Long have I crafted this work. Be it the subversion of the cultures of others to make them centered around my designs. Whether it is the control of the Black Markets of Mirus to enrich my resources. Whether it is the corruption of the Olympians to become my finest warriors, all has served the purpose of crafting a Brotherhood beyond the reach of any civilization. This Brotherhood, whether it is a few Cults or an Empire, shall remake the universe in whatever image I so chose. No matter how long it takes, all life shall bow before me, whether it is a 100 years, or 100 millennium, it matters not. All will be consumed.

- The Dark One

Terikalinra, otherwise known as The Dark One, Vell Barad'un in Volver tongue, Nightbringer and other names, is a powerful, other dimensional being with a lust for power and godhood. Having migrated to this universe after causing the downfall and destruction of his own, Terikalinra has had little issue adapting to his new situation, utilizing his near limitless power and scientific knowledge, combined with his stregth and charisma, to manifest as a god among many primitive cultures. Among the criminal scum of the Shadow Hunters, he is a powerful employer few want to anger or annoy. Among the Imperium of War and Skallin, he is a god-like figure to follow and revere.

Terikalinra is certainly no god, but his immortal body, combined with his power and gravitas, has lead many to mistakenly believe it. It is an image he actively cultivates in himself and around others, and will not suffer to have this falsehood revealed. Usually, Terikalinra is cold, confident and alert to everything around him. His mind is in constant motion, moving and manipulating others like chess pieces in a game to reach true godhood and finally bring about the true start of his rule; to become a true guide and rule the universe in his image. While prideful, greedy and self-centered, Terikalinra hides such things from those he first meets, so as to project the idea that he is above such carnal pursuits and would not dare dirty himself with the weaknesses of mortals.

Terikalinra has appeared in the various religions of other races, including the Mendel Pact, Skallin and other Brotherhood races, the Multus Esse and multiple others. Be it a God of Darkness and hate, or a benevolent father-like deity, Terikalinra's touch can be felt in much of the Mirus Galaxy that serves as the central hub of his operations.

History Edit

Early History Edit

When the Maku'terash known as Terikalinra was created or formed is unknown, as is much of his early life. As part of the god-like empire of Darklings and their allies, the Lekaalish, Terikalinra was made brother of the Lekaalish ruler, Zaraturai, and made one of her highest ranking leaders, second only to Another Darkling named Miterix. Despite all his glory, all his victories in stabilizing their universe from threats, the idea of being forced to play second fiddle angered Terikalinra to no end, and, as such, began to seek ways to subvert his sister's rule.

First dealing with Miterix and his loyalists, Terikalinra began mobilizing his forces for battle against the forces of the Lekaalish in secret, as their universe began to destabilize. Not knowing how or why, even as it was connected to his growing distance from his sibling, Terikalinra continued, believing the destabilization was his sister's fault, and she would be soon replaced by a stronger ruler.

Finally, he arrived, with all his loyalists, to meet his sister. The Lekaalish came forward, fighting a battle between the 2 god races, neither one able to kill the other. As Terikalinra and Zaraturai finally meet once more, the battle finally proved too much. The Universe, as it turned out, was connected to the unity of the Lekaalish and Maku'terash, the 2 keeping it in balance. With the Darklings losing power and position in their minds, they had unknowing created the instability. The Lightlings retreated, erecting light bearers around their holdings, so they could begin the process of leaving the universe, as Miterix and his loyalists escaped, arriving to help the Lekaalish plan their escape.

With the universe unable to withstand the force of their fight, it began to crumble, as the Lekaalish evacuated many inhabitants to the First Gigaquadrant, hoping to preserve lives, as the Darklings worked endlessly to break the barrier. Finally, with the last of the Togunda and Koatria escaped, the Darklings launched their final assault. Empowered by the death around them, the Maku'terash slaughtered the Lekaalish, with Zaraturai and her Darkling followers narrowly escaping.

Satisfied with his victory, Terikalirna turned his attention towards ruling his domain, he found nothing left to rule. His foes either where long gone, or dead, and his universe was dying. Summoning his Darkling among the Caste of the Architects of Fate, including Bloran and Zorax, Terikalirna ordered the technology left by the Lekaalish turned towards finding a way out of the dying universe. Finally, the Darklings, mostly thanks to Bloran's genius, escaped, ripping open a hole in dimensions for them to escape into, the devices and ships powered by Dark energy. They tore their way through time and space with all their energy, weakening them greatly, before heading through the dimension called Accel Space. Terikalinra found the realm interesting, but it had nothing to offer him, and so he left it. But, his forces left a deep, twisted impact upon Accel Space, their twisted nature sickening and corrupting it. By time they left, the once peaceful realm of Accel Space would be horribly altered hence forth.

