Don't be fooled by the funny name and the weird mannerisms. That man is the greatest demon I've ever encountered! He laughs at the face of despair and takes glee in causing torment in the name of that pagan god of his! By Isiris, I will avenge Visonia and bring that sack of bones to justice!

- Norrigan of Aynach

Tibias Merrow is an undead human skeleton who serves as the Master Apostle of the Cult of the Eclipse, serving as the highest leader of the great cult after the four Crystal Manifests. One of the few mortals with direct links to the Simulacrum of Madness Ramainaualmari, Tibias started out as a mere skeletal servant of a now-deceased necromancer who escaped his master's lair during the latter's death, and spent several months looking for ways of becoming a master of his own right. He was eventually seduced by Vargash's whispers and infused with dark power, elevating himself into the ranks of the Simulacrum's cult until the former mere skeleton became the Mad God's favorite mortal champion.

Tibias is noted for his quirky and psychotic mannerisms which make him appear either silly or harmless at first glance, but in reality he is a fervent and zealous followed of Vargash who is more than happy to brainwash entire populations into his god's light. Tibias is wanted in various empires due to his attacks across the world, and is notable for being responsible for the destruction of the Aynachian capital of Visonia, which he razed to the ground while brainwashing all of its population but one, Norrigan of Aynach, who has since become Tibias' arch-nemesis.


Tibias Merrow's origins are uncertain, but it is known he was originally a man by the name of Ricard Talonbane who lived at the northern regions of Koldenwelt's eastern continent and lived as the owner of a small farm. Ricard's home town was attacked by an elven necromancer named Czaranis Sabustras who killed off the population of the city and raised them as skeletal servants, including Ricard. The transition to undeath made the former town guard lose all memory of his past life, and his necromancer master would begin to call him as Tibias Merrow in order to identify him from his various other skeleton lackeys. Tibias would proceed to serve this necromancer for the next decades at the Duskwoods until his master's lair was stormed by paladins, who fought Czaranis Sabustras and killed him in battle.

Tibias survived the destruction of his master by running away from his lair when the paladins arrived, sneaking past them and running off further north. As an undying being with no need to breath, feed or feel, Tibias sought for one thing that could please him at this point in his existence: power. Tibias sought to become greater than his master before him and did so by exploring the pagan religions of the Polar Lands, eventually coming across Cult of the Eclipse cultists. Tibias watched these cultists for weeks until he began feeling dreaded sensations in his soul, as if something was trying to make contact with his mind. These sensations turned into whispers, and soon enough Tibias began hearing the voice of Ramainaualmari in his head which tormented him for days before Tibias finally decided to accept it.

Being absorbed into the ranks of the Lympharians' cult, Tibias became a favored servant of the Simulacrum due to his growing magic skill and his determination to become more powerful. In a timespan of about three hundred years, Tibias Merrow went from lowly skeleton servant to head of the Cult of the Eclipse cult, becoming one of the greatest threats of the north. The skeleton sorcerer would become a dreaded presence in the world, with many civilizations wanting him either imprisoned or destroyed due to his malevolence and powers. Tibias notably led various attacks through the ages, leading to the destruction of the Sublime Chivalry of Aynach's former capital of Visonia at the east which led to the undeath of Norrigan of Aynach, and he was also responsible for the deaths of Khadya's caretakers, leading him to become an enemy of the Goldhawks until their eventual dissolution.



Apostle Manifest Merrow

Tibias's true form is reserved for when he is in danger or wants to cause extreme mayhem

Tibias is the walking skeleton of a human of unknown ethnicity who died in his thirty's before being risen from the grave. Like other creatures afflicted with Vargash's corruption, his form has become deformed, with him standing at a much greater height than a human and having numerous tendrils made out of bone marrow grow out of his spine in the vague form of wings, while other tendrils in his skull have been forced out of his empty eye sockets. As undead are naturally incompatible with Vargash's energies, however, Tibias is forced into a much weaker form most of the time, which merely resembles an average-sized walking skeleton with shining eye sockets. While able to switch to his true form at will, doing so severely drains him of his energies, forcing Tibias to only do so at extreme situations.


Tibias is a highly volatile, loud, short-tempered and psychotic figure who displays strange mannerisms which make him appear calm, harmless and perhaps even humorous. However, he displays no regard for the living, seeing his own servants as little more than tools to be used by his god, and is more than eager to cause destruction in Vargash's name. Tibias' madness is akin to Vargash's own, making the skeleton the favorite mortal champion of the Simulacrum after his Lympharian Crystal Manifests.


Being a skeleton risen from necromancy, Tibias is highly agile, dexterous and surprisingly strong in physical terms, but is vulnerable to blunt striking weapons such as maces. He prefers to fight his enemies by using dark magic sorceries, and his powers include launching orbs of dark, levitation, summoning Kruos lackeys and devouring the souls of his victims. His skeletal nature makes him unfazed by both heat and cold, and as an undead, he cannot die of old age, but is not immortal against accidents or violence. Despite popular belief, Tibias is not a lich for he does not possess a phylactery, and killing his body would kill him off for good.

When forced into invoking his full strength, Tibias manifests a pair of greatswords crafted out of Demon Crystal which he wields with little difficulty, and the tendrils on his back give him the power of flight. The demonic skeleton's physical prowess is considerably boosted after he unleashes his full might, putting his power on par to that of a Lymmpharian Crystal Manifest. However, the strain of Vargash's energies into his soul forces him to only use his full power in small periods of time, otherwise he would self-destruct.



Green faceFor the Master!


Blue faceThe world will suffer in our collective grasps, brothers and sisters.

  • Vanguard - Like a lesser hand to another god but nonetheless a hand.
  • Leviathan - Very large sword!
  • Xacutus - An idiot! But an useful idiot anyway.


Yellow faceHumour me or I might bite you.

  • The Mudpriest - I can feel a blessing in you yet you just refuse to come over and chat about it.


Red faceSuffer the screams of our mad god!


Necromancy, a sacred practice amongst the elves Aithrena. While I had been moulded by the hands of orcs, I am not ignorant as to the reasoning behind the affiliation with such dark arts; while the Aithrena seek it to do good and help others, integrating it into the foundation of their society, those that are blind to such feats of charity possess a dangerous power within their hands. ... I am mostly hunting him due to how much he happens to irritate me, however.

- Khadya

Tibias Merrow, a dark lord if there had ever been. Wracked with the curse of being beyond living, thus mayhaps beyond redemption - although not justice -, he poses a threat accursed recognized by all to signal condemnation. Tibias Merrow, acts and pose a jester, yet behind his cackles and the rattling of his bones, there resides little more than darkness and ambition; two elements that one should never seek to combine.

- Alfgund Stonesoul

Your master is not here, undead. You may wallow in your power and delude yourself into believing that you are invincible - but you are not beyond judgement. The hand of the Inquisitior is long indeed - and it will come for you.

- Javina Desertsun

Magic is an art that is meant to further one's knowledge, enhance one's understanding of the world. Those who have a different goal in mind when mastering it end up like... it. Terrible creature. By the Stormfather. Please. Don't remind me of it.

- Valdemar Mistwood

That's not a necromancer. That's a psychotic necromancer.

- Taihadrae Ashdan





  • Tibias Merrow was named by TheHachi.
  • Tibias's role in Norrigan's history originally belonged to a Vila Elf named Czaranis Sabustras. He was replaced instead of having the two characters exist together due to the exaggerated number of necromancers in the setting.
  • Tibias's true form was inspired by Pontiff Sulyvahn, a boss from the game Dark Souls III.