I am a veteran of the War of Ages, the Second Galactic War and the Great War of Cyrannus. Be it by my death so be it, but you will not stop the Empire!

- Adraci, during a transmission to rebel elements affiliated with the Confederacy of Free Planets, 02 NE

Tharnak Adraci is a male Libertus who serves as an Admiral in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. A by-the-books naval traditionalist, Adraci rarely breaches protocol and is regarded as loyal, dedicated and disciplined among the officers that serve alongside him and those under his command. Adraci is an exceptional tactician and strategist, as well as an Imperial patriot who firmly believes that the Empire is a force of order without which, the galaxy would fall into lawlessness and interminable decline.

Born on the cosmopolitan world Corulus in the Core Worlds, Adraci joined the Navy of the United Republic of Cyrannus during the Second Galactic War and served throughout the Great Cyrannus War and into the reign of the Empire. His decorated service record includes the liberation of Cyranduas from the Confederacy of Allied Systems, fighting against the Xhodocto's demonic forces during the Reclamation Conflict, exterminating the Purity virus outbreak on Nosiso, quelling the Errrbot uprising and commanding the Coru Secundus Campaign against the New Republic during the Second Great Cyrannus War.

As an Admiral in the Imperial Navy, Adraci commanded a vast armada from the bridge of his personal Star Destroyer, the Inexorable. Throughout the Coru Secundus campaign, Adraci became an Imperial hero to billions of citizens, with word of his countless victories over the Republic echoing throughout Imperial space. However, during the climactic Battle of Coruanthor, Adraci's battlefleet was destroyed and Adraci himself was captured by the Republic. While hardliners in the Republic demanded his execution, instead he was given official status as a prisoner of war.


Early Life[]

Born on Corulus, Adraci had a happy childhood and found an interest in law and politics and after years of hard study, he became the youngest pupil ever accepted into the Republic's Naval Academy on Corulus. Upon graduating, Adraci was recruited by the Senate Investigation Bureau, working to seek out corruption within the hallowed halls of the Senate. Though largely successful in these endeavours, after a decade he grew tired and decided instead to seek a position within the Republic Navy, eventually rising to the rank of captain. Adraci was commissioned the Radiant, an Ambassador-class corvette during the Second Galactic War, where he survived against countless attacks from the Imperial Alliance. When the war ended, Adraci was promoted to admiral, and was the youngest officer to ever be granted that position. He did not partake in the Intergalactic War, as he helped to make safe his homeworld of Corulus against a Cognatus invasion which never came.

War of Ages and the Great Cyrannus War[]

The Resolute fights against a Cult cruiser.

As the Intergalactic War came to an sudden end, the United Republic of Cyrannus began to grow yet again, and began to extend its influence into nearby galaxies. Over the gas giant of Jutio in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Resolute, a new Star Destroyer under the command of Adraci was patrolling space that the URC won during the war with the Cognatus. During one of these patrols, the Resolute was attacked by a Cult of the Deathmarch vessel. During the vicious battle which ensued, the Resolute almost destroyed the cruiser before it jumped into hyperspace. Reporting back to President Apollo, Adraci made ready to fight against the demonic hordes on behalf of the Republic. When the conflict died down, Adraci returned to Cyrannus where he received command over the Victory-class Star Destroyer Tyrannic, while the Resolute was passed to Willelmus Cretacea.

When the Great Cyrannus War began, Adraci became known as a bulwark against the forces of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. His first assignment was the liberate the important colony of Cyranduas, where he was told that General Zillum was present, his orders where to destroy the enemy fleet and capture the dangerous Mortalitas General. However, to his great surprise, Zillum left the system leaving only a small fleet of frigates behind. Though disappointed that he would not be capturing the general, Adraci nonetheless destroyed the fleet and liberated the planet.

The Tyrannic and an army of artillery lay siege to the massive lab during the Second Battle of Nosiso.

He later travelled to Apailiana with Admiral Laege Shavalera to investigate the Great Library that was recently found. In the last weeks of the fourth month of the last year of the War, Adraci was involved in the Second Battle of Nosiso, where he proved valuable in eliminating the Purity Virus.

Imperial Admiral[]

With the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Adraci was quite sceptical though ultimately accepted the rise of the new hyperpower. Several months into the Empire's existence, the Tyrannic was retired from active service while Adraci transferred his command to the newly constructed Imperator-class Star Destroyer Inexorable. His first major mission for the Empire took him to the Ermitant homeworld of Puria, where he helped quell a Robotic Uprising of Errrbots, which ultimately led to the Errrbots being reprogrammed to serve the Empire.

