Live from the Senatorial Spaceport in beautiful Republic City, this is Republica News. I am Tiaa Garyae, joined by my lovely co-host, Yanhar Aayn'seca.

- Tiaa, during a typical opening of Out and About with Tiaa and Yanhar

Tiaa Garyae is a female Tezelteän journalist and author active in the New Cyrannian Republic as a correspondent for Republica News and a co-host of the popular entertainment talk show Out and About with Tiaa and Yanhar, alongside Yanhar Aayn'seca. A popular, outspoken and shallow individual, Tiaa has uncovered more than one political scandal during her career and is often seen as invasive in her questioning style and is thus seen negatively by the politicians she is often assigned to interview.


Tiaa was born on Orbispira in 41 BNE, where she graduated with a degree in political science from one of the Palace District's most prestigious universities. Serving as an atterney for twelve years, she ultimately transitioned to become a HoloDomain reporter with the Live from the Palace news program, dealing primarily with the various Presidential administrations of the United Republic of Cyrannus. She ultimately found herself employed as a popular anchor for the New Republic-aligned Republica News, where in 10 NE, she contributed to a new entertainment talkshow alongside her longtime rival Yanhar Aayn'seca, dubbed 'Out and About with Tiaa and Yahar', referencing the program's formula of reporting from public places such as the Senatorial Spaceport in Republic City on Mou'Cyran.

Return of the Exiles 02

Tiaa and Yanhar corner Apollo and Dané for an interview at the Republic City Spaceport.

Out and About with Tiaa and Yanhar

I predict every single member of this committee will be a Nexarón Valkistair-lackey, handpicked by Centrist powerbrokers to stamp every bill this power-hungry demagogue coughs up."
"Come on, give me a break. Nexarón Valkistair is no lord of darkness. He has been a powerful symbol of resilience against both the Loron and the Neraida, okay, and will continue to be so against the Empire!

- Yanhar and Tiaa argue during their first show together

During the first airing of 'Out and About with Tiaa and Yanhar', the two reporters opened in the park of the Senatorial Spaceport, where Tiaa spoke of President Nexarón Valkistair's new senatorial committee, which would advise the President on how to deal with the threat posed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Yanhar, who supported the Reformist party, argued that the committee would exclusively be made up of those who support the policies of President Nexarón Valkistair, while Tiaa disagreed, proclaiming her support for Nexarón Valkistair's presidency.

Before they could continue, Tiaa spotted Apollo and Dané Elenya arrive at the spaceport. Hopeful that she could get a good scoop, Tiaa—reluctantly followed by Yanhar—approached the Senator and the Doctor and began to barrage him with questions such as his tension with the Lord Regent of Rambo Nation, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, and his rumoured romantic relationship with Doctor Elenya. To her disappointment, Apollo did not give her a direct answer, though she promised herself that she would learn his secrets.

In 13 NE, Garayae reported on the Gorfit Massacre, an incident during the Battle of Alberensis during which the Imperial occupational army destroyed a town, killing many civilians. Her exposé came in for criticism when it was discovered that she neglected to report that the town was being held hostage by an extremist cell of the Cyrandia Resistance.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Tiaa is widely regarded as a divisive figure in the New Republic media. Though she has been lauded for cracking more than one political scandal in the halls of power on both Orbispira and Mou'Cyran, she is widely regarded as overly oppurtuinistic and prone to tablodisms in order to sell a story. A noted Centrist commentator in the New Republic, Tiaa is generally supportive of President Nexarón Valkistair's foreign and domestic policies, particularly when compared to her Reformist-aligned cohost Yanhar Aayn'seca. The fact that the duo hate one another is a poorly kept secret, with the two anchors often refusing to speak to the other once their light-hearted banter live comes to an end.



Green faceNot bad.


Orange faceUgh.

  • Apollo: I'll discover your secrets.
  • Yanhar Aayn'seca: Bloated fool with zero charisma.


Calling Tiaa Garyae a journalist is a bit of a misnomer.

- Apollo

All Dad Apollo needs is ask and Gorf will eat her legs. Not bite, eat.

- Gorf



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