Somebody needs to take a stand. I might not be the right guy to do so, but somebody has to.

- Tetra Terya

Tetra Terya is a Captain-Commander of the Krektal Armed Forces who currently serves as a member of the Polar Crystal Alliance's Penumbra Unit.


Early LifeEdit

Tetra was an orphan that resided in the criminal underworld of Gotla's urban environments, exposing himself to the life of petty crime and gang activity all the while looking after his younger sibling, Titri. Tetra scavenged and assisted rather than directly led criminal operations or discussed diplomacy between other gangs, refusing larger and more direct roles even if he knew they would provide a larger sum of currency and reward in his favour. He steered himself away from conflict for the most part, although he would take blows and fight for his younger sister's safety at even the slightest indication of harm.

At the age of 13, Tetra applied for the Krektal Armed Forces where he and his sister were secured a residence and the basic necessities required for proper living. While Tetra generally disliked the idea of violence, the Armed Forces were his only chance of traditional living and an escape from the life of underworld gangs and criminal activity. Tetra served in the 22nd Goer'tna Protection Legion, a part of the military organization that was employed by his home country of Goer'tna. He quickly ascended through the ranks after having completed both basic and advanced military training, learning how to handle short, mid and long-ranged weaponry and possessing a significantly high passing grade in Krektan close-quarters combat.

He was renowned for his lethality in nearly all forms of assigned combat yet still possessing a modest, even shy, attitude and personality outside of operations. Eventually, Tetra reached the rank of Lieutenant-Captain of the 22nd Goer'tna Protection Legion and found himself living a somewhat glamorous lifestyle outside of battle, securing a home for himself and Titri, who taken care of by the family of one of Tetra's comrades who he had grown close to.

Second Borealis Galactic WarEdit

During the Second Borealis Galactic War, Tetra fought against the forces of the Borealis Consortium Network, specifically the Soltako Armed Military PMC, within a proxy war. While Tetra had fought valiantly against the PMC, the rest of the 22nd Goer'tna Protection Legion, alongside many other military and paramilitary organizations formed by the Krektal, was decimated and left without any form of organized leadership due to the death of the previous Captain-Commander. Tetra gained responsibility over what remained of his comrades and continued to fight against the PMC until outside reinforcements arrived to assist them.

Tetra's first priority after the battle had finished was checking to see if Titri had survived and, if so, reclaim her from where she had been stranded. After days of searching and refusing evacuation for himself, he eventually found Titri amongst the rubble of her caretakers, who had been slaughtered while she had miraculously survived. Tetra then secured Titri's evacuation and continued to search for other survivors, both civilian and military, along with volunteers. It was weeks until he had managed to gather everybody he could and eventually leave Gotla permanently for it had been rendered devastated by the advanced technology of the BCN's PMCs.

Tetra, along with the rest of the surviving Krektal, resided upon Hyperborea throughout the rest of the war. While still retaining his shy and modest attitude, Tetra was awarded Krektan certificates and medals that declared him an official war hero of Gotla due to his efforts and contributions as well as being granted official status as a Captain-Commander, mainly due to the fact that the Krektal possessed little to no form of organized military anymore and needed somebody to trust and depend upon.

Penumbran RecruitmentEdit

Tetra was eventually selected to become a part of the Polar Crystal Alliance's elite operations branch, the Penumbra Unit, due to his successful and appealing military history. While initially unsure as to whether to accept the offer or not, Tetra was encouraged by his people and what remained of his government, as well as Titri, thus causing him to accept the offer and undergo the necessary additional training.



Tetra possesses no concerning nor notable differences from other Krektal aside from some scars and scratches that he gained during his criminal and military years. He is considered as having a healthy, desirable figure almost by nature by other Krektal, especially in the eyes of the female Krektal populace. Tetra is also regarded as appearing "young" despite his battle scars, something he is either respected or teased for due to the fact that most Captain-Commanders were of a significantly older age by the time of their rank placement, although some consider this as a sign that Tetra is remarkably capable. Tetra possesses minimal augmentations and enhancements of any nature, although he is not against consideration for them.


Tetra is often recognized psychologically due to his modest and shy attitude towards others despite his years of being exposed to violence and war. Tetra is gentle, open-minded and understanding of others, preferring to steer himself and others away from any unnecessary conflict if it can be avoided. He is quiet and prefers spending his time either alone or with his younger sister, Titri, who he considers to be the most important aspect of his life and does all he can to protect her and ensure her survival. Tetra is also a dedicated, hard-working individual who always does his best on and off-field.

While Tetra is often timid and shy around others, he maintains an effective, non-compromising and professional attitude at all times during an operation. For the most part he is calm and collected as Penumbrans must be, yet this disguises something deeper that constantly festers inside of him; an unimaginable anger that very rarely displays itself, manifesting only if harm ever comes upon those who matter to him such as his younger sister. His concern for his younger sister is so overwhelming that he dedicates a majority of his time to securing her safety rather than allowing himself to socially interact outside of the battlefield.


Tetra wears a unique armour that is considered a testament to the technological scale of the Krektal; it is installed with self-charging kinetic barrier hardware, providing defensive force fields around Tetra to protect him from attacks, alongside a thruster/jetpack combination forged into its design which allows Tetra to accelerate at astounding speeds both on and off-ground and granting him an impressive scale of mobility in the surrounding environment. The armour has been fitted with some forms of alien technology which allows for efficient cloaking from enemy detection systems, automatic condition-adjustment depending on the environment or situation Tetra is exposed to so as to provide him with the highest amount of comfort as possible, and data-storage software.

Tetra also wears an advanced, highly-sophisticated visor that possesses efficient pin-pointing targeting systems which allow him to "see" enemy vulnerabilities, increasing his field of vision and his overall accuracy. The visor is also equipped with data-storage software and memory/identification facilities. In terms of weaponry, Tetra uses a mixture of equipment which match his proficiencies; vibroblades, assault rifles, submachine guns and sniper rifles are his preferred tools of war, although he is known for his adaptability and is not afraid to scavenge for weaponry or upgrades.


Tetra is as much a tactician as he is a soldier, being able to calculate strategies that revolve around the predictability of his enemies. Alongside this, he is an unchallenged situational analysist and can act effectively and efficiently under pressure, one of the primary reasons for his selection as a Penumbran. Tetra is also a skilled marksman and an adept sharpshooter, although this is no compensation as he is also an expert in melee and close quarters combat. While his natural strength is undermined by many other alien species, his style of combat is designed to deal with larger foes.



Blue faceOh, you guys.


Yellow faceI guess we can talk.


Orange faceYou're unpleasant, sorry.


Red faceSorry.


I am not keen to this race as Penumbrans but...we'll see how your results will go.

- Councillor Xeron

Hhhcck! Never tasted Krektal before! I wonder how you taste like roasted!

- Kravh Helljaw

And I thought the Zoles was pathetic.

- Agent Chi




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