Three years later, Adraci was impersonated by Flovos Pretio of the Cyrannian Syndicate during the Sword of Peace incident of the New Cyrandia Wars. Pretio attempted to use Adraci's identity to forment war between the Empire, the New Cyrannian Republic and the Confederacy of Free Planets and almost succeeded, only to be foiled by the fact that the ancient Oikoumene AI known as the Adjunct reported that Adraci was actually assigned to the Milky Way. After being told of the incident, Adraci remained in the Milky Way for several months before being reassigned to Crimson Spear task-force in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus. After the end of the New Wars, Adraci was tasked with the destruction of the rebellious traitors in the Syvehil sector of the Outer Rim, where he led his forces in the pivotal victory over both Oethluma and Syvehil; key rebel strongholds which remained loyal to the Basileus Imperator even after his disgrace aboard the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. Adraci received numerous commendations from Fleet Command for his valiant service during the campaign.

Second Great War[]

Coru Secundus Campaign

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

- Adraci, during the Second Battle of Mou'Cyran

Though Adraci was shocked to hear that the Battlestation had been deployed against the Republic capital world Mou'Cyran, he followed his orders when Grand Admiral Tector Decimius ordered his fleet to invade Republic space, beginning with the border colony Thaehos, to the galactic west of Mou'Cyran. Leading the fleet from the bridge of the Inexorable, Adraci tricked the Republic into believing that they had repelled his forces when in actuality, he was drawing them toward the planet, which had defected to the Empire. When the Thaehosi government began firing the hypervelocity cannon at the Republic ships, Adraci struck, destroying the Republic flagship Concord and, together with Grand Admiral Decimius, forcing the Republic to scatter.

Adraci commanded the Inexorable during the Battle of Thaehos and many other pivotal campaigns against the Republic.

A day later, he led his forces on a failed mission to capture the Mou'Cyran system from the Republic, hoping that an Imperial victory there would not only serve as a symbolic victory, but that it would portend their ultimate surrender to the Empire—an outcome he favoured over their abject destruction. He returned with a larger armada a few hours later, including the Devastator and the Accuser, in what proved to be one of the largest battles of the conflict thus far. Hiding his ships within the dense asteroid field formed from the planet's destruction, Adraci ambushed the Republic within the swarm, sparking a chaotic battle which grew with near constant reinforcements from both the Empire and the Republic, with half of the system falling under Republic control and the other half, Imperial. Despite heavy losses, Adraci's ambition to conquer the system fixed his fleet in place, forcing the Republic to retreat to reinforce their stronghold of Coruaan.

Newly elected Praesator Vel Natalo surrendered to Lord Maethoruin and Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci on the Imperial flagship Inexorable.

As the Imperial fleet swept the system for scavengers seeking to salvage debris from the battle, Adraci was confident that his heart's desire to force the Republic to submit to the Empire was almost within reach. Adraci would also be victorious in further battles in the Coru Secundus Campaign, as he moved his armada to the galactic north of the Mou'Cyran system toward Coruaan and Coruanthor. Upon seizing Coruaan, Adraci commanded the First Battlefleet to immediately attack Coruanthor, sparking a massive battle for supremacy. During the battle, Adraci served under the Phaedric Lord Maethoruin, working well with him despite his disapproval of the Phaedric Order's meddling in naval affairs. Nevertheless, throughout the battle, Adraci worked to curb the excessive impulses of his subordinates, summarily executing three of his own gunners for initiating an unauthorised strike on a civilian ship. He was ultimately defeated, however, when the Republic's allies arrived to repel the Empire. Escaping the Inexorable as it crashed to the city, Adraci was captured by Republic troops. He was subsequently incarcerated as a prisoner of war in a Republic complex in the Angrenos system, where due to his honourable conduct in wartime, is reported to be living comfortably.

Personality and Traits[]

Tharnak Adraci as a commander, is by-the-book, efficient and is rarely prone to breach protocol when it comes to following standard Imperial battle tactics. Though this can be both a strength and a weakness depending on the situation, Adraci is a well-regarded figure in the halls of power on Orbispira for his persona as a dedicated and disciplined officer. Though he was a strong proponent of the ideals of the United Republic of Cyrannus and in spite of his prior scepticism regarding the Emperor, he is nonetheless quite happy to serve the Empire, even with many of his former friends and comrades finding loyalty with the New Cyrannian Republic. Though he has a considerable amount of respect for the New Republic, as a strict military man he followed his orders to the letter when the Second Great War erupted.




The Inexorable was an Imperator-class Star Destroyer that served as Admiral Tharnak Adraci's command ship since the early days of the Dark Times. The successor to the Victory-class Destroyer Tyrannic which Adraci commanded during the Great Cyrannus War, the Inexorable retained many of the hand-picked senior staff that has worked under Adraci since his days as a captain of the United Republic, during wars such as the devastating Reclamation Conflict against the Cult. The Inexorable served as the Imperial flagship of the Coru Secundus Campaign, prior to its destruction during the Battle of Coruanthor.



Green face.pngGood to see you.

  • Unknown


Blue face.pngHello there.


Orange face.pngIntolerable curr.


Red face.pngFace the wrath of the Inexorable!


He may serve the Empire, though he's no lackey. I will remember our days serving the Republic fondly.

- Willelmus Cretacea



  • Adraci was first introduced in 2010, though only received a separate page in 2015.


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