Not all Darklings, however, where brought along. Some where left behind, most specifically, the followers of Darkling Abaddon the Blood Ghost. Dark had him and his cult left behind because they had grown to question his rule and whether they should be lead by such a ruler. In the Dark One's absence, Abaddon quickly grew to be a powerful force, much stronger then even Miterix had been.

Setting the seeds Edit

After his arrival, Terikalinra had his forces lay low as he planned his next moves out. Seeing the Mirus galaxy relatively peaceful, and under the guidance of the Multus Esse, who he found his sister to be helping. Watching as they pushed back the Zarbanian Imperium, Terikalinra took an interest in the leader of their faction, known as Gridlock. Watching as he was destroyed, and his forces reduced to a pre-industrial setting, Terikalinra was inspired by the zeal and hatred such a creature held within him, and decided to experiment to try and recreate such a beast. He began tinkering with the DNA of his Kraatos Worms, hoping to turn them towards a "noble purpose" that would suit his needs in the days to come.

Deciding his plan could not be carried out without the destruction of his most fearsome foe, Terikalinra waited until the Multus Esse died out before he implemented his plan. Trying to speed up the process, Terikalinra tried multiple ways of destroying the creatures, including sabotaging the Tezi'kar AI computers, trying to provoke their creations into rebelling, and finally, corrupting the Alpha Cyber Collective so they would run rampant.

With all his foes, for now, out of his way, Terikalinra waited, and finally turned his gaze back upon Zarbania, when they had begun to reach the levels of a Classical Society. Taking the appearance of a powerful warlord, Terikalinra seduced a women, and implanted his modified Kraatos worm within her, watching from a far, as the months went by, and she thinking it was just a normal pregnancy, until one night, his son had developed fully, and clawed his way out of his mother. Impressed and delighted with such a creature, he named it Ridanax, but nicknamed him Gridlock, and left him to be captured and turned into a pit-beast for gladiatorial combat.

His study of Ridanax/Gridlock's personality from afar revealed he had inherited many things from his father, but also from the species he had hosted. Terikalinra, questioning how such could be possible, repeated his experiments, going across countless planets, and implanting his children within various women, and taking them into his private laboratories, but revealed little to his fellow Darklings, wishing to keep these potential servants, his future spawn, a secret all to himself. After exhausting the races he wished to study, Terikalinra found that while his children all looked largely the same, small details revealed that these beasts all had various quirks and habits inherited from their "mothers". Terikalinra dispersed his sons, leaving them to whatever fate had planned. They would ultimately be the keys to his ascension onto godhood.

Years after, even after the Bombings of Zarbania and various other races that once belonged to the Imperium by the Ugandalorians, The Zarbania Powers became a force to be feared, and it was during their unification and various wars with other races, that Terikalinra came forward once more to claim his son, and awaken his darkling powers, full, and, began sending Sentry to monitor his others sons, wishing to see how far each had developed, and was pleased to note that, of the thousands he created, only one weakling had died.

Also around this time, Terikalinra had discovered the ancient Vanara, a race native to the Milky Way galaxy. His interest was piqued by such a race, and investigated them further, finding their general sadism and strength quite attractive. However, he found them to be genetically programed as a "force of retribution". Knowing their destiny was tied to his potential defeat, or atleast would impair him, he almost wiped them out, before a Rebellion by Darkling Tibrix, his second in command, called his attentions back to Mirus. After dealing with Tibrix, and subjugating him once more, Terikalinra began to observe the Ugandalorians, his Sister's favored race, and found a young warrior rising in position.

Cadus Clett was his name, a young and powerful warrior, but Terikalinra found him incorruptiable, and incompatible with his vision of the galaxy. He knew such a foe was a threat to him, for, while Cadus would be out-classed by his descendants, Terikalinra did not wish to waste the time dealing with him, and sought another way to destory him indirectly. Thus, he found Cadus' brother, Balor, his older and jealous sibling. Terikalinra decided to corrupt Balor, and turned him into his first champion, promising Balor power if the Ugandalorian killed his brother. After Balor confronted Cadus in an abandoned Clan Fort belong to the Clett family, a fire destroyed the fort, and left Balor for dead, as Cadus escaped.

Terikalinra resqued Balor, and held him within his realm, so his body could heal. Terikalinra left him largely alone, more concerned with finding more vital info on how to achieve destiny and Transendance. Balor's body was heavily damaged, and took him many years to recover fully, and even, so, he was still heavily weakened by time he faced Cadus again, many years later. He desired to partially absorb Cadus, having experimented with his Darkling powers during his recovery. Balor confronted his brother aboard an Alpha Cyber Collective vessel, and killed Cadus with a sword strike to the chest. However, Cadus stunned Balor with by impaling a knife into his chest and neck. As Cadus began to fade away, he embraced Balor and told him he did not hate him, and accepted their fates together.

