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The Valader was and is the most powerful warrior of the Civatrons and later the Cianju Alliance, He disciplined the current psi energies as a warring ability, he is very famous in all the Universe as well of being the author of one of the guide-books of the Civatrons and the Cianju Alliance: The Book Discipline. He participated in many major conflicts throughout the history of the First Gigaquadrant. He is later transformed into a greater entity called Singul'Aren, the proclaimed leader of the psionic users.



In the plains of emptiness and void, a being with reptilian form approached a small swamp of nebulous green gas, the being was cloaked and hooded, but his tail and features told his appearance. He stepped into the swamp, the Nebulous went liquid, leaving green water all around him. Suddenly his feet started to float over the water. Slowly, until all his body was out of it again. He stood with his two feet on the water then, without sinking. He kneeled and looked upon his reflex, he sinked his hand. The hand glowed shiny energies, these enveloped the reflex. The mirror reptilian wasn't imitating the being anymore. It lost conscious and fell face down, with his master still kneeled.

The being stepped back from the lake, as the liquid transformed back into green gas. The being waved his arms sideways, in opposite direction, and the nebulous fog moved aside, dissipating as it was taken from its home. The reflex was there, laying down. Powerless.

Suddenly, markings and tattoos across the reflex body started to glow, just as the original. The creation now stood on his feet, and saw himself before him.

"Welcome, to the Netherplane" said a voice inside the hooded cloak, waving his hands again.

The creation was confused, and naive to its environment, he was more amazed to see him talking to his reflex. The creator approached his creation, and stopped a meter away from him.

"You shall be me, in the real world. You shall do great things, you will wear my name, my powers, my weight" it said, the creation nodded indifferently to his words. Then all turned black.

Birth and callEdit

Born in an era where the psionic energy was considered past and ancient arts of druidism among the Civatrons, the Valader appeared at one of the last druids of Civa Prime, being just an egg at that time. Yet from that age on, the Valader promised to be the most prominent Civatron boon, many Civatrons felt strong visions and hallucinations when passing by the young one residing that Civatron egg.

At childhood, The Valader was taught by the druid in what they considered magic, and he seemed to act positive when applying such powers, his affinity to psionic energy eventually changed the course of his living path when he dreamed about a powerful being calling to him from the stars. The Valader's strong sense of will allowed him to resist this call for years, remaining at his old master house. Eventually, the voice grew louder as time passed, and in one night in the calm and peaceful Civa Prime, the life of the young druid changed. His psionic energies canalized through the talking voice, the voice was more persistent than usual at that night, a powerful and explosive manifestation occurred, killing the old Civatron when sleeping, and leaving the Valader's eyes glowing with power, he could avoid the voice's call no more. The Valader's goals swiftly changed, he needed to encounter this entity, the young one looked desperately in a form of leaving the planet, yet exploration was not secure enough to civilians to enter, he spent the time being living from his druidic abilities, now incredibly enhanced. After an earth year of covering his life with a non-prominent job, he realized that the Civa Prime military travelled a lot through colonized space and explored unknown space, he then made his decision, he entered the Civatron military.

The rest of his life is unknown to the archivists, making him completely a mysterious character. However, he is known for participating in the major conflict known as the War of Ages, where he assumed the role of Sage of the Krassio and became more like a spiritual leader as well as taking part in major battles inside the war. However, he did not transcend to become a Xol'Etra once his people went into self-exile to evolve. Instead, new things awaited him.

The Psionic Lord AscendsEdit

In this final chapter of his life, the most powerful semi-mortal warrior in the Multiverse had to face his most daring opponent.


The Valader ascending to become a psionic god: Singul'Aren

He was transported to a dimension which only psionic minds who ventured long enough with their mental powers had reached by chance or by determination. There, the Valader faced a new enemy as a whole called the Syndrome, a demonic entity capable of disrupting the psionic energies and killing the essence completely. He also came into contact with other psionic beings of the past. For instance, he contacted Kraitoss, the unofficial yet for many eons so called creator of the Krass and Krassio. Finally coming into direct contact with the one who had brought him there in the first place: Singul'Aren.

Singul'Aren revealed to be the true creator of the psionic path, creating the ethereal form of Kraitoss and the semi-mortal races of the Krass genes. He also revealed that the Valader was just a copy of himself in order for him to operate on the outside, since he was trapped there by Kamik'Shi (the dark god) himself while weakening him with the Syndrome. He eventually managed to attract the warrior back to himself. As one final command of his newly found master, the Valader merged with Singul'Aren, jumping into a timeless dimension until they could bond their separate mind and spirit thus becoming one again.

As result of the merge between the Valader and Singul, the Syndrome entity which was created by Kamik'Shi to end Singul himself was freed too from the imprisonment they both shared. A fight between the two newly free entities occurred, with Singul finally emerging victorious. The Syndrome fled that dimension stating that the fight was not over, while Singul'Aren rallied Kraitoss and his followers to proceed with his plan to unify a scattered population of psionic users.

Even though he sacrificed himself to become something greater, the Valader's memories were kept inside the Singul'Aren entity, forever changing the Psionic god's way of seeing his children.


The Valader had few people that marked his life.

  • Master Kroc: His pupil.
  • Veo Path: His most powerful teacher and considered by many the spriritual father of the Krassio.
  • The Syndrome/Mantra: His Antithesis, a female Civatron that shares a dark past with the mighty warrior. It is later revealed that she's the very personification of the Syndrome, opposing directly anything the Valader stands for.
  • Ferya: The unofficial daughter of the Valader and Mantra.
  • The Endest: At first believed to be the Syndrome, Endest is revealed to be no more than just a pawn of the true Syndrome form.


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  • The Valader (character) is the incarnation of The Valader (user) in SporeWiki fiction.
  • The Valader participated in many stories, but his last one can be found here.
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