My enemies will burn. The Alliance will burn. Vekaron will burn.

- Torrent

Jekrad mil Torrent was the last living individual of the Kvargo race and the founder of the New Wranploer Legion.


Early history[]

Jekrad mil Torrent was born at Biavumd, homeworld of the Kvargo Empire, at the Earth year 2,220. The son of an incredibly rich and influential family, Torrent was raised as a spoiled child since birth, and since his childhood he displayed severe traits of narcissism. At the age of 35, Torrent became a space pirate under the command of his father and alongside him, he obtained a fair share of riches and influence around the Arm of Wildness until the Zoles Imperium arrived and laid waste on the Kvargo race, destroying all of their worlds and killing off all of their population. Losing his family and subordinates to the Zoles, Torrent found his only mean of survival to be cryogenically freezing himself on his hideout. Luckily for the Kvargo, he succeeded and remained frozen until 2,725 where he was discovered by Wranploer raiders and taken to General Volim, who decided to make a servant out of the last living Kvargo.

Due to his skill and immense hatred for the Zoles, Torrent became one of the highest ranking commanders of the Wranploer Legion and became one of the galaxy's most influential criminals. During a battle against Chief Major Xerkea, Torrent had one of his arms severed which was later replaced by a robotic prosthesis, and he would later lead an attack on the Minga homeworld of Baraila and obtain Scallywag as his pet. Another notable battle on Torrent's life was on Veriomar, a small Zoles colony, which he burned to the ground leaving nothing but a few survivors. This colony was actually Vekaron's home before he joined the military, and Torrent unintentionally caused the Zoles to become a soldier and go after him for killing his wife and daughter.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

During the Second Borealis Galactic War, Torrent did what he could to protect his empire against the growing Xi'Arazulha threat, while also expanding its interests through the galaxy. He fought in several battles against the madmen of the Devourer's Chosen as well, and during these battles, he found a good friend on Genrai Nal. However, as time passed, Genrai Nal's conflicts with Volim caused him to lose respect for the Inalton and for Falrik Zaarkhun as well, making Torrent question their worth. But when Shu'wokerama appeared and took Genrai away, Torrent forgave him and Zaarkhun of their actions. Torrent was also present in a special mission to retrieve an Andromedan artifact which somehow was located in the Borealis Galaxy. He has come into conflicts with the Draconid Imperium, where he almost murdered Tarsus Senvinus after torturing him and escaped prison after Kerella Dacia attempted to capture him.

During the Vague invasion, Torrent remained neutral, resuming his usual activities. Following Ottzello's quarantine, Torrent watched and profited out of the War Economy, but overall did not have a major role in it. When the Wrath of Gods began, Torrent reluctantly allied with his former enemies to defeat the Seagon Empire, the Alvino Brood and the Devourer's Chosen and the Borealis Grox Empire. After this, the Shards were turned into the Chronoscopic Orb, which Volim stole from the Polar Crystal Alliance.

Following this, Torrent and the BCN made contact with a Volim from the past and the old Wranploer Legion of the First War, adding them to the BCN. Torrent was present in the attack on Zargoth's dimension, being one of the few natives to survive. Following the victory, he murdered Vekaron by decapitating him. However, due to Kolossus surviving and going back in time himself, the plan was foiled, and Vekaron had a final combat with Torrent at Volim's fortress on Vijaha, which ended with Torrent being seemingly killed after having his second arm cut off. Torrent, however, managed to barely survive the fight, and escaped the planet before it suffered orbital bombardment with the help of his loyal soldiers.

Cloning Scheme[]

Torrent attacks the Rovegar

During the Ice Age, Torrent had a second robotic arm installed on himself and began forcing Wranploer warlords under his servitude, creating the New Wranploer Legion. As he expanded his new empire's influence, he began developing a rivalry with the Wranploer Billig Oltauris, who strives for values he opposed. Torrent eventually got once again in contact with Genrai Nal and became an associate of the Guild of Shadows. He ordered the Guild to capture scientists from across the galaxy including Baptarion Light, and while he did not reveal his plan at first, he later revealed it to Genrai Nal: Torrent planned to clone new Kvargo and revive his species.

In addition, these captured scientists developed special combat-oriented nanomachines for Torrent, making him a supersoldier. He hunted Vekaron across the galaxy until he found him when he visited the Rovegar Matriarchy. Launching an attack on the planet, Torrent confronted Vekaron, Wragrot, Kilchárunya and Vansenk in combat and, while at first delivering a curb-stomp battle on them, he was defeated after being distracted by the Rovegar girl named Gardin. Torrent angrily retreated as he saw his nanomachines delivered no protection against essence, but vowed to return.

Torrent's plans were finally thwarted, however, when Vekaron and his team, plus Agent Chi, infiltrated his base to save Baptarion. Upon being confronted by Vekaron, Torrent planned to take his team on in a battle until they were all stopped by Vorius. The mutant Wranploer destroyed Torrent's laboratory and absorbed his perfected clone, ruining all the progress Torrent had made on it. Being incapable of harming Vorius and having his base lost to him, Torrent retreated and escaped the planet. He remained in hiding until he was found by the Benefactor, who he made a brief alliance with. By the sixth year, Torrent joined forces with Billig and the PCA to put an end on Vorius, personally fighting at the World of Corpses and lending his military might as support against the Children of Synthesis.

