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Tul is one of the most recognizable figures in the United Lanat Empire and is considered to be one of the greatest war heroes in Tralor history. He is noted as one of the few Tralor who still hold to the 'old ways' of Tralor tradition and honor.


Early LifeEdit

Tul was born on Lanat Prime in the ancient city of Vornos. Growing up Tul was always fascinated with military tactics and starships. In school Tul excelled above every student in his school, and in the entire empire and as such was awarded the coveted Emperor's Student Seal of Intelligence and was sent to the Lanat Prime school for the gifted superior at the age of ten. Not only did Tul excel in academics but also in his schools basic combat training course. During his spare time Tul would use battle tactic simulators and practice hand to hand combat.

Joining The NavyEdit

Tul joined the Traish navy right after graduating secondary school, and was sent out to the Totatili Naval Training facility with several hundred other recruits. Just like in school Tul performed outstandingly in training, surpassing most past and all current recruits.

After six years of training Tul graduated, and was stationed onboard the vessel, Medis

Great Nieevil WarEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Tul is an intelligent and calculating character and even though he his an almost perfect record for victory during battle he is surprising humble. He is also very battle hardened, Even more so than the average Tralor warrior (This is due mainly to events of the Great Nieevil War). Tul has also been noted to act as a father figure for those under his command; and unlike most Tralor commanders who show no emotion sending those under their command into situations where they are not likely to survive. Tul often tries to find ways to keep those under his command safe. Tul does, however, have zero tolerance for cowardice and will have deserters killed on sight. He also suffers from a rare personality disorder which can make him experience intense feelings of rage randomly causing him behave erratically but thanks to advanced medicine his disorder is kept in check.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Tul is a master warrior and is well versed in in all forms of combat. Especially melee and hand-to-hand. Tul when forced to face an enemy face on favors a traditional Traish arming sword for close up combat and for raged attack Tul prefers to use a Aldm-74 combat rifle due to its rate of fire and stopping power. Tul also has a custom made suit of combat armor whenever he goes down to a combat zone on the ground.


Quotes From OthersEdit

A vile and evil individual. Mine encounter with him still haunts my nightmares

- Ramashe
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