Honour. Loyalty. Respect. These are the qualities that make a Cogsangui a true Cogsangui.

- Theu Vandon

Theu Vandon is a male Cogsangui who serves as a fleetlord in the Cruentus Battlefleet of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos after defecting from his position as Warmaster of the Cognatus Empire, a position that gaves him overall control over the Cognatus armed forces prior to the rise of the Primercer and his lackeys such as Vos Adamae. Commanding the Fleet of Intrepid Devotion from the Light of Intent, Vandon is a fearsome foe in battle though is always willing to show mercy to the weak and defenceless.


Early LifeEdit

'Vandonee was born on Cognalorilos in the year 230 BNE and like most Cogsangui, spent much of his young life training to become a warrior. Even from a young age, his village elders saw him as something special due to the young Vandonee's great skill in combat as well as his devotion to both his family and to the glorious gods of the First Cognatus Empire. By the time the Intergalactic War broke out, Vandon was already at the rank of Fleetlord of the Fleet of Intrepid Devotion, one of largest fleets used in the invasion of the United Republic of Cyrannus.

When the final battle between the Cyrannian Republic and the Cognatus broke out over the Twelve Colonies, Vandon was not apart of the main taskforce led by the then-Warmaster, and his own brother, Xae Vandon. As such, his fleet did not enter the Oikoumene portal and thus was not infected by the Purity Virus.

Warmaster of the Cognatus EmpireEdit

Criminal Exchange

Han'Ateeshe is released to Theu Vandon.

He was deprived of an honourable death by your hands. In Cogsangui culture, we would sooner die than to be taken prisoner. However, he will repay his dishonour with the military service he desires.

- Theu Vandon to Ramashe regarding Han'Ateeshe.

After the war, Vandon joined the Cognatus Remnant under Voro Acetenus and grew to respect him as a battle brother. However, during the Great Cyrannus War, Vandon lost much of his faith in the gods after his family was assimilated by the Neraida Gigamatrix. However, he kept these feelings to himself and when the Cognatus Empire was formed, he joined it, eventually becoming the leader of the entire Battlefleet. When the Cognatus Empire came under the control of the ancient AI known as the Licent, Vandon plotted to work against it. Several months later, he met with Empress Ramashe at Aecor, where he oversaw the handover of prisoner of war, Han'Ateeshe.

The Primercer

Thaur Vicliquam converses with the Warmaster.

In his wisdom, our "new lord" has deemed us worthy enough to benefit from a holy artifact left behind by the Ancients under the mountains of a world in the Vena Sector.

- Vandon assigning a mission to Shiplord Vicliquam prior to the Battle of Amphryssos.

Upon the rise of the Primercer and those loyal to him such as Vos Adamae, Vandon was surprised to learn that he retained his title of Warmaster, albeit he noticed overtime that the political and military clout he enjoyed in the past was now mostly gone. Nevertheless, he still assigned missions to Cognatus Shiplords across the galaxy such as Thaur Vicliquam prior to the Amphryssos Campaign in 04 NE, by which time he had already grown tired of the Primercer's rule. Upon the rise of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, Vandon desperately wanted to join but for the sake of his family decided not to fight the Primercer.

Battle of Cognalorilos
Vectors of Chaos and Order 01

The battle rages over Cognalorilos.

Thus, my blade is with you. My boot however, longs to kick the Primercer's cloaca off of our home!

- Vandon betraying the Primercer to fight with Voro Acetenus

During the Battle of Cognalorilos nearly two years later, Vandon was assigned by the Primercer to fight against the joint Order/Galactic Empire of Cyrannus fleet besieging the system. Though he fought bravely, by the end of the conflict the wise words of Voro Acetenus and N'thavo Xellunaion prompted him to abandon the Primercer and join with the Cognatus Order. This momentous decision would bring large portions of the Fleet of Intrepid Devotion to the Order's side, ensuring their victory.

With the end of the Primercer, a new age dawned for the Cognatus, one that Vandon was proud to be apart of.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Vandon is a true believer in the Cogsangui virtues of honour and loyalty, to the point where he remained in the service of the Primercer for many years despite his conscience telling him that serving such a being was wrong. Nevertheless, despite Vandon's ferocity in combat he is quite a merciful being with little in the way of hatred for civilisations such as the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation, believing them to be weak and thus requiring the protection of the glorious Cognatus battlefleet. However, Vandon hates the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus with a vitriolic fervour, once referring to the powerful Phaedric Lord Maethoruin as an Imperial dog.



Green faceGood morrow, friend.


Blue faceI like you, small one.


Orange faceBah!

  • Han'Ateeshe: Serve with aliens, will you?! After I gave you a chance to atone?


Red faceI will crush you into nothing!


Follow your heart, Theu. It will lead you to true honour.

- Voro Acetenus



  • On DeviantART, Theu is currently Cyrannian's most popular character image.


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