Balor, at first, appeared to honor his brother's dying wishes, before teleporting back to Terikalinra's realm with his brother's body in tow. Balor fused himself with Cadus' body, taking command of the body, and bringing it under his control. However, Cadus' inner light would cause his body to reject Balor, and, as such, Balor had to constantly take in Dark Energy to absorb and command it. Terikalinra, however, was still angered at this waste of energy, Cadus' son, Reago Clett still alive.

From then on, Terikalinra would go out of his way to try and kill the Clett Family, planting a cancerous disease to drive Reago insane, attempted to command Barda when he was younger and lost, and sent his warriors to kill Takanius. His attempts to kill or divert them from the shadows, unfortuantly, lead to them finding out about hsi links to their family, and dedicating themselves to killing him.

The Perfect Servants Edit

Trodaka:So, with all your experience and intellect with them, what is the weakest of all Elements.
Terikalinra:An interesting question, though ultimately a false one. We as beings all have our strengths and weaknesses that come down to our intellect, and our very souls. A king will have his strengths and shortcomings. A Diplomat will have his own traits. Ultimately, Elemental power is the same. Fire and ice, shadow and light, they simply have powers that a user can tape into. The only limitation is one's own mind. With elements, there is no concept of "Weak" and "strong".

- Teriaklinra and Trodaka discuss the nature of Koatria elemental energy, as he tutors on her on her new elemental power

While Terikalinra finished the studies of his "sons" in secret, he realised that Ridanax, despite his charisma and ambitious nature, was too carry and soft to rely on Zarbania as effective servants. He began searching for other races, ones that would fit his vision. He had grown angry at the protection and favor the Ugandalorians enjoyed under his sister, and wished desperately to have a race of his own. He sought out several, even ordered his servants to create new races. Some, like the Skrud and Fimiari, he despised as weak, but chose to keep them, so they would serve the purpose of meat shields for his armies.

Ultimately, his fellow Darklings found the Skallin, a race, much like the Mendel, but far more passionate, violent and unruly. Their emotions, so driven and wild compared to even the Mendel, would allow him to slowly weed his way into their minds. He showed favor to certain chieftains, as did his other Darklings, manipulating them and making the Skallin believe the Dark One and his kin where gods. Terikalinra took perverse joy in doing so, seeing the idea of corrupting a Multus-created race breed for war, and turning it on their "brothers" to be the ultimate revenge against his manipulative sister. While Zarbania and the Imperium of War where tools, the Skallin, and later, the Sarkurgatians and Hrunogathor, would be kept to enforce his will and act as his chief warriors and worshippers in battle, their ambition and drive allowing them achieve that which the Fimiari and other weaklings could not. He saw, perhaps, a small part of himself in these races, so driven by violence, ambition and greed to become gods. This potential had to be harnessed for his own "righteous" purpose.

I have never meet someone who could match me. I'm sorry if I upset you. I simply am not used to one who is my equal, and it frightened me. Just as I call upon you for strength, so too can you call upon me. Wherever you go, I will follow, and I will protect you.

- Terikalinra to Trodaka

Years after establishing his foothold in the Black Markets, and growing his criminal empire, The Shadow Hunters, the planet of Xien caught his attention. Home to a mutated, broken off faction of Groxic creatures, Terikalinra became interested in their production facilities and criminal connections, and wished to foster relations with them. However, their Queen, Kalariu, proved stubborn and wise to his efforts. he kept Tibrix and Bloran on the island for negation purposes, but secretly began to court several of the other high ranking magistrates for his own use. While many of them where smart and respective, only one being caught his attention, the ruthless Trodaka. Strong, intelligent and vicious towards her foes, Trodaka and Terikalinra developed a mutual respect that was unseen before, even amongst those of his own kind. Terikalinra looked down upon most races, but prized Trodaka as a worthy friend and, later, consort. While it briefly turned sour when Trodaka revealed she had spied on him before they meet months prior without him knowing, Terikalinra lashing out and asking if she planned to betray him, to which she asked "to what end?". Apologizing for his outburst, he admitted Trodaka almost scared him with how powerful she was, but that he needed her as much as she needed him now, and promised to follow her wherever she needed him, and to protect her at all costs.

After months of this courtship, Terikalinra appeared in Kalariu's throne, demanding she give up her throne to him. Grabbing a massive scythe, the Kortixx Queen warned that he would not survive.

After a long battle, Kalariu appeared to have the advantage. Terikalinra merely, however, made it appeared that way, even risking his own life, so that Trodaka could stab her Queen in the throat with her spear, and take her position. Despite many Darkling calling for Terikalinra to now dispose of Trodaka so he would have unlimited control, he refused. Though a mere mortal, she had more strength and cunning then any Darkling he had meet before. As a sign of trust, he carved a piece of his armor off of himself, imbued with his energies, and telling her that whenever she needed his power, she would know to use this when it was "written in the stars". He would awaken her elemental powers, so she could use the shard, and teach her to manifest and use her inner Dark Energy.

