So much is changing so quickly. I hold no hope in my heart that a god would intervene so implicitly in the affairs of mortals...

- Thaur Vicliquam, displaying his scepticism regarding the divinity of the Primercer

Thaur Vicliquam is a male Cogsangui who served as a Shiplord in the Battlefleet of the Cognatus Empire before rebelling due to his opposition to the Primercer's rule. Joining the military of the First Cognatus Empire during the opening stages of the Intergalactic War in 06 BNE, Thaur was involved in many battles of the devastating conflict though was ultimately spared the fate of much of the Cognatus Battlefleet when it was transported into Xeranbha territory during the war's conclusion over Capricaerón. In the aftermath, he became a loyal follower of Voro Acetenus and his Cognatus Remnant, a civilisation he served loyally and without question. However, when the Remnant became the Cognatus Empire once more, he become more sceptical about the development of his people, especially once the ancient entity known as the Primercer took control.

After the disastrous Battle of Amphryssos, Thaur was recovered by Laoi Cretacea, Kara Inviá, Gorf and the Adjunct, who managed to turn the already sceptical Cogsangui away from his zealotry. Ultimately, Thaur allied himself with the New Cyrannian Republic and aimed to restore Voro Acetenus to the throne of the Cognatus. Gathering a large force of Cognatus disloyal to the Primercer, Thaur ultimately managed to rescue Acetenus from virals on Koerband, ultimately leading to the rise of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, a new government which Thaur now serves as lord of the Fleet of Majestic Integrity.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Born into the Vicliquam Clan on the Cogsangui homeworld of Cognalorilos in 24 BNE, from a young age, Thaur had much to prove in order to please his elders. Since his family were famed for their exploits in battle, such as the great deeds of his uncle Thel'Vicliquam, Thaur was given little choice into the direction of his life; he would be a warrior. From a young age however, he quickly realised that the life of a warrior was not the life he wanted to live. Rather, he was far more interested in studying the ancient tomes of his people rather than fighting his peers with vibroblades. Nevertheless, pressure from his family urged him to join the esteemed ranks of the Cognatus Battlefleet, eventually doing so in 06 BNE just as the great Intergalactic War began.

Despite his initial reservations about joining the Battlefleet, eventually he forged a great bond with the men and women he served alongside as well as a great respect for his superiors. Thaur primarily saw service during the Cognatus invasion of the Quadrant Galaxies serving on his uncle's flagship the Shadow of Liberty fighting against Rambo Nation in battles such as over the Quadrantia-Cyrannian Wormhole and Javan Luckily for the young Cogsangui, when the war ended he was on board the Shadow of Liberty and was thus spared the fate of the Cognatus who vanished without a trace.

Service to the Remnant[edit | edit source]

Vicliquam emerged years later as a member of the Cognatus Remnant, led by Voro Acetenus. Pleased with the direction of the Remnant in building peaceful relations with other civilisations such as the United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation, he nonetheless questioned the move to join the Cyrandia Alliance, which he believed would raise anger in his conservative people. Nevertheless, he fought with honour with his new found allies though was outraged when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus used mistrust towards the Cognatus as a means to ensure their own power.

Shiplord of the Tenebrous[edit | edit source]

As the Dark Times continued, Vicliquam was given control over the Tenebrous, a newly constructed vessel. However, his happinness soon turned to misgiving when the Remnant was reformed into the Cognatus Empire. Though he had no disrespect towards the three Cogsangui hierarchs that took control of the empire, when they were killed and replaced by the ancient Oikoumene AI known as the Licent, Thaur began to question the direction of his civilisation. These series of events later resulted in the resurrection of the Primercer who soon gained control over the Cognatus. Though claiming to be a god, Thaur had his doubts, though kept them to himself.

Thaur is shocked and horrified to see a New Cyrannian Republic fleet on his viewscreen.

As the New Cyrandia Wars began in the outer reaches of Cyrannus, Thaur and the crew of the Tenebrous were sent to the desolate world of Amphryssos in search of an ancient and powerful device, ultimately sparking the Amphryssos Campaign, a defining event in Thaur's life. Though he did not feel comfortable dooming an entire world to destruction over the possession of a mere artifact, when faced with the threat of his family's execution, he reluctantly decided to do as the Cognatus hierarchy commanded, destroying over ten cities on the Homincyradae homeworld, even as the Allied Terran Republic arrived in orbit over the planet to prevent the Cognatus from destroying the civilisation. However, since the technology of the Cognatus was superior, Thaur decided to remain searching for the artifact on the planet's surface while his fleet remained in orbit.

However, the arrival of the New Cyrannian Republic, including its flagship, the Republica was another matter. Taking the Tenebrous into the battle, he severly damaged the CRS Valour under the command of Commodore Thonaloc but was unprepared for the devastating firepower of the Republica, which gutted the Tenebrous in a single shot. Unwilling to go down with his doomed ship and with most of his crew dead, Thaur decided to forego Cogsangui honour and abandoned ship as the rest of the Cognatus fleet crumbled without their flagship.

