The Tralkik Hunter is a form of Tralkikianoe (note that the creation is only a captain as this was the best way to create a machine; it should otherwise be treated as a race). They are one of the many Tralkikianoe used by the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



The Tralkik Hunters were the 'original' form of Tralkiks. They were developed for research and sniper/stealth missions, by an unknown empire. The Tralkik's AI and research, of course, allowed them to develop further. When another form of Tralkik, the Demolisher was successful, the Tralkik Hunters and Demolishers joined forces to make their own empire. It is believed that the empire who developed them was killed, and so they had to evolve themselves. The name "Hunter" means hunting for knowledge, as well as hunting enemies.


When there were 3 humanoid Tralkik forms, the Tralkik decided they needed to differentiate between them; the Demolisher and Hunter forms were too similar. The Hunter's attached missile launcher was removed, in favour of a more advanced targeting system, and a concealed melee weapon.


When the Tralkikianoe joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello, UNO's coilgun technology severely benefited the Tralkikianoe's machine guns and even sniper rifles, making them far more powerful, long range and effective. The Hunters also benefited from UNOS.



The Tralkik Hunters are the thinnest and tallest Tralkikianoe. Their hands and feet could almost be mistaken for organic, and they have red heads, but the design decision behind this is unknown.


The hunters are the least full-on aggressive Tralkik; while the Deathbots are full-on aggressive at foes and the Demolishers will aim for destructive ranged combat, the Hunters are more often snipers due to being incredibly agile and fast.


The Tralkik hunters have jet/jump packs (both concealed and visible), sniper rifles, machine coilguns and plasma grenades. The machine coilguns are incredibly deadly; being electromagnetically propelled through coils, they can be more powerful than a chemical-operated machine gun. The guns fire 7mm bullets 2,400 rounds per minute, have an effective range of 5,000m and muzzle velocity (speed bullet travels after leaving the barrel) of 3,700m/s, have magazines carrying 200 rounds and are all fired from a barrel 320mm long. The sniper rifle, meanwhile, has an effective range of 10,000m, fires 20mm bullets (which can pierce most armour), half a muzzle velocity of 6,800m/s but obviously only fires a bullet at a time. However, if the bullet will kill the target and kills are not desired, a dart is often used instead.

The bullets/darts from both the machine coilgun and sniper rifle release nanomachines when they hit their target. The nanomachines can be set to either kill the target (by stopping the heart, via miniature explosions that kill off the veins and slicing any veins not killed) or tranquilize the target (but releasing drugs that will put the target to sleep). The Hunters will remotely send these commands to the bullets in split seconds.


The Tralkik Hunters can jump around and cling on to wall, allowing them to zip around the battlefield, but being hard to combat. This particular ability does make the Hunters better at combat in buildings. As the Tralkik have in built electomagnetic drives (for the coilguns), the Hunters can use this to jump faster and better. Aside from this, they use cloaking devices, most notably optical camouflage, which can change into the colour and texture of whatever surface the Tralkik is currently on.



Hunters will normally strike from unseen, with sniper rifles. They will, however, use their machine coilgun. These can be set to tranquilize enemies or kill them using the nanomachines they release once they are inside the target. Tralkikianoe will often not go for a head on assault, and often like to stick to walls, and move around on the battle a lot.


The Tralkik Hunters' only defence, aside from their armour, is a forcefield, which is overall not too effective against repeated projectiles/lasers or very strong attacks; defence is often the Hunters' biggest disadvantage, as they can be destroyed fairly easilt.


Tralkik Hunters are used as assassins and snipers. Being robots, they don't worry about stress, nor do they need muscle relaxant for hand tremors while aiming, and thus, sniping is done with perfect aiming. With their eyes capable of scanning foes and detecting weak spots, they can aim perfect shots. also, due to their design, they can hide by climbing and contact each other remotely, with ease.



  • Originally, the Tralkik Hunter was a repainted Geth created by Dekusrub3 on Spore, for the Tralkik fiction. This was because Technobliterator struggled to make humanoid robots. However, Imperios recreated an original Tralkik Hunter, and Technobliterator used this design.


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