But of course I can grant you war eternal. Serve me, my brotherhood, and you will fulfill your destiny, to conquer this galaxy!

- Dark One to Imperator Caligustus

Not long after, he became aware of a new ruler coming to the throne in Mirus. Tibrix had long harboured an interest in the Imperium of War, and the Dark One, wishing to indulge his servant, had long observed them. He had watched it as it broke trough it's Multus confinement and reached the stars, was immediately conquered by the Draekar Dominion, reduced their empire to tribal existence in turn, and grew to a brief period of dominance before Draekar returned and pushed back the Imperium to Warminz. After that, believing the Imperium to be finished, Terikalinra had let his gaze fall on a new empire which was quickly rising in the far south of Mirus. This empire, the Drakodominatus Tyranny, had already conquered it's way north, and now was on a warpath against the Imperium. The dark lord observed with renewed interest as the Imperium's new ruler, Imperator Caligustus, offered up the Imperium's southern borders to satisfy the Drakodominatus and then used the opportunity to turn the might of both the Imperium of War and the Drakodominatus Tyranny against the Draekar Dominion, ending their golden age. Terikalinra was impressed by wit of the new Imperator, seeing him as one elevated above the rest of his race. Finally, he allowed Tibrix to fulfill his desire and make Caligustus his servant.

Terikalinra saw the Imperium of War as a useful tool, but a limited one. The Imperium's goal was war above all else, something he personally detested, feeling such was beneath a true ruler and god. In fact, he fully intended to kill them off once they had sufficiently destabilized the galaxy for his inevitable victory and the new order he would bring, knowing they would be more of a liability than aid afterwards. Terikalinra himself was more interested in the Drakodominatus, though he figured their colossal pride and immense ambition would prevent them to bend knee directly to him. Though they held nearly limitless potential, these traits and the species' collective quest for goodhood made the Drakodominatus lesser versions of himself, essentially, and each individual thus a personal life-lesson for himself and a potentially dangerous unknown to his Grand Plan.

Revenge Edit

I must avenege a fallen servant, daughter. If I let one insult pass, is to allow another to come.

- Dark One

Dark lost a Bounty Hunter named Bengo Flett to a powerful being named Lord Ne'yon. Dark arrivied on the battlefield during the Nebulorian-Alpha War, and fought Ne'yon, the 2 being equals to each other. However, Lord Ne'yon got the upper hand by destroying Dark's body with the Spear of Apocalypse. Dark, however escaped and seized Tox Cano's body, killing him in the process.

This caused Tox's minions to retreat, and gave the allies are better chance of victory. It's unknown what he did afterward, though it's believed he disappeared to gather more energy for his new body, in order to achieve his older, more powerful form.

Enlightenment War Edit

Being trapped in crystal can suck. But if my sister thinks she's won, then it's unfortunate that I can't roll my eyes inside this prison.

- Terikalinra

Terikalinra and his Brotherhood came into full action when they orchestrated a massive attack with the Zarbanian Powers and Imperium of War attacking Ugandalore. The attack was, at least nominally, launched in the name of the ascendant Drakodominatus Tyranny, who wished to conquer both the Ugandalorians and the Waptoria Alliance of Species which stood in their way. In truth, the Brotherhood controlled every aspect of the invasion and merely used the Tyranny as cover.

Terikalinra devised to push his main plan along faster, by capturing the Knight, using his son Ridanax, Tibrix' servant Caligustus and his most trusted servant Trodaka. Trodaka had brokered a temporary truce with the Alpha Cyber Collective who also wished Knight for themselves. Dark fully planned to betray them, though the Alpha Cyber Collective found out and almost killed Trodaka. Terkalinra captured her body on the brink of death and escaped, saving her life.

Later, inside his citadel he had erected from shadow on Ugandalore, he fought with the 6 Ultra Commandos, who, using their six elements after a lengthy battle, imprisoned him in a crystal seal, trapping him in it forever. His sister then transported it into outer space.

However, he had planned for this, and used his telepathy to call out to Trodaka and Auriela of the Changelings. With this, Trodaka found the seal he was trapped in, and cut off a shard of it. Placing the shard in her breastplate, she linked herself to the seal, allowing Dark to communicate through her to the outside world.

The creation of the Enlightenment Collaborative under the ultimate guidace of the Lekaalish presented a serious setback to his plans, however, and his imprisonment also meant he no longer could influence the Drakodominatus. They would soon cull almost the entirety of their own population and transform the meagre survivors into a new lifeform known as the Dominatus. They had attempted to archieve godhood, and thus they had become a threat.

