I believe only in certainties. I do not dable in the weak dark arts or the ways of demons, I carry only for facts. The strength in my limbs, the power in my body, the sharp edges of my blade. This is what I build my plans around. And what does my plan lead to? Power. That is the only thing that matters in the world. Power and gaining it by any means necessary. Anything less, and you deserve neither life nor power.

- Tibrix

Darkling Primous Master Swordsmen Tibrix is the current Second-in Command of the Brotherhood of Darklings, or Primous, and their finest swordsmen and warrior. His power and strength has made him second in command for good reason, and while an intelligent commander and warlord, his oaths of loyalty and the like towards Lord Terikalinra are spotty at best, Tibrix at least twice attempting to usurp the Dark Lord's position within the Brotherhood. Although subdued by Terikalinra's vast planning, it has not been without consequence, for Tibrix may not be as crafty, but his strength is nearly equal to both Miterix and Teriklinra, despite their superior age.

Among the Brotherhood cult races, such as the Skallin, Sarkurgatian and Dragowar, he is worshipped as a God of War, bloodshed and havoc, and despite his power as the Primous, is kept on a short leash by his master, due to his high ambitions and lust for more power over others. Although his loyalty is secure for now, Terikalinra is always read in case Tibrix has ideals above his station, and with the number of Darkling Princes growing, he knows that if Tibrix steps out of line, he can execute him without having need for him.

History Edit

Birth Edit

Tibrix was born in another universe, one created by Dark One and his sister. Born with great, awesome power, Tibrix served with loyalty, though always felt as though those above him had something he deserved more then they. For his skill as a duelist and swordsman, he was gifted with the Power to Scavenge, to take the powers of those he defeated, and use their powers to further his own. This was made in the hopes he could use those powers for good, but ultimately became a way for him to gain more power to further his power over others in war.

He helped populate the universe, and guarded both Great Spirit, and her brother. However, he became aware Dark was plotting to destroy his sibling, and take over command by himself, but did nothing to warn Miterix, the current Brotherhood leader.

Traitor Edit

Tibrix was loyal to the Darkling Emperor Miterix, but when he heard Dark One was planning a rebellion, he helped by unlocking the gates of Miterix's fortess. There, he laid an attack on Miterix's forces, with most joining the Rebels and betraying Miterix simply out of respect and fear of Tibrix.

Traitor to a traitor Edit

After coming to this universe, Tibrix was forced into a flesh and blood form, and was angered at Dark's foolery. He secretly plotted against Dark, and desired to take his place, felling Terikalinra was too cerebral, his planning to costly, and a more direct approach needed. However, the Darklings later evolved into pure energy beings in armor, and so Tibrix called off his planed attack, believing that such was a step towards them regaining their godlike power. Yet, despite hundreds of years passing, Tibrix found his power had stagnated, and while above most mortals, this was not to his liking.

Later, When Dark's plan was going to slow for Tibrix's liking, he went on a rampage, attacking and enslaving all in his path. While Dark One wanted more Slaves, He could not allow Tibrix to betray his plan. First Gieran went in search and fought Tibrix, but was beaten by the Darkling Primous. The Dark One could not match Tibrix in sheer strength and raw power, as well as martial skill, so he simply hardened and strengthened his armor, and withstood Tibrix's worst blows, weathering his weather controlling powers, heat vision, and shattering blasts, until Tibrix could hardly lift his blades. Terikalinra then grasped him by the throat, ending his reign, and forcing Tibrix to submit once more.

Service of the Imperium Edit

After the Imperium stuck deals with the Brotherhood of Darklings, becoming their servants, the Dark One send Tibrix to the Imperium of War, to act as the behind-the scenes supreme leader. He knew Tibrix would like to command such an warmongering empire, so this was a test. Should Tibrix use the Imperium against the Brotherhood as a way to extract revenge, the the Dark One would destroy him. Did he keep them in line, then he would keep his position.

Tibrix, knowing the punishment for rebelling once, did not try to rebel again, and as such, became the Darkling Supreme of the Imperium of War, a position he still enjoys to this day.

