Unknown voices whisper in the night for conflict and chaos. The Cyrannian Imperial State - our state - will be ready.

- Tyermaillin

Tyermaillin is a male Basileus that served as the self-proclaimed Imperator of the Basileus Imperium and the Head of State of the Cyrannian Imperial State, being singlehandedly responsible for the outbreak of the New Cyrandia Wars. Since the failed rebellion of Imperator Tyranus, Lord Tyermaillin had disavowed any loyalty to the Empire and began to style himself as the new Imperator. Within his calculating mind, Tyermaillin had convinced himself that he had learned from Tyranus' mistakes and began to hatch a plan to launch a full scale rebellion against the Empire. Since Tyranus' death, Tyermaillin had raised an army of loyal Basileus and had begun to reach out to other separatists to better their chances of sparking off the flame of rebellion against the Empire.

However, though he would be responsible for many victories against the Empire, he would underestimate the strength and resolve of Imperial forces, resulting in the collapse of the Imperial State and his arrest by Imperial Agent Caranye Valaeris during the Siege of Vasuband. Taken to the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, Tyermaillin expected to be executed but was instead given a life-sentence in the bowels of the Station, but not before imparting on the Empire a grave warning about the future, gained through a vision he had during a near-death experience in 10 BNE.

Tyermaillin was held in the detention centre of the Battlestation for almost a decade, before being transferred to the Empire's secretive Obelisk facility on Skyridiil.


Early LifeEdit


Vasuband, homeworld of Tyermaillin and his people.

Born on the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband seventy six years before the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Tyermaillin was born into an aristocratic family that owned acres of land in the temperate northern island chain of Vasuband. When his father was killed defending the planet from the Cyrannian Neraida, the young Tyermaillin became the Lord of his family, placing him in the upper echelons of Basileus society. A strong supporter of Imperator Tyranus, Tyermaillin developed an intense hatred for the various nations of the galaxy emanating from the Core Worlds, such as the United Republic of Cyrannus. As such, he was against the Basileus joining the Confederacy of Allied Systems in the years before the outbreak of the Great War.

Great War and AftermathEdit

As members of the Confederacy, the Basileus were among the most prominent members in the campaigns against the Republic. Though Tyermaillin was pleased to see his people triumph over the inferior Libertus of the Core, by the third year of the war, the Confederacy was beginning to fail time after time. Due to this, Tyermaillin was one of the main proponants of seceding from the Allied Systems, which eventually occurred when Tyranus formed the New Basileus Empire. Rejoicing in the supremacy of his race, Tyermaillin gained command of the IBS Tavros, a powerful warship that served as the very symbol of his people's might. However, when the Basileus Empire joined the larger Galactic Empire, Tyermaillin's misgivings about working with other species only increased.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

Early Stages

Tyermaillin allies himself with Zillum.

After Tyranus failed to topple the leadership of Tyrómairon, resulting in the consolidation of all Basileus power under what Tyermaillin saw as Libertus control, the disgruntled lord disavowed all loyalty to the Empire and began to gather allies in the hopes of bringing true Basileus order to the Cyrannus Galaxy. Along with the newly ousted Zillum, Tyermaillin soon formed the Cyrannian Imperial State.

Within a few weeks, Tyermaillin's newly formed Imperial State managed to gain enough influence to launch an invasion of his Imperial-held homeworld of Vasuband, with his title as Imperator influencing Vasuband's protectors to capitulate to the Imperial State. In response, Tyermaillin began the New Cyrandia Wars, openly defying the power of the Emperor and his vast intergalactic dominion.

In the early stages of the conflict, Tyermaillin launched an ultimately unsuccessful political campaign to rally the enemies of the Empire to support his cause. However, though several extragalactic powers allied with the State clandestinely by supplying arms and supplies, most intergalactic civilisations decided to watch the conflict play out, while others such as Rambo Nation and the Naakjian Confederation openly entered the conflict on the side of the Empire. Irritated, the Imperator decided to concentrate on military efforts in Cyrannus.

The Tide Turns

Tyermaillin, Rivergron and Flovos Pretio conspire.

Though content with orchestrating the war from his comfortable palace on Vasuband, the slump in the State's performance during the conflict in the south of the Outer Rim prompted the Imperator to personally oversee important, symbolic battles. In one such occasion, a large State fleet attacked Antemurale, a key base for the Imperial military. The resulting Battle of Antemurale was particularly devastating for the Imperial forces, though the timely arrival of a Rambo fleet successfully drove off State forces. Later, after the Battle of Imperavelli, Tyermaillin decided to contact the Cyrannian Syndicate to help tip the war in the State's favour.

