The Tralkik Deathbot is a form of Tralkikianoe (note that the creation is only a captain as this was the best way to create a machine; it should otherwise be treated as a race).



The Tralkik Deathbots were originally developed by the Tralkiks when evolving themselves. When the Tralkik weren't independent, they originally did not need a soldier which did nothing but fight, and the Tralkik were strictly used for stealth-like murderous combat. However, when the Tralkik were independant, they needed fast-producing soldiers, and the Deathbots were the Tralkik-developed solution.

Upgrading - Armour[]

The original Deathbots were merely Tralkik with free hands and without jump packs or much need/ability to cling on to walls. However, through combat, the Tralkik evolved; by analysing battles they fought, they realised how to improve the Deathbots based on their own research and based on enemies they encountered. They made the Deathbots tougher, with both thicker, stronger armour and forcefields.

Upgrading - Weapons[]

The weaponry upgrade was not done until more recent times; for a while, Deathbots did nothing but absorb attacks while the other two classes destroyed the enemy, making Deathbots somewhat useless in ways. Done at around 2760, it was upgraded due to fighting the Loron; having to fight large hordes of tough creatures requires nothing more than huge machine guns, missiles to take out leaders and very powerful claws. It was around this time that armour was upgraded further, too. After the upgrade, the Tralkik fared much better in combat.


When the Deathbots joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello, UNO's coilgun technology was applied (and all Tralkikianoe were outfitted with electromagnetic drives), and the Deathbots were implemented with UNOS.



Deathbots are four-legged scorpion-looking Tralkikianoe, despite being classed as "humanoid".


While the other Tralkik forms will often be hiding around, and climbing to catch enemies offguard, the Deathbots simply head straight into the battle and mow down enemy forces, normally with their concealed heavy machine coilguns and lasers. They can handle themselves incredibly well in combat.


Tralkik Deathbots use a tail turbolaser, concealed heavy machine coilguns/lasers in their sides, and a plasma grenade launcher at the back. The coilguns used are in-built versions of the large assault rifle/heavy machine coilgun, which fire 14mm bullets 3,200 rounds per minute, have an effective range of 15,000m and muzzle velocity (speed bullet travels after leaving the barrel) of 5,550m/s, have magazines carrying 200 rounds and are all fired from a barrel 420mm long. However their turbolasers are more effective, firing often continuous beams, although often switching to short, concentrated blasts. Either way, the Deathbots are effective


Deathbots' main special ability is their electromagnetic drives' ability to disrupt enemy fire. Their electomagnetic drives often focus on several projectiles and lasers being aimed at them and disrupt them; they cannot cause everything to miss, but it severely reduces the damage they receive, and the chance that a well-aimed shot will hit the desired weakpoint.



Deathbots will head straight for the battle, being capable of crossing any terrain, and fire their weapon at anything they see. They mostly fire their concealed turbolaser and tail turbolaser, but will often use their machine coilguns when the situation calls for it. They can also use a plasma grenade launcher to take out the heavier threats.


While the Deathbots are heavily armoured, and their deflector shields fairly strong, they do not eqaute to the defence and protection many robots and soldiers of other factions use, and if rapid or strong fire is concentrated on them, Deathbots can be downed. However, their electromagnetic device disrupts incoming lasers, missiles and projectiles, meaning that a portion of the damage is reduced, and well-aimed shots are much less likely to hit their target.


Deathbots are best used in mid-range combat, and are most effective when dispatched en-masse with support from Hunters and Demolishers; this way, they can obliterate most armies, and mow down infantry hordes, as well as even cause huge damage to vehicles and robots.



  • Originally a recoloured the Geth Trooper (Created by E17707 on Spore) for the Tralkik race fiction, until it was remade by Imperios.


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