The Empire is the best thing to have happened to Cyroenia. We are driven to excel in our arrangements.

- Tira Mizio

Tira Mizio is a female Libertus starshipwright and politician who serves as the Mandator of her native Cyroenia Sector, having previously served as senator in both the Republic and Imperial Senate. The designer of the Venator-class, the Imperator-class and the Executor-class, Mizio is a figure of great influence within the Empire—greater even than the high status as Mandator would ordinarily convey.

Cyroenia Battle

Mizio was influential in protecting Cyroenia from the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War.

An ambitious woman interested more in the welfare of her political career over the well being of her people, Mizio is infamous on liberal worlds such as Capricaerón and Apailiana for her warmongering rhetoric. Indeed, prior to the Great Cyrannus War, she supported and voted for war with the Confederacy of Allied Systems, knowing the prestige that a galactic conflict could bring to the galaxy's largest shipyards. Nevertheless, she gained popularity for protecting Cyroenia from the Confederate invasion in 01 BNE, as well as supporting fleet action to protect the Ermitant during the Second War of Black Fog. She was largely commended for her role in the Battle of Cyroenia, raising speculation that she may run as an alternative to President Apollo in a future presidential election.

Serving for years under the Imperial Senate, Mizio grew frustrated with her lack of progress within the Empire's political structure and began seeking ever-more powerful positions within the hierarchy. In 13 NE, she orchestrated the downfall of Cyroenia's Mandator, Lovidicus, by fabricating a story in which he was accused of smuggling secret plans to the New Republic, which she claimed were used by the Republic Navy to upgrade their Venator-class Star Destroyers to match the modern Imperial Star Destroyers. The next year, she was appointed to replace Lovidicus, who was executed for treason.

In a future timeline visited by Helo Roslia, one of Mizio's descendants, Naya Mizio, ruled what remained of the Empire as Galactic Empress in the aftermath of the Xeranbha invasion. Naya retained much of her ancestor's personality traits, including a strong will and a devotion to the Empire which she serves.



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