Tralkik Demolishers are a form of Tralkikianoe (note that the creation is only a captain as this was the best way to create a machine; it should otherwise be treated as a race).



Demolishers were created by the Tralkik's creators, as a result of the success of the Hunters. Like the Hunters, they were used for scientific research and stealth combat. The name "Demolisher" means for their original role (being the more explosive soldiers), and demolishing the wall between knowledge and primitivism.


The Demolishers were later distinguished from the Hunters and Deathbot, although not necessarily improved. Their machine guns and dart shooters were moved to small weapons on their eyes. They were instead made into more explosive soldiers, as well as all-rounders.


When the Demolishers joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello they were given coilgun technology in their machine guns. They were also implemented with UNOS.



The Demolishers, while still classed as "humanoid Tralkik", are four legged walkers. They are tall, half bulky arms, and most of their weapons are concealed.


Tralkik Demolishers are the most long-range of the troopers; often, they act like a mortar, often stoppin as soon as their lancheris in a good range to aim their weapons at the enemy. While they are stopping to fire their missiles, tehy will shoot any threats with their machine guns. In close range, they are strong enough to rip most foes apart.


The Tralkik Demolishers have missile launchers (one on their arm, others concealed), lasers on their eyes and machine coilguns. The coilguns used are in-built versions of the standard assault rifle/light machine coilgun, which fire 7mm bullets 2,400 rounds per minute, have an effective range of 5,000m and muzzle velocity (speed bullet travels after leaving the barrel) of 3,700m/s, have magazines carrying 200 rounds and are all fired from a barrel 320mm long. The Demolishers can also shoot turbolasers out of their eye, but their main feature is their missile launchers.

Morar-like missile launchers fire plasma explosives, which the Demolishers' electromagnetic drive (also responsible for the coilguns) propels at the enemies, given it an effective range of 6,000m (although it is often best fired at a much closer range). The explosives can be made to cause a wide area of effect (of around 75m2), or cause a more concentrated damage. These plasma explosives can obliterate most shields when used in a lage number, and destroy most armour.


Demolishers' special ability is to jam enemy sensors, meaning enemies cannot detect their fire.



Demolishers will mainly fire long range missiles fired in morter-fashion; they will often stop on the battle to aim their explosive, and while doing so, fire at the immediate threat. Often, several Demolishers will group together to fire at enemies, in groups of around 6-12, although often smaller groups of 3, or even solo troopers, will fire at enemies. When the Hunters and Deathbots go straight for the target, Demolishers tend to lay back.


Demolishers have a deflector shield and heavy armour, though rapid fire from machine guns at a fairly close proximity could destroy them.


In combat, the Demolishers' main strategy is being demolitions experts. Their mortar fire, when concentrated, and fired from multiple Demolishers, can be incredibly damaging to any enemy infantry platoon, and to buildings, vehicles and the like.



  • Demolisher was originally a recoloured and slightly edited Geth (made by OWEED) for the Tralkik fiction, until Imperios remade it.


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