The group converses with Thaur Vicliquam.

Shiplord of the Harbinger of Truth[edit | edit source]

Ultimately, Thaur's lifepod was detected by a shuttle containing Laoi Cretacea, Kara Inviá, Gorf and the Adjunct, who all beamed Thaur's unconcious body onto their ship in an attempt to save his life. Though initially aggressive and confused, Thaur managed to calm himself and listened intently to the words of the Adjunct, who informed him about the history of the Primercer and his nature as not truly a god. His suspicions confirmed, Thaur warmed to the group and was ultimately taken to Mou'Cyran, where he met with Proconsul Apollo. Discussing at length about the inner workings of the Cognatus Empire, Thaur eventually asked Apollo about the whereabouts of Voro Acetenus in the hopes that he could be persuaded to lead a rebellion against the Primercer, ultimately learning that Acetenus was somewhere in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Secretly, Thaur returned to the Cognatus Empire where he contacted his friend Morin Ehtar. Together, the two managed to gather a sizeable army of Cogsangui and Vevilog warriors and managed to capture the Harbinger of Truth, a vast Melkón-class Dreadnought. Travelling to the Quadrants with this massive ship, Thaur soon arrived at Koerband, where his forces ultimately found Voro and his allies.

The Battle of Emónoain erupts between the rival Cognatus factions.

Alongside Voro and other rebel Cognatus, Thaur was witness to the formation and rise of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, a new faction formed to return the Cognatus to the way of honour and respect of other species. Continuing his command over the Harbinger of Truth as well as the newly formed Fleet of Majestic Integrity, Thaur was tasked by Primarch Acetenus to patrol the space claimed by the Cognethril in order to deter Cognatus patrols. During the closing months of the New Cyrandia Wars, the Fleet of Majestic Integrity discovered an Oikoumene construct they named Emónoain and spent the next several weeks unlocking the secrets of the ancient site. However, the arrival of Vos Adamae turned the research mission into one of survival, with the two fleets clashing in a vicious struggle for control over the system. Ultimately however, Thaur decided to withdraw his fleet, confident that they had discovered more than enough information from the installation.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Thaur is, to the untrained eye, a typical example of a Cogsangui Shiplord. He is garbed in an elaborate suit of red and golden armour as well as mandible guards and a complex helm considered proper for a high-class Cogsangui warrior. However, beneath his armour, Thaur is notably less bulky than his kin and is slightly smaller than the average male Cogsangui. Nevertheless, he is quick, nimble and lean and is quite capable of holding his own against larger opponents in battle.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

A highly intelligent and pragmatic Cogsangui, Thaur is somewhat of an anomaly amongst his kind. While most Cogsangui adhere to a rigid code of honour and faith, Thaur places a much higher emphasis on reasoning and science, facts shown by his scepticism regarding the Primercer and his apparent divinity. Indeed, Thaur even considers the honour-centric culture of the Cogsangui as a great weakness of their people, one which lost them the Intergalactic War as well as many other conflicts throughout history.

With regard to his personal life, Thaur is considered by many to be distant and cold while simultaneously showing great care for those who serve under him as well as a great urge to prove himself to be a capable shiplord to his clan back on Cognalorilos. As a young Cogsangui, Thaur has yet to marry though privately dreams of settling down from the nasty business of war to start a family as well as to tend crops on his homeworld. Though not a xenophobe by any means, Thaur mistrusts the civilisations of the inner worlds of Cyrannus such as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, partly due to lingering animosity lingering from the end of the Intergalactic War, though also partly due to the Empire blaming the Cognatus for Cyrannus' woes at the end of the Great Cyrannus War. He is, however, highly educated in the customs of species such as the Libertus and the Rambo Serindia, subscribing to the belief that you should know your enemy very well before you attack. His opinion about these races and especially the New Republic warmed notably after his dealings with them during the New Cyrandia Wars.

Acquaintances[edit | edit source]

Friends[edit | edit source]

Green face.pngMay the gods watch over their battles.

Liked[edit | edit source]

Blue face.pngGood tidings.

Neutral[edit | edit source]

Yellow face.pngGreetings...

  • None

Disliked[edit | edit source]

Orange face.pngStay your tongue, lest I cut it out.

  • Primercer: Your influence on my people has worsened our kind.

Hated[edit | edit source]

Red face.pngA thousand hells await you!

  • Vos Adamae: A madman in control of entire fleets?! I shall keep my distance.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

You tread on dangerous ground...

- Vos Adamae

A true Cogsangui, unaffiliated with the traitors that ousted control of the Remnant from me.

- Voro Acetenus

Quite friendly when you get passed all the attempted murder.

- Kara Inviá

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Thaur is a major new Cognatus character that will have a large role in future fiction.

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