To this end, Flovos Pretio concocted a scheme to pit the Empire and the New Cyrannian Republic against one another by using holographically disguised ships to attack key Imperial and Republic installations along the Neutral Zone. Though this plan initially worked to Tyermaillin's highest expectations, eventually the work of Republic and Imperial figures such as Caranye Valaeris, Sarcophoneus and Vinchauk Il'Chahol gave both governments a clearer picture into the events which led to the crisis. To Tyermaillin's horror, this would ultimately result in the New Republic joining the war against the State which would in turn lead to Zillum and Tyrant's defection. Though some of the more diplomatic members of the State recommended a surrender to the Empire at this point in the war, Tyermaillin made it clear that they would fight to the bitter end if necessary.

Fall of the Imperial StateEdit


Taev Vosaetiur presides over Tyermaillin's trial.

So go ahead, Imperial. Turn the great traitor Tyermaillin to ash. You will receive no plea for mercy. However... take heed of what I said, for you too will be ash sooner or later. For each of these little conflicts is but one tiny piece of a larger whole, a war endless and inestimably larger. And your little Empire's crusade to rule the galaxy has not ended with the fall of Vasuband. In truth, it has barely begun.

- A defiant Tyermaillin during his trial after the fall of the Imperial State.

Staying true to his word, the State held its ground above the systems which remained under its command. Most crucially, a large percentage of the State Fleet was assigned to protect Vasuband at all costs. Unlike most of the remaining State commanders, Tyermaillin was not surprised that the Empire convinced the New Republic and Rambo Nation to participate in the Siege of Vasuband and ultimately spent much of the campaign coordinating the collapsing State defences from his office in the capital of Basilban.

He knew however, that this was a hopeless endeavour. After three days of constant fighting in the skies and the surface of Vasuband, Tyermaillin found himself cornered in his own office by Imperial Intelligence Agent Caranye Valaeris. Though he surrendered to the agent, he was shocked to see Grand Mandator Erissare enter the room. Infuriated with Tyermaillin's betrayal, Erissare punched Tyermaillin in the face, knocking him unconscious.

When he awakened, he found himself on the monstrous Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation only to discover that the Imperial State he fought for had collapsed and the New Cyrandia Wars had ended. In his trial before Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur, Tyermaillin revealed the nature of a vision he had while drifting through space in the aftermath of a Neraida attack. Speaking of the dark future of the Cyrannus Galaxy, Tyermaillin particularly unnerved Vosaetiur by revealing that he knew that Tyrómairon was an Oikoumene before being led away to the detention level by Imperial Inquisitors. There, he remained until 14 NE, when he was transferred to the Empire's top secret Obelisk prison facility on Skyridiil.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tyermaillin is a dark green skinned Basileus that stands 3.2 metres in height, the average size of a male member of his species. Before becoming self-proclaimed Imperator, Tyermaillin wore a simple outfit consisting of a dark gray suit of a type common to his native region of the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband. However, in the weeks after becoming Imperator, Tyermaillin began to adorn himself in a far more sophisticated suit that conveyed his importance to the Basileus people and his devotion to the creation of a better existence for them once the "Libertus Empire" is toppled. As the New Cyrandia Wars continued, Tyermaillin began to dress himself in a highly elaborate Basileus suit evocative of the Imperators of old, including a large headdress that allows him to be easily seen in a crowd.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Tyermaillin is a refined and sophisticated Basileus that enjoys many of the finer tastes of his people. Though he is not outwardly xenophobic towards other species, he harbours a distrust towards the Libertus, a hatred that ultimately compelled him into creating a rebellion against the Empire. A calm, cool and collected figure, Tyermaillin maintains his composture at all times, even while being strangled by the powerful Mortalitas General Zillum. Though he's seen by many as being distant and loveless, the new Imperator is quite fond of Dvotties and inherited Mr. Bigglesworth from the deceased Imperator Tyranus upon his death.



Green faceTogether we will achieve greatness.

  • Mr. Bigglesworth: My true friend.


Blue faceWork with me and you'll be rewarded handsomely.

  • Zillum - ... I'll keep my eye on you.


Orange faceImbecile!

  • Apollo - Not the worst Libertus. He'll stay out of our affairs if he knows what's good for him.


Red faceYour head will be paraded through the streets of Vasuband!

  • Tyrómairon - A tyrant who has sold the fate of our people to the Capricaerónns.
  • Erissare - You disgrace our people with your nonsense!


Big mistake. I am going to ensure that everything you drink for the rest of your life contains a tiny bit of Vorgormon pee.

- Erissare

Good luck. You'll need it.

- Mar-Júun

Once again, Cyrannus is plunged into war. It's a dark time for the Basileus with him in charge.

- Apollo




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