I wouldn't bother trying to use your blade, Cogsangui. You'd be sleeping with the proverbial fishes before you knew it.

- Tironus, upon meeting Voro Acetenus

Tironus Manition is a male Paladian mercenary and smuggler operating in the Cyrandia Cluster. A long time associate of fellow smuggler Corva, the two became the Cyrannus Galaxy's most infamous smugglers during the Dark Times, mainly operating out of the vast Underworld beneath the Imperial Capital Orbispira. However, during the year 03 NE both Tironus and Corva joined the crew of the Falcon under Claire Rambo, joining her in her voyages and missions across the First Gigaquadrant.


Early Life[]

Born on Pax Paladi in the Borealis Galaxy, Tironus was born without the order-seeking ways common in his people but did retain a strong sense of worth and personal honour. Nevertheless, when he was a teenager, he was forced into a life of crime ultimately deciding that Borealis had too much competition to make it as a notable smuggler. Travelling to Heleanorian space, which was recently conquered by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Tironus made his way onto a Heleanorian freighter destined for Orbispira, allowing him to travel the gap between galaxies.

The Falcon leaves Orbispira

Setting up business on Orbispira, Tironus came face to face with the authorities on many occasions. However, just as he was about to be arrested by the unforgiving Imperial authorities on Orbispira, he was rescued by a young Alavar known as Corva, creating a strong bond and friendship.

Crew of the Falcon[]

In the later stages of 03 NE, Tironus and Corva managed to secure passage out of Orbispira for both themselves and Voro Acetenus, the ousted leader of the Cognatus Remnant. Meeting up with Corva's old friend Claire Rambo, Tironus and Corva both decided to join the crew of Claire's vessel, the Falcon in its travels across the universe. Travelling to Sanderhal, Tironus and the crew rescued Xora, a Republic captain-turned slave and returned her to the New Cyrannian Republic. Afterwards, they travelled to Terra Prime where they encountered mysterious Scions. To his disappointment, Tironus rarely left the vicinity of the ship in these missions, staying to upgrade the ship's shields and weapon systems.

Later, they travelled to Koerband, where the crew ran into trouble with the dreaded virals. During the chaos, Tironus was split up from Corva and the others, forcing him to trek through the wilderness in an attempt to find his friends. During the following weeks, Tironus would face many hardships and was about to give up when Corva suddenly appeared, saving him from a vicious viral attack. Together, Corva and Tironus still attempted to locate the Falcon and the other members of the crew, though to their shock, they were rescued by rebel Cognatus led by Thaur Vicliquam who sought to find Voro Acetenus. Eventually, the rebel Cognatus managed to locate Voro, Claire and Stench, with Tironus being delighted to see his old friends while somewhat sad that Voro would be leaving the crew of the Falcon to ascend to the position of Primarch of the newly formed Unified Order of Cognalorilos.

After the events on Koerband, Tironus remained on board the Falcon, awaiting their next adventure.

Physical Appearance[]

Corva and Tironus in earlier days.

As a male Paladian, Tironus can be a fearsome sight to those he meets, often due to the fact that Paladians are almost non-existent beyond the Borealis Galaxy. Adorned in a form of heavy Paladian armour, over the years he has also equipped himself with Cyrannian adornments giving him the appearance of a swashbuckling individual who makes their own rules. Almost never away from his side is his trusted rifle, which he affectionately named "Shiela". This is often a source of amusement for Corva and the crew of the Falcon.

Personality and Traits[]

Though he has a frightening appearance to some and a deep, booming voice, Tironus is generally kind-hearted and gentle and strictly obeys a clear set of rules on how to proceed in his often shady line of business. For example, Tironus would never take a job that hurt disadvantaged civilians, owing to his distrust for power and people who seek it. Nevertheless, Tironus' goal in life is to swim in a vast pool of credits with Corva, though he also wants to meet new aliens and explore new worlds. Tironus has a dead-pan sense of humour and often makes light of often grim situations with a clever or witty comment. Despite the fact that he claims his best friend is his rifle Shield, this title actually belongs to Corva, though Tironus would never tell this to her in person.



Green face.pngGood guys. Fun to talk to.

  • Corva: There's no-one else I'd like by my side.
  • Claire Rambo: Any friend of Corva is a friend of mine.
  • Voro Acetenus: Yeah, sorry about nearly shooting you. Your mouth freaked me out is all.
  • Stench: What? I don't smell anything.


Blue face.pngStay out of trouble, fella.

  • Xora: What you must have been through...


Orange face.pngYou're on the right track to a punch in the face.

  • N/A


Red face.pngYour face offends me. Kindly take it away.


My best guy-pal! He may seem scary, but he's really as cuddly as a Dvottie.

- Corva

Go back to Borealis, criminal.

- Gaius Prentus

Don't mess with the big guy!Oh and better not stand between him and his "Shiela"!

- Claire Rambo




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