Return of THEM Edit

With my new power comes a new order.

Years later, as Dark's servants struggled to maintain their hold, Dark decided now was the time to begin the process of his freedom. Calling Trodaka, he told her of a coming menace that he could use to get his freedom. Agreeing, Trodaka sought out the armies unleashed by Ada, and established contact. After a short, but tense talk, they agreed to ally.

With the Darkling Brotherhood and Pieces used by Xizothano, the 2 seemed almost invincible. However, Dark had plans that Xizo had no idea about, and ordered his best Skordi warriors, through Trodaka, to get to Matrukoris, and steal the symbols of the elements of the Koatria. The Skordi, succeed, with difficulty, as they delivered the elements to Trodaka.

Later, an assault was launched on Matrukoris, as several enemies where captured, including the Vanara Six, the 6 Koatria who had imprisoned him, and 2 agents of his sister. With this, the elements where unleashed, and the seal around his form broken. With that, he was finally freed. Terikalinra taunted the 6, and even subverted Losun'ka, one his sisters' followers, into following his goals. With that, he went down personally to lead the assault on the city, as a new plot formed in his mind, one against his "ally", Xizothano.

Now freed, Xizothano infused him with Ada's own essence. Dark and his Brotherhood worked closely with Xizothano's forces, managing to do severe damage to the Alliance. After this, Xizothano was attacked by the fleets of the Enlightenment Collaborative, and almost destroyed them, managing to damage Matrukoris. However, they managed to seal and lock his own essence within his body, weakening him, and giving the Collaborative time to counterattack, before he could unlock his powers again and counter attack.

Dark appeared however, and absorbed Xizothano, taking his powers, and throwing the Collaborative out of the Abyss. With his powers increased to greater levels, Dark could possibly, given time, become an actual threat to the demons and Ultraterrestrials who inhabit this universe.

Finally, seeing his son perform so well in the fighting, Terikalinra sent his most trusted agents to gather the rest for his eventual plan. The "Keys" to Descension where soon to be gathered.

Attero Dominatus Edit

...This universe wants you dead. And yet, you can be saved. Your race can be saved. Even your Tyranny can be saved. Demogorgon Prime cannot, but I can still whisk it's inhabitants to safety and give them...and you...a world in it's perfect likeliness...or even a world viler than that...if you so desire. An intriguing offer, is it not? You would do well as my servant, as the Imperium of War does.

No, they serve me, and me alone. You were merely a another puppet, believing himself to be the one that controlled the strings. And yet...You have come closer to godhood than any other Dominatus before you. We can be invincible together...but that makes you a threat. I shall absorb you as I did with Xizothano, for I brook no competition. Mirus will adhere to my design, and mine alone.

So rest easy now, child, in eternal darkness, for eternity beckons within me. Your potential shall not go to waste.

- Dark One on Tyrant Castigon Heimdall Mortarius.

Gigaquadrantic Conflicts Edit

You can expect the Brotherhood not to do much in the way of helping you. However, my Criminal Empire will be working with some others for a new plan I've just developed, and I will be helping both and Caligustus personaly when I have time. Otherwise, I will mostly just advise you here. Good luck my son.

- Dark One to his son.

Fellow Brotherhood members, our time has come! For years, we have planed, and now, it comes to fruition! Once the galaxy is ripped apart by war and blood, shadow shall take control! We are shadow! We are victorious!

- In a speech to the Brotherhood

While most factions where gearing up for the Massive conflicts, Dark sought another aim, not war, but indirect power grabs in different galaxies, with other crime lords. Sending the Sons of Shadow to assist their elder brother, Dark told him that he would return once and while to help him, but his attentions would be deverted elsewhere for the moment.

Traits Edit

I dislike a traitor, but I despise an incompetent one.

- Dark One

Personality Edit

You journey...must...end. Permanently and painfully.

- Terikalinra

Terikalinra is meticulous and narcissistic, to the point of psychosis, and a very methodical warrior. He is fueled by a desire to destroy his sister and her followers and become ruler of the universe. He is patient, powerful, and has no near equal in combat or politics. He is a master crime lord, and an ingenious scientist, and enjoys flaunting his power and influence for his enemies to see, but is careful to hide much of what he plans, so that it will be carried out without issue.

Terikalinra believes his plan is ultimately for the good of all, and plans to achieve a point of Godhood, not only rule over all, but to make himself top dog. Few beings are worthy of sharing in his ambitions, and this drive leads him to paranoia and delusions of grandeur, commonly adorning his armor with robes and the like to project a feeling of godhood and power. However, he is incapable of feeling affection towards most beings, viewing them as mere pawns or stepping stones to his brilliance and his end goal of godhood among mortals. While he displays some care and protective nature towards his "sons", such as Dortello, Gridlock and even the traitor Ozarius, it mostly for the role the play in his plans, and not for any real family purpose. Even his fellow Darklings, he views as beneath him, despite many being stronger or some even being smarter, but none having the drive and ambition he does.

