If you must know, anarchy is just an analogue for natural selection. The natural order of things come apparent. Civilians don't know how much power they truly possess.

- The Benefactor

Hinúrnr Ilingelm, (Zirtonian: Hinúrnrilingelm) also known as The Benefactor was a Zirtonian extragalactic crime lord, terrorist and anarchist.

History Edit

Records of the name Hinúrnr Ilingelm begin around a century ago as a name of the criminal underworld in the Milky Way Galaxy. Taking numerous veins of criminal trade, namely drug trafficking, arms trade, employment of military companies, Ilingelm became a being of immense wealth and evenutally became a criminal of the highest order in the Milky Way Galaxy, before disappearing as his operations were discovered by The Civilisation. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but speculated to be either in the Mirus Galaxy, Borealis Galaxy or the Phradox Galaxy. Some sources has lead to believe he had ties with the Legion of the Deathmarch before it reformed.

Ice Age Edit

During the fifth year of the Ice Age, news of the Benefactor began to stir in the Borealis Galaxy. Agent Chi, along with Agent Xi and Omega who were now serving under him had spread anarchic words and conducted pirate rings, trading weaponry to the New Wranploer Legion. The Benefactor himself remained invisible to the Borealis Galaxy, whilst Angazhar, a Xhodocto, manipulated Chi. The revelations came apparent as Vekaron's crew deduced that Angazhar, posing as the Benefactor, was using the identity of the Zirtonian.

Concocting a plan to oust Angazhar from the Borealis Galaxy, Vekaron's crew followed the whereabouts of Chi by landing on the Imalmah capital of Xtronznarter. Finding the real Benefactor there, Vekaron chased the Benefactor down, but could not take him to custody, committing suicide before being captured.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Hinúrnr Ilingelm was a Zirtonian clad in a grey power armour, perhaps of Zirtonian design. Due to Zirton, the Zirtonian homeworld being a planet of low visibility, his eyes were illuminated through his helmet. He had extensive cybernetic augmentations grafted and replacing his body to further strengthen the fragile Zirtonian frame. Due to the vitriolic nature of Zirton, his armour also served as a lifesuit to support his atmospheric needs.

Abilities Edit

Known to the profiles, Ilingelm was a man of his word; but only served purpose to his own ends. He was technologically savvy enough to stir The Civilisation away from his activity, and steal information from databases without a trace. Being a Zirtonian, however, he did not have particular physical prowess and relied on a powerful charm offensive to sway the words of others.

Equipment Edit

Being a technological expert, Ilingelm had a vast sum of machines and tools which could be produced to create or enhance many types of advanced machinery from most races. As an arms dealer, he was also a highly proficient arms manufacturer.

Personality Edit

Hinúrnr Ilingelm was notoriously a fanatic of anarchist movements. Having a strong dislike of political corruption, he was rather intent on the destruction of political systems and the death or reinstatement of the leaders to create a 'natural order' of society. He often killed his associates as soon as they no longer became useful or deviated from his ideals, and remained friendly to those who shared his goals.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Blue face "You've got use. A cause to free those from the corrupt."

Neutral Edit

Orange face "I haven't got all day. Speak or I'll just speak for you."

  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - Go on. Snuff out those annoyances. The corrupt. The wealthy. Take it for yourself.

Enemies Edit

Red face "What do you fear the most? Chaos, of course. Complete and utter anarchy and the flames of liberty."

Notes Edit

Quotes from others Edit

At last, one who speaks sense.

- Agent Xi

Power has been granted to me to destroy the liars. I will do just that.

- Agent Chi

You believe yourself invisible to my eyes. You think yourself too silent for my are wrong.

- Mentracus

This being is possibly hiding in the home galaxy, or the second home? If so, we need to seek him. Once we've found him, well, what we'll do depends on his actions.

- W'tze of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment
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