Downfall and Death[]

Due to continuous defeats to the Polar Crystal Alliance, Billig's multiple interventions and Vorius' mere existence, Torrent slowly began losing his mind at the seventh year. The extreme amount of psychological trauma Vorius caused on him, added to his hatred for Vekaron and all of his failures since the creation of the New Wranploer Legion caused Torrent to become abrasive and belligerent, his former elaborated plans becoming increasingly simple and single-minded. He was behind the uprising of the Murgur Warbands, backing Warmaster Tismahgo up on his quest to conquer the Murgur race, for the purpose of later backstabbing Tismahgo and enslaving his people once he was done with them. However, due to Vekaron's efforts and Xegriek's incompetence, Torrent's plans were once again foiled, causing his mind to deteriorate further.

Dark Grip's operatives fell one by one to Vekaron's efforts, and Torrent retaliated by brutally murdering King Rebaris at an ambush on the Zoles king's ship. Out of fury for the Alliance, the Kvargo ordered an attack at the space station of Hyperborea which was eventually repelled, causing the New Wranploer Legion's military to be crippled due to Torrent's growing incompetence as a ruler. During the invasion of his headquarters, Torrent used the full extent of his powers and faced Vekaron and his team for the last time, having his nanomachines disabled and then confronting Vekaron in a one-on-one, unarmed fight. Being finally defeated, Torrent succumbed to his wounds and died to Vekaron, bringing an end to the New Wranploer Legion and the Kvargo race.

As a matter of not allowing any individual or race to possibly clone Torrent back to life, his body was taken to Hyperborea and later deported to Exile Station, where it is currently stored at.



Torrent was a Kvargo with several scars from his battles against the Imperium. He also possessed mechanical implants in his body, with both of his arms being robotic implants. Whenever he used his nanomachines, the affected parts of his body became nearly pitch-black in colouration. Torrent was equipped with a special Zoles blade, once owned by Vekaron. It was stolen from him during one of their fights. However, since he obtained his nanomachines, he used it a lot less for combat and kept it mainly for show and as a souvenir.


Torrent was a merciless and cold hearted individual who was extremely power-hungry. After the death of Volim, he revealed his true colours, having been under the General mostly out of power hunger, though he admitted liking Volim's company after a while. Torrent had a very corrupt code of honour which he only followed when facing a worthy opponent such as Genrai Nal. With his enemies, Torrent was cruel and menacing, especially toward his arch-nemesis Vekaron. Torrent had a large degree of distaste toward Essence and Essence users, always referring to it as "space magic".


Torrent had nanomachines through his body which gave him unnatural physical strength which made him on par with Kicathian Agents. His nanomachines allowed him to harden specific parts of his body at will, making them tough enough to survive tremendous amount of punishment without being damaged. Torrent had also enhanced his brain, giving him the ability to read his enemies' movements, so he could know when to activate his nanomachines. Upon being damaged, these nanomachines were also capable of self-repair, making them constantly useful for combat. As a disadvantage, however, Torrent required full attention as the nanomachines were activating via thought. When deactivated, Torrent had the physical prowess of a normal Kvargo and could be quickly damaged. In addition, the nanomachines offered no real protection against Essence and psychic powers other than enhanced fortitude.



Scallywag was Torrent's pet and companion, a member of the Virongs, a species of three-eyed parakeet-like animals natives of Planet Baraila, homeworld of the Minga Theocracy. Torrent obtained Scallywag during a raid on the planet, taking a liking on the bird and deciding to keep it as a pet to make him company on his travels.

Despite his apparently standard looks, Scallywag was actually a highly advanced cyborg. During Torrent's battle with Xerkea which resulted in the loss of his arm, Scallywag was almost killed by the Niaka Chief Major as well. Rescuing the dying bird, Torrent ordered the Wranploer Legion to bring it back to full health with its most advanced technology, and since then, he had been updating him regularly. Scallywag was sapient and capable of feats such as speech and data download and storage. Despite its intelligence, it retained its pet-like traits when not under orders.

Alongside Torrent, Scallywag was killed by Vekaron during the final invasion of the New Wranploer Legion's headquarters.



Blue face.pngServe me or die.


Yellow face.pngYou think you'll live? I'll decide that.


Red face.pngYou ain't living for much longer.


No wonder he's called Torrent, I see Malware all over this guy.

- Kithworto

An excellent warrior to work with, we share many things in common. He shall live long, I'm sure of it.

- Genrai Nal

How about a million for your head...and another million for that annoying bird of yours?

- Skhánaróton -01

He's pretty good. Can be useful to lead a piracy operation for sure. But pretty good isn't what I expect.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

Heh. He reminds me of myself when I was alive. He'll learn that the afterlife is better, like I did.

- Sollow

go dai in a fiya ok

- Fre'kloar

A criminal menace...We really need to get rid of this guy. But how?

- Kralgon Emperor

Aww, come on, mate...you could at least be a more sporting competition.

- Billig Oltauris

Remorseless and cold. No wonder why my people speak of the Kvargo extinction as fortunate.

- Vansenk

Kvargo. Your DNA is rare. Join the plan.

- Vorius





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