He also shows respect towards enemies, and traitors, who have the guts to betray him, and do such intelligently, allowing them to, when the moment comes, to land a few blows on him, before he kills them personally in a very clean manner. He does however, show hatred and apathy for those who betray him and have no intelligence to go about it the "right" way, usually playing traps for them that lead to them dying in embarrassing and dehumanizing ways.

Terikalinra views himself as above making mistakes, and insists everything he does is for his ultimate plan, though this commonly leads to certain individuals out-smarting him (to a point) and slowing him down and even injuring him. Such beings, while worthy of respect, are still annoyances to him, and ones he actively seeks to hunt down for their trespass. He also cannot stand to be overshadowed by others, and, when he makes alliances with other powerful beings, actively seeks to bring about their end, often in a way that empowers him and lets everyone know what he has done.

Few beings actually earn his respect, Trodaka being one of the few of his followers he holds above all others. While his fellow Darklings are driven by mortal desires, are servile to him, or openly rebellious, Trodaka actually not only matches his ambition and intelligence, but is willing to question his view of things, despite her loyalty to him and his vision of order and godhood. This affection baffles many that follow him, but he refuses to allow them to comment on it, promising a violent death for any that do.

Powers Edit

Let's face it, even when weakened, I can still kill you in 1000 ways. All of them hurt.

- Terikalinra to Barda Clett

Terikalinra has over 60 natural powers, most ofthem derived from the Dark side of the Energy. His 60 powers allow him to alter the earth, sky, and minds of his foes in negative ways, and can easiely destroy armies. He can also take control of a victim's mind, afire tom-spliting eye beams, and his very presence can paralyze people in fear, or even kill them from pure terror. Other powers include reducing beings down to thoughts in his head and forgetting them, rendering them out of existence, and taking control of their bodies, negating the need to take over their minds. He aquired these additional powers by aborbing those beings which could use them into his own. Originally, Terikalinra had nothing but his sheer ambition and intense charisma to drive him forwards, yet that was enough to set him on the path to god-hood.

He, like all other Darklings, can summon Kraatos, worm-like creatures crafted from his very being. His Kraatos are stronger than that of other Darklings, and can control their powers to a far greater extent. He has transformed a group of his Kraatos into Rakar for the purpose of destroying the Enlightenment Collaborative. He can also summon Shadow Leeches, Kraatos which were experimented upon, and which can drain a being's moral light, or store them in a orb-like pod embedded in his chest armor with he can fire at his enemies.

Perhaps most frightingly is Terikalinra's ability to absorb others into his own body with his Shadow Claw. Made from his elemental energies, the Shadow Claw allows him to grab victims and pull them into his own substance, where he is able to restructure their bodies, twisting their adaptations to his own ends and gaining full access to their powers. Unless Terikalinra wills it, the process is surprisingly painless as the victim is subsumed into Terikalinra's own body and mind. As a result, however, Terikalinra must first drain or otherwise break their inner will, or he runs the risk of his mind being taken over from the inside, which can get himself killed. This is, in fact, his greatest weakness, and something he fears more than anything else.

Appearance Edit

Do not mistake it's looks. Your puny orbital bombardments could not breach it.

- Terikalinra

Dark's natural body is merely energy within his armor-like flesh. Like most Darklings, his armor is sculpted into a form resembling a large, pitch-black reptile. Nevertheless, there still are numerous traits setting him apart from his kin. Terikalinra's body/armor (they are one in the same), has more defined, narrower eyes, thin, but filled with hatred, and brimming with energy when angered. Terikalinra's hands, instead of being massive claws, like his brethren, are sharp, skull-crushing Tentacles extending from the end of his arms. His feet end not in an insectiod-reptilian-like foot, but in a purely reptilian foot, with massive toe claws he can use to tear open the hulls of vehicles.

Terikalinra's wings are larger than those of other Darklings, and, like the rest of his body, more intimidating. They consist of a series of spiked claws, with a metal mesh connecting them.

Equipment Edit

I am stronger then you, I am faster then you. For all I care, I can become you, with the minor difference that I am still far superior.

- Terikalinra

Terikalinra's armor is really part of his body. It is a crimson red and pure black color, designed by himself to make himself look intimidating, and still protect his inner essence from leaking out. There are several spikes jotting out from the shoulders, and his wings are plated metal designed for intimidating enemies with his apparent increase in size.

The blackened "flesh" that is not part of his armor, is really a metal mesh, that looks like skin, but wrinkled, black, and covered in scars. His wings have a similar look.

Weapons Edit

Pets and Creations Edit

Kivak. A Beautiful creature. Quite the sight, is he not?