Return of THEM Edit

Tibrix was place in command of an assault legion for the Brotherhood, with the goal of damaging Matrukoris and it's owners as much as possible.

After Dark was freed, Tibrix's attacks intensified, though he retreated shortly after on Dark's orders after Terikalinra absorbed a former ally and his powers. His submission was intensified, not wishing to face Dark One now that he held the power of the void at his claw tips, though wished his master would share such power with the Primous.

Skulltakers Edit

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Tibrix takes the more aggressive traits of the Darklings, their war mongering, their ambition and their cutthroat approach to power, and seeming magnifies these issues. While a capable planner and executor of basic plots against his foes that would befuddle the mortal creatures, he prefers to use his strength, power and overwhelming abilities to overwhelm and wash over his foes, like a storm of blades and energy powers. Despite preferring his strength and power over his heat vision, poison abilities and shattering and the like, Tibrix is no fool, and a capable strategist in both duels of strength and swordsmanship, and in military strategy. His cults and legions worship him as a God of War, in two aspects; Tibrix the God of Strategy, cunning and logistics, and Tibrix the God of Bloodshed, butchery and killing.

Tibrix is appeased through the killing and slaughter of foes, though he constantly reminds his followers that bloodshed must be appropriate, for a God of his status. Only the strongest warriors, soldiers and chieftains may be butchered and offered as sacrifice. Children, civilians and craven cowards have no place within his alters of blood and fire. Only the most powerful and "honorable" are allowed. So bloodthirsty is he, that, if he must, he will abide by the honor codes of an enemy and do so to experience the rush of a good fight, rather then waste a potential good foe. however, if a foe alludes him or his minions, he will go all out, using every power and emotional vulnerability to expose and weaken his foes during a fight, so long as he gets the kill in the end.

Among the Skallin, he is worshipped as Kalnar the Tide Breaker, a bastardized version of his name.

Power Edit

Tibrix has standard Darkling powers, including powers over Shadow, Hate, and Scavenging. He can summon Kraatos worms to mind control beings and can Turn them into Shadow leeches, which drain moral light and turn opponents into evil versions of themselves. His power to scavenge allows him to take powers from beings he's killed. His Scavenging power was given to him by Zaraturai and Terikalinra when he was created, as a reflection of his (formerly) honorable nature as a strong sword duelist.

His power outranks almost all Darklings, except Dark One and Miterix, though was strong to cause the former to hesitate about facing Tibrix directly.

Appearance Edit

Tibrix's armor is altered to match his wants. His armor is black and red, and designed for the perfect swordsmen, making him immune to most attacks as he himself charges at his foes. The armor is a "mini" version of the armor Terikalinra uses while in command of the Brotherhood, being smaller, and less "commanding" looking, though still getting the point across that he is not one to be trifled with.

His armor is covered in scars and pitting, and he wears an imperious cape across his shoulders. He often, like most important Darklings, has a tribal-looking, protective helm across his face, with a series of "slashes" under his eyes, and 3 slashes across the fore-head. His pure red eyes illuminate his mask whenever he is active.

Tibrix's wings are sharp, and blade-like, befitting of his warrior nature. His wings are similar to Teriklainra's own, but far smoother.

Relations Edit

Yellow face Allies Edit

Everlasting shadow.

Yellow face Servants Edit

Spill the life-blood of others. Gather their skulls for my throne and palace. Do all this in my name, and mine only.

  • Vul-kon - My Togunda attendant.
  • Caligustus - You and your Imperium shall serve me. That said, your actions of bloodletting are pleasing.

Orange face Neutral Edit

Do not waste my time on nonsense!

  • Gridlock - You may have a father of a Darkling, but you are not a true Darkling.
  • Trodaka - Manipulator.

Red face Enemies Edit

Your life is now forfeit. Your skulls for my throphy room. Your blood for me.

Quotes from others Edit

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Quotes from himself Edit

Blood! Blood everywhere!

Break, for it is my will!

Shatter like the tools that you are!

Your souls are my playthings. Your bodies, are mere experiments in science!

Notes Edit

  • Tibrix was inspired by Makuta Icarax from bionicle
  • Tibrix is the second strongest Warrior in the Brotherhood., just behind Dark one.
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