All life must be made to a perfect thing. We put here to be the best we can. And that what we do.

- Tuolog

Tuolog is a wise, supernatural guru of the Ioketa, who has served as their Leader in the late Unified Nation of Ottzello, and as the founder and first President of the Union Republic of Ottzello.

Tuolog is one of, if not the, universe' most attuned to nature, Essence and supernatural beings, with his powers rivalling even many Krassio. Many have compared his powers to those seen by the Vyro'Narza themselves. As a very wise leader, and a natural diplomat and pacifist, Tuolog served not only as the voice of reason many times as an UNO leader, but as the most beloved president of URO with the highest approval ratings of any president to serve.


Early life[]

As a young Ioketa, Tuolog was behind other Ioketa for an unknown reason. The apsiring Tuolog couldn't match the talents of his peers at using essences, only managing to achieve a fraction of their power, and never really growing in potency. While his classmate was able to bend time and restore a fully grown animal back to an egg, Tuolog would only make it a little younger, or accidenlty make it older, to the point of its death. Tuolog simply could not master his powers.

As Tuolog continued to try with his powers, the tribe was worried about him. Tuolog clearly had a lot of potential, as all the wisest Ioketa knew, but he was never able to unlock any of it to its full extent. He was never able to concentrate his energy properly. Eventually the concern grew to frustration, and he was banished from his tribe, left to wander. What had been most embarassing was that the chief who had banished him, Kaltogo, was his father. Kaltogo had been forced by the people to banish him, and after betraying his son, he was sure his son had gone to his death.

Learning the ways[]

Growing up around other animals and learning to do as they did taught him to use energies himself. After trying to use the energies the same way as he had before, he was suddenly understanding things a lot better when he taught himself. At one point, he was taken by the Vyro'Narza to their secret training, where he met The Mechanic.

When he returned to his tribe, he brought new methods of teaching Ioketa to use essence, which were incredibly successful. Tuolog was appointed chief of the Ioketa for this, and often fought against Dalverat, his worst enemy at the time. As a result of him, and the warring he brought, he sealed all dark energies of the world away in a single Dark Mask.

Becoming Leader[]

When the Hostile Xenoform Threat invaded Ioket, Tuolog played a role in uniting the tribes together to hide from them, to reserve the planet's life. Due to this, and his past experience, he was appointed as Great Chief of the Ioketa, as the old Great Chief had been killed by HXTs while trying to protect the village.

When United Nations of Ottzello arrived, Tuolog asked them to make the spirit run free. By this he meant the planet. UNO weren't sure what to do, but still killed off the HXTs, which freed the spirit anyway. As a result, Tuolog joined UNO. He is currently UNO's wisest individual, and one of their leaders, as well as leader of the Ioketa. He became one of the Unified Nation of Ottzello's most important individuals.

During the Second Borealis Galactic War, Tuolog once again met The Mechanic and Kaltogo, although Kaltogo was now with the Blyro'Tralzica, and neither of them recognised each other at first.

Founding URO[]

After Da Reckoning when the Unified Nation of Ottzello was beginning to piece itself together again, many of the Ottzelloans refused to return to UNO's system, as once they were outside, they saw it as a brutal dictatorship. Tuolog offered these Ottzelloans a chance to build a better nation, and thus led them during the Ottzello Revolution.

After a short war, UNO and the rebels came to a compromise. Tuolog founded, and served as the first president of, the Union Republic of Ottzello, with Leaders ruling during the interim.



Like other Ioketa, Tuolog is short. He can sometimes be seen with a walking stick, but not often. He is also very old-looking, and is very meditative; he is nearly always seen meditating, and is much calmer than other UNO leaders.


Tuolog is peaceful, calm and always willing to help. He is, however, very playful when the mood is bright. Like other Ioketa, he has a love of nature, but does accept technological advancements and what they bring. He can sometimes come across as demanding, and talks in what others believe are metaphors (in fact this is the way Ioketa think), but overall he knows better than most UNO leaders in some cases. He is often a mentor to the others.


Tuolog carries around his Essence staff, which is believed to boost his powers.


Tuolog is an incredible Essence 'magician', being better than most 3d mortals at Chronoscopic, Psionic energy and Elemental energy, with the exception of some Ioketa military leaders and several Krassio, such as The Valader. It must also be noted that his entire race are all incredible essence users, and he has been a guru for many Ioketa and non-Ioketa.

He is a great user of nature, with the ability to summon wildlife as an army, as well as even bend plants to his will. With Chronoscopic, he can also bend time to how he wishes. As a warrior, he also uses nature to help win battles, as well as Chronoscopic and Psionic energies.



Green face.pngYou are perfect ones. I only see you doing well in your future.

  • Zr'Ahgloth - Funny one. He not the most smart but he certainly most funny and most strong. A true warrior.
  • UNOL - Old friends.
    • Kralgon Emperor - You smart, but you need realise there other ways than the simple aggressive way you know.
    • Valzo - Friendly leader who always tries to take the way that is the least destructive for others. That admirable.
    • Feldosia - She good at what she do as well as her powers. But she have much to learn.
    • Yogtam - You think and you certainly act like a soldier. Deserves all the respect he has earned.
    • Tralkik Commander - Robots not really have personality. What we do without the Tralkik Commander though?
  • UNOC - You great soldiers.
    • Dalverat - You have so much potential, but you keep your grudge against me.
    • Thr'aloy - Despite all he been through, he still one of greatest Loron. That admirable.
    • Commandant Darwishi - This one have no personality. He just destroy everything he sees.
    • Kalcedia Myran - Motherly, most caring and sympathetic. Also very focused. That good qualities, without her, UNOC very different.
    • Vaktyl - This one is a great fighter. All the stuff he been through and he still very tough and fun. Sure knows how to shoot.
    • Vailisa - Look at what they both been reduced to. Yet it also make him toughest soldier known to UNO, and strongest physically, by far.
    • Lupercal - I relate to him. He been through a lot, lost many loved ones. Yet he still fights to protect his friends. Very good qualities.
    • Zelfron III - Zelfron once great soldier but reduced to little. Zelfron III is what Zelfron should be. Very disciplined and focused.
  • Apollo - We worked together in Place Your Bet Campaign, and I see great things in you.


Yellow face.pngYou are misguided, you must come to the good in you.


Orange face.pngThese people are things we strive to heal. They are ill, they must be helped.

  • Brag'klogga - Hehehe, that funny battle.
  • Kolossus - You threatened us too much. There so much potential in you, you not realise it.
  • Xaltsa - I not like you...


I will shatter your very existence, pest.

- Kolossus

Your powers, your Chronoscopic...it annoys me so much!

- Dalverat

Uhh, strange little guy.

- General Volim


- Jol'kiar


- Dark Gratz'kaoz


- Brag'klogga

Can I have that hat?

- Xarphobos

He works for a noble cause... good for him.

- Paladin Ingcos

A curious little fellow, his attunement to nature is... overwhelming.

- High Inquisitor Arsac


- Gorf

Always watching, always...

- Xhodocto



  • While the current model of Tuolog was created by OluapPlayer, Tuolog is Technobliterator's character in terms of personality, history, concept and usage


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