered Tyrant to take care of the Confederate Holdouts in the same way Mortikran was taking care of the Republic Remnant. Tyrant bowed to him and said that the Confederate rebels would be soon assimilated into the Empire's glory and left back to his ship, now on a hunt for the leader of the rebels, Taros Cassynder. Tyrant would soon find Cassynder when he was in a meeting with Vice President Gorios, one of the leaders of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance, on the Confederate planet of Honlen, the new capital of the Confederacy. Upon finding the planet, Tyrant launched a massive counter attack against Honlen, conquering it and sending the leadership of the Confederacy on the run. Tyrant was furious that he was unable to catch his target, and ordered his helmsman to plot every course on their last known trajectory to follow them.

Hot Pursuit

Cassynder's vessel, the Viscount escaping Tyrant's Fleet.

As the second year of the Dark Times began, Tyrant continued his search for Cassynder. Tyrant's fleet was first seen fighting against a new Confederate holdout which controlled quite a large number of spaceships. The Colossus suffered damage as the Confederate forces advanced, they were actually giving the Grand Admiral some trouble this time. However, as the Imperials were slowly being drawn back, Commissar Aerlon's fleet emerged from hyperspace and flanked the Confederate fleet, catching it by surprise. Eventually the Empire won and the planet was conquered. Both Tyrant and Aerlon descended into the world, where Aerlon explained how he wanted to aid Tyrant in his hunt. Tyrant was well aware of Agnassana's treason act and was skeptical at first, but allowed Aerlon and his Cyrannian Radeon to follow him. However, he made it clear to the Commissar that any attempt of treason inside his fleet would not go unpunished.


Zillum and Tyrant duel during the Battle of Tyranikus.

Later, Tyrant and his fleet resupplied itself over the planet Dusavali, where it came under attack by Taros Cassynder and his fleet. Tyrant was surprised to see the Confederates smashing their ships against the Imperial Star Destroyers, destroying many. Eventually, the rebel fleet fled, both fleets in near ruins. The battle gave Tyrant the conviction needed to hunt the CFP down with added zeal, ultimately leading to a final confrontation during the battle of Carindes, during which Tyrant led Imperial forces with a level of brutally and ruthlessness that even inspired fear in his fellow Imperials. Ultimately however, this brutality served him well and the battle was ultimately won.


The two imposing admirals preside over the destruction of the Imperial fleet.

Rebel LeaderEdit

This is your supreme leader. No longer the Tiranozark are the slaves of the Libertus and their corrupt Empire! From this day forward, I will lead our people along our own path to dominance alongside our honourable Mortalitas allies. Take heed that any resistance to this decree will be dealt with severely, for the new age of the Tiranozark is about to dawn!

- Tyrant, rallying his forces against the Empire.

During the next year, Tyrant was placed in command of the Imperial fleet over his homeworld of Tyranikus, which was attacked by Zillum himself, who had defected to the Cyrannian Imperial State. Though Tyrant was initially unaware that his closest ally was a traitor, he showed no restraint when Zillum revealed himself. A vicious duel erupted between them, during which the two warriors spared verbally as well as physically. By the end of the duel, Zillum was the victor though offered Tyrant the chance to join the Imperial State. After much thought, Tyrant agreed to join, not through any loyalty to the State but rather a desire to ensure the dominance of both his people and the Mortalitas. He would be notably involved in the Battle of Imperavelli, where he worked by Zillum's side in order to surrender the most well protected Imperial world in the Outer Rim and succeeded, adding it to the Imperial State's control.

By the end of the war, both Tyrant and Zillum expressed their loss of faith over the Imperial State due to Tyermaillin's incompetence, which culminated in the two of them abandoning the empire after learning the Imperator had managed to pit both the Empire and the New Cyrannian Republic against the State in a military act done without consulting them beforehand. Tyrant followed Zillum and departed to the unknown reaches of the Quadrant Galaxies to become a high-ranking figure of his Great Star Dominion, with a portion of the Tiranozark following him.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Tyrant is an individual who values the strength of others as well as their skills, both physical and mental, before he shows any regard for them. As typical of a Tiranozark, he is generally hostile and unwelcoming to aliens unless proven they are worthy of his time, in which case he will be happy to listen to them. Tyrant is a warrior by nature and greatly enjoys the thrill of combat, finding himself at home much more in the battlefield than in any other situation to the point he gave rule over his race to advisors and instructed them to only consult him when necessary rather than staying at the homeworld to administer it.

On the battlefield, Tyrant is known to be fearless and charge at the enemy head-on in order to cause as much damage in the least possible time in order to both cause chaos and intimidate his enemy, however he is far from a mere brute and is comfortable in organizing sneaking or flanking tactics in order to gain the upper hand over his opponent. Tyrant upholds a code of honour and shows loyalty to those who manage to best him in fair one-on-one combat, such as Zillum, and treats such individuals as if they were Tiranozark themselves even if they are aliens.



Blue faceYou have earned my respect.

  • Zillum - I only show respect for the strong. He has bested me more than once.


Yellow faceState your business.

  • N/A

Enemies Edit

Red faceI will destroy you, worm.

  • Tyrómairon - I will see that your demise is a most humiliating one, thing.
  • Taros Cassynder - Do not think I forgot you, terrorist.
  • Apollo - Once the Empire is gone, I will be more than glad to run your Republic to the ground myself if needed.
  • Tukio Nutria - Do I appear to care for your wealth?
  • Lackuns Bluar - Traitor. If I ever set my eyes on you again...


A prime example of how brutish and insolent the Tiranozark people. They have no place in the galaxy of the Basileus.

- Mar-Júun

I've heard of this guy once. I REALLY don't want to meet him personally.

- Nondarrrt

You had best prove your worth, Tiranozark.

- Tyrómairon

I would be honoured to destroy those who would defy our Empire alongside you.

- Zillum

So primitive and naive. Success to the Empire is not a goal, it is simply a way to power.

- Agnassana

The next time we meet, I will be the one standing over your corpse!

- Tukio Nutria




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