Titanozor is one of the five Warlords of the Delpha Coalition of Planets, most known for his involvements in the DCP's efforts in the Ottzello Galaxy. He is a clone of Emperor Wormulus II, and is a bloodthirsty and near-immortal warrior with godly strength in combat.



Titanozor was created at the same time as the other DCP Warlords. Titanozor was created as a knight, who was believed to have the strength of a Samut'angar. He was placed in charge of the DCP in Ottzello.

Ottzello Excavation and Civil WarsEdit

After the DCP and the Cianju Alliance encountered Vyro'Narza artifacts during the Tigris War, Master Kroc and the DCP decided to send Titanozor to the Ottzello Galaxy to learn more. Here, he encountered the galaxy's three superpowers: the Galot Republic, the Grand Ottzel Order, and Da Propa Big Loron Empire. The latter were hostile, and his crusade against them brought an end to the First Ottzello Galactic War.

The following efforts led to the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello, in which Titanozor fought with Da Propa Big Boss Zr'Ahgloth on many occasions. He withdrew from the galaxy during the Second Ottzello Galactic War, believing its doom to be a foregone conclusion, and being satisfied he had learned enough about the Taldar.

During the DCP Civil War, Titanozor rebelled against the rest of the rebels and the emperor.

When Titanozor learned that Bo Ramik was killed by Tricarrion, he knew that his space in the Ottzello galaxy would not last much longer. He pledged alliegence to Eclipsos, Mauloron and Tricarrion. He has not yet revealed why he would rather ally with the Warlords than the Emperor.

Third Ottzello Galactic WarEdit

In the Third Ottzello Galactic War, Titanozor returned to fight on the side of the United Nations of Ottzello. When the New Kralgon Empire fired a huge Dark Chronoscopic weapon to destroy UNO, Titnaozor saved them by sneaking aboard the ship and absorbing the Dark Chronoscopic. Dakster came to the rescue when Titanozor was near-death, taking him to a hospital ship and using Chronoscopic Energy to try and heal him; this could not save him, and he was believed to be dead.

Titanozor's body was frozen by UNO, and the DCP had a 1 minute silence. It was stolen by Falrik Zaarkhun of the Zaarkhun Consortium, who was behind the Hostile Xenoform Threat. Near the end of the war, he body was unfrozen when Zaarkhun's base was infiltrated. Titanozor had been killed., but thanks to the Chronoscopic and his life support, he was revived, but now was a Dark Chronoscopic beast, making him totally immortal; his body would repair no matter what happened to it. Titanozor shut down the HXTs and defeated Zaarkhun, who turned out to be Zargoth in disguise.

Second War of Black FogEdit

When Mac and the two Zr'Ahgloth's attacked the DCP in the Second Black Fog War, Titanozor was on the defense. When both Zr'Ahgloth's argued about who'd face Titanozor, Mac faced him. mac 'killed' Titanozor when winning, unaware of Titanozor's immortality. Titanozor later went to a Taldar world to search for artifacts, where he encountered Mac again.

After a long fight, Titanozor defeated Mac, and sent Mac back to researhch. However when Mac was released, he went back in time to that exact point, but was nearly killed by Shu'rimrodir. Titanozor saved Mac, and the two went down to the catacombs. About to claim a Taldar artifact, Kolossus stepped in and stole it. The two defeated Kolossus and claimed the artifact, and Mac joined the allies' side, with Titanozor as his mentor. Titanozor later fought and defeated Shu'wokerama with Mac and Roz'Tah'Flok.

Titanozor also took part of the final invasion of the Corruptus Overworld, where he fought and defeated Shu'ytrogarva along with Mac and Tyraz. Titanozor was later sucked into the Realm of Dreams and participated into the final battle where he helped the captains distract Shu'wokerama.

After the war was over, Titanozor received a Dracogonarious medal as a thanks for his hard work and resumed his usual missions.



Titanozor is a clone of Emperor Wormulus, so his body has the same appearance. However, he has a more unnatural look following the Dark Chronoscopic incident, and is nearly always wearing an advanced battle suit, always surrounded by energy.


Titanozor is a bloodthirsty warrior, but he is fair, as his Neutral Good allignment states. He takes pride in battle, especially at killing godlike figures, and knows when to channel his rage into his foes. Titanozor isn't boastful to any but his foes, where he likes to tell them how pathetic they were and weak after defeating them. Titanozor has a particular hatred of Loron, and takes a lot of pleasure in slaying millions. for this reason, UNO send Titanozor many Loron clones to entertain himself with, merely for fitness excersise.


Titanozor has temporal immunity, Dark Chronoscopic powers, pain immunity, immortality and time travel thanks to the Dark Chronoscopic. Titanozor already was near-immortal with a body that exceeds any mortal being, with the exception of the Emperor himself and Kilnok.


Titanozor uses a huge energy mace, which is excellent for destroying large foes and structures. He also wears a powerful combat suit, providing life support and shielding. With Titanozor's Dark Chronoscopic powers, he channels these energies through all his equipment to empower its speed further.






- Zr'Ahgloth


- Hagto'Zhl

He's an excellent mentor and fighter, for a mortal.

- Mac
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