- Dark One on his pet
  • Name - Kivak
  • Species - Massive Bird
  • Use - Messenger and spy for Terikalinra.

Kivak is the personal pet of Terikalinra, his messenger, and his spy. Having saved the bird from death, Terikalinra upgraded the creature's body with cybernetics, similar to the ones the Darklings used when they where still biomechanical life forms. Kivak became Dark's loyal servant, and Dark used his seemingly bestial nature to his advantage, using him to spy on fortifications and enemy strongholds, appearing to look like a dumb hawk.

Kivak feeds by flying through the air, and snatching whatever fancies him from the ground, but mostly prefers animals when under cover.

Kivak is just as nasty and arrogant as his master. However, Kivak is also extremely mischievous, and will pull out all the stops to scare people by playing dead and the like. He'll often do this members of Shadow Hunters to make them believe they where involved in Dark's pet's death, which, of course, is enough to worry anyone.

Kivak speaks in a language few creatures know, except for Dark and select number of enforces.

Relations Edit

Green face His body/mind Edit


Blue face Allies Edit

Few may walk among my shadows and yet see life. You are blessed, friend.

  • Trodaka - You share the vision and ambition that I have to see the galaxy brought to heel. You have my devotion, in return for yours onto me.
  • Sentry - You guard my soul with unusual zeal, not found in many other mortals.
  • Sons of Shadow - An experiment that has yet to fully play out...
    • Gridlock - The lack of ruthless intent will be your undoing, child.
    • Kaidanax - To purge oneself of emotion and be guided by nothing but pure apathy and bloodlust. That is perfection.
    • Ozarius - Do not forget Gravity binds us together, son.
    • Dortello - Your ambitions are well and good, but do not over-step your place.
    • Fokairi - Excellent. Most excellent.
    • Ryshel - Persist.
    • Leroholt - Trodaka has done well.

Yellow face Servants Edit

Tools are to be used to their fullest, so long as they serve to their fullest.

  • Darklings - You exist to bring order to the chaos.
  • Shadow Hunters - Merely pawns.
    • Ortior Iklas - Very effective servant.
    • Brute - My favorite Grox servant.
    • Archnoid - A Marinox who should've never ploted against me. Now he is what he fears most, an insect.
    • Aggua - Very good job Ortior, She'll make a fine servant.
    • Sotrakh - You will work with Morglukia, and contuine to strengthen our Alliance.
  • Zontross - Such brutality will serve you well.
  • Prophet of Disdain - Usefull.
  • Changelings - You are bound by the natural order of things to serve me. If Auriela is your mother, then I am your god.

Yellow face Manipulations Edit

The needs of which you satisfy my desires are short lived at best.

  • Tyrant Castigon Heimdall Mortarius - So much spoiled potential, like an overripe fruit.
  • Morglukia - I can make some profit out of this.
  • Flovos Pretio - You will serve your purpose, petty crime lord.
  • Zarveltyr - Yet another Cyrannian crime lord. Oh, how usefull you will be...

Orange face Neutral Edit

Such beings could be useful in furtherance of The Plan, but, ultimately, will only find their use as mere playthings.

  • Queen Asenath - She reminds me of Trodaka...
  • Divin-Ra - Shadow Mistress? Hmph. Look to me for true Shadow manipulation.
  • Zarveltyr - Accept your place.

Red face Trivials Edit

I am bitterly amused at such an idea, as these...things opposing the designs of a god.

  • Darkling Miterix - Weakling. I am the true leader of the Darklings.
  • Zaraturai - I have waited in Shadow, as you claim more power over me. No more. With my hatred and jealousy to power me, I will destroy you!
  • The Eternal-Mind - Your plans cannot match mine. Not even close.
  • The Koatria - All of you. So limited.
  • The Vanara Six - You believe yourselves to hold power, yet you have none.
    • Jicor - Use your power, destroy your weak teammates!
    • Akrani - Such emotion! So much material to use in your destruction.
    • Seerkar - Be broken in body or in spirit. Oh, or how about both?!
    • Terku - Let fear erode your heart!!
    • Zuki - Future Vanara Empress? Hah! An Empire of Shadows for you shall rule, under my supervision, for I will it!
    • Surathi - Aah...but remember, "kind one", the more light you have, the more shadows you hide.'
  • Kossi'Valicar - You cannot build, what I cannot destroy. All you are is an artefact of times long gone!
  • W'tze - There is no good and evil, only power, and those too weak to seek it.
  • Barda Clett - Traitor, your family and you are doomed!
  • Kirta Clett - I am more then that blasted Emperor of Cyrannus! He does not compare to one such as I!
  • Fenric Vermillion - I have no words. This one is too pathetic.
  • King Brygon - Your head will decorate my mantle place.
  • Takanius Clett - That one...His destiny is a threat to me...
  • Krilok - An Isio'Nar Space Pirate with delusions of glory and usefulness.

Quotes from himself Edit

Shadows are everywhere, little worms, and where they are... so am I!!

When the Stars no longer shine, and when the wild beasts hide in their caves, know that, I, the Darkness, am on the Hunt. And also know, that you can never hide from the shadows.

The funniest part of emotion manipulation, when you look at it, is that there's not changing of the emotion and personality of the victim. Look at any corrupting God, any lord of chaos, and they do not change anything about the victim. They just make his or her flaws more evident. They merely show what they hide in the shadows of their soul. But I do not need this. I can take one look, see every flaw, know every detail of your soul, and what you hide, what you're ashamed of. I know you better than you know yourself.

I have no allies, for I have no equals.

I am the shadow that teaches all other shadows to fear me.

Look to the shadows, for a taste...of your fate!

My plans know no failure. It is impossible to defeat me, for even my defeats are planed ahead of time.

Sleep spares one pain, awake, they suffer.

Silly little interlopers. You have only begun to see the barest outlines of my plan. It has schemes, and plots within plots and loop-holes for any situation that it would make your mind turn on itself, and cause you to go insane.

Perhaps for your final failure, a simple game of battle will suffice.

So pathetic. To believe you could stand before a genius like myself and live.

Remember this day, for it is your last. Now, even your great gods...will soon...sleep!!

My plans go beyond simply conquest and enslavement. My ways are about corrupting and bringing people under my sway, and when their use runs out, I dispose of their useless carcasses.

In the end, you are all mine!

Ouotes from others Edit

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A cunning and dangerous criminal, glad we made an alliance which is profitable for both sides!

- Morglûkia

A formidable opponent.

- Lord Ne'yon

For the Lord Darkness! For my Father!

- Gridlock

We all have a dark side, so why avoid it? Why not embrace it and become stronger than ever? Yes, we do believe we've made the right choice by serving him. But our plans -and his- go far beyond that...

- Caligustus

Oh, I like this one. He's got style, he's got flair, he's got a massive criminal empire that spans galaxies. How much cooler can you get? He kind of reminds me of me. Except I'm not a big honking giant shadowy death god of hate.

- Zarveltyr

Thank Spode for that.

- Admiral Sialis responding to Zarveltyr's quote

Oh my dayz what is up with you? Yer just a wannebe god, an, yer not as cool as ma Boss an yer not as cool as ma peepz, an yer wierd girlfriend's dum, an reclaiming yer powerz is futile, and conquerin da ooniverse is pointless, an yer Dark One title's really cliche, an you should join the Enklima force so you can be cool!!!!!

- Khan'Zralaka

I'm sick of it. First the Moderator and now you. You sick twisted creatures that enjoying playing with others lives, never stopping to look around and see all the pain and suffering you cause, all the lives you've ruined and what for? Because you got jealous! How childish!

- Seerkar

I seriously underestimated you, Teri. However, next time, I won't be absorbed so easily.

- Xizothano Ada

Why do you want me to come to you? I don't even know who you are.

- Zataura Ada

Your threat to my children is intolerable, retribution must be had!

- Ava

The Vanara are mine, let me have their bodies, minds, and souls to rot and I have no quarrel with you.

- Moderator

You may be the master of shadows, but I am the master of something far greater. You can manipulate and corrupt the Vanara, but I know everything about them, all their fears, desires, hopes, everything. They are the puppets that dances to my tune and soon so will many others.

- The Drathi

A powerful being indeed. One with the power to change reality itself. My equal, or perhaps inferior, who is made of my own lifeforce. The thing that brings me the sharpest pains is the coinciding ego which rivals his own great power.

- Kideaza

The shadows burn and you will burn with them.

- Jura

Serve you? Never! I'm a knight, maybe not one in shining armor, but a knight none the less. I fight for justice, to protect those that can't protect themselves and to stop megalomaniacs like you!

- Ozarius


- Grob'dakka

Grandfather, you must be stopped if harmony is to be restored.

- Tselaya


- Assailing Confluence

Notes Edit

  • The Dark one is based off Makuta "Teridax" and the Shadow One's fake name, Krakalin, bith from Bionicle.
    • Teridax is indeed Makuta's name in canon, Krakalin was an April Fools' Day joke played on the fanbase. Despite the fact Shadow One's name is still unknown, Terikalinra will remain as there is no way to undo it. And there is no way to undo it. If you don't like it, then shove it.
    • No one, except Zaraturai, Trodaka, and his Sons, know his true name, and Terikalinra goes through great pains to make sure it stays that way.
  • This is his theme (Just the first song, however).
  • [1] - What a look into his mind might look like.
  • [2] - What his voice sounds like. (The big rusted guy).
  • This is personally ZF's all time favorite character.

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