Perhaps the sole reason the Republic and the Empire haven't clashed in full out war yet. A reasonable man!

- Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo

Tereyn Aeresius was a male Libertus who served as the Potentate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus—the official deputy to the Emperor as the de jure head of government and chief diplomat to foreign powers, prior to his downfall and execution during the closing stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Hailing from Picona, the twin world of Capricaerón, Aeresius rose to power in the months after the declaration of the Empire, eventually leading to his appointment as the Grand Mandator of the Core Worlds, affording him considerable influence over the Empire's heartland. Subsequently, Aeresius was appointed to serve the Emperor as Potentate, the official head of the Imperial government as well as the chief diplomat during the Empire's often terse engagements with foreign powers. Nevertheless, despite many controversies stemming from Aeresius' unconventional approach to diplomacy, he nonetheless gained a reputation in the Gigaquadrant as a reasonable and level-headed man, doing much to repair Imperial prestige after the ousting of Tyranus and Zillum.

Instrumental in the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic, Aeresius believed that Imperial recognition for the Republic would lead to millennia of peace and coexistence between the two superpowers and worked closely with Republic diplomats to forge lasting relationships to that effect. Nevertheless, he retained a healthy mistrust for the Republic, though lamented the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War and the rise of militarism in the Empire under figures such as Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur. With the Dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 14 NE, Aeresius found himself worried for the future of the Empire and for Cyrannus, working behind the scenes to undermine the warmongering efforts of his colleagues in order to prevent a war that he believed could spell the end of Cyrannian civilisation.

Throughout the Second Great Cyrannus War, Aeresius faded from the forefront of Imperial affairs, and ultimately came to believe that the Empire was a poison upon the galaxy. In 20 NE, he sent classified clearance codes to the Aldárae agent Arasah Nui, and was subsequently publicly executed by Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius.


Early LifeEdit

Aeresius was born in the year 61 BNE on the planet Picona, one of the Twelve Colonies. As a young boy, Aeresius would often gaze into the sky at Picona's planetary twin, Capricaerón and longed to be a part of it. Eventually, as he grew older, his wish came true when he was sent away by his wealthy parents to study at the prestigious University of Capricaerón in Libertopolos. Aeresius studied history and politics and eventually made a name for himself in the diplomatic corps of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, eventually supporting Apollo as President.

Aeresius was witness to many great events over the following years, including the reformation of the Federation of United Worlds into the much more centralised United Republic of Cyrannus. Aeresius continued to work his way up the ranks of the Diplomatic Corps of the Republic, eventually becoming an admired citizen of the Republic and a great man in the eyes of his friends and family back on Picona. As the Great Cyrannus War dragged on, Aeresius grew to hate the Confederacy of Allied Systems and supported the motion of using more extreme tactics in order to end their rebellion against the Republic. This eventually became the case when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, quickly absorbing the Confederacy into a new Imperial regime.

Grand MandatorEdit


Aeresius talks with the leaders of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth.

Despite being initially sceptical over an alleged conspiracy regarding Apollo, Aeresius welcomed the Empire's formation and quickly made a name for himself. Tyrómairon was impressed by Aeresius' record prior to the Empire's rise and as such was made Grand Mandator of the Core Worlds, an incredibly influential position within the Empire. As Grand Mandator, he grew to dislike Tyranus, Grand Mandator of the Outer Rim for his backhanded methods and unlikeable personality.

Nevertheless, Aeresius became one of the Empire's most trusted diplomats, and was chosen by the Emperor to discuss an alliance with the leaders of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. Before he left, Aeresius began to research information about the Commonwealth and grew sceptical of it, considering it merely an extension of the Draconid Imperium, considering the other nations as mere puppet states. With this in mind, he knew that an alliance between the Empire and the Commonwealth would be illogical and never intended on going through with it.


Apollo and Aeresius meet on Orbispira.

Nevertheless, he met with Tyraz, Uriel Ultanos and Laurinn Ma'fest within the next day. Aeresius studied the three leaders during their lengthy meetings, mentally taking notes on their personalities and habits. In his mind, his earlier suspicions were proved correct and he suddenly left the meeting, departing to Cyrannus just as the Andromedans attempted to detain him. Aeresius returned to Orbispira soon afterwards and told both the Mandator Council and the Imperial Senate of what he learned.

Early Imperial RuleEdit

Dark Times

Aeresius was soon promoted to the position of Potentate, the second highest position in the Empire, which also earned him some new, dangerous enemies. During the third year of Imperial Rule, the former leader of the Cyrannian Republic, Apollo was captured in the Unknown Regions. Under the Emperor's orders, Aeresius met with Apollo on Orbispira and gave him a reprieve, so long as he didn't speak out against the Empire. Apollo eventually agreed and both figures left the meeting with ulterior motives.


The Hutter ambassador argues with the Imperials.

Several months later, Aeresius represented the Empire along with Guolivian at the monumental Cyrandia Conference, where he enjoyed annoying the ambassador of the Hutter Kingdom. When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, he accepted it, claiming that they would have nothing to fear so long as they respected the authority of the Empire.

New Cyrandia Wars

When the New Cyrandia Wars broke out in 04 NE, Aeresius called an emergency meeting of the Senate to discuss the recent separatist attacks in the Outer Rim. When Guolivian suggested a military alliance with the Draconid Imperium, Aeresius was initially sceptical but was won over by the senator's speech, which also managed to convince most of the more powerful members of the Mandator Council. Aeresius was later present at a Grand Mandator meeting in which the mutilated corpse of an Imperial officer was translocated into the room with the sigil of the Cognatus Empire etched into his chest; an act of war against the Empire.


Aeresius contacts the Mou'Cyran Accords.

During the second year of the conflict, Aeresius was informed that several Imperial colonies alogn the Neutral Zone with the New Cyrannian Republic mysteriously vanished without a trace. Immediately suspecting the Republic and their extragalactic allies in the Mou'Cyran Accords for the act of aggression, Aeresius contacted the council chambers on Mou'Cyran where he made the situation known. To his surprise, Republic colonies had suffered the same fate leading the gathered diplomats and leaders to deduce that the Corruptus was responsible for the attacks. Though hesitant to allow the extragalactics to mingle with the Imperial fleets, Aeresius decided to green light a joint operation with the Allies. Ultimately after a devastating battle, the arrival of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation won the day.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit

Athan Apostila: "Worlds such as Capricaerón and Surdana have made their voices heard. The Empire permitted the Republic to gain sovereignty over these worlds after we agreed to aid them against the Imperial State. We are not ceding control just because you changed your mind."
Aeresius: "The Empire is the rightful sovereign of this galaxy, boy. It was the Emperor's will that your Republic be reformed, though his generosity is not infinite. Make no mistake, High Councilor, the Empire and the Republic are not rivals that need to accommodate one another to prevent mutually assured destruction. No, if the Emperor wills it... Well, suffice it to say, we would not be having this conversation."
―Proconsul Apostila and Aeresius 'negotiate' on Station Halcyon
By the time the galaxy entered a period of Cold War between the Empire and the New Republic, Aeresius found that much of his administrative power had been usurped by figures such as Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur and the mysterious Imperious Lord. Nevertheless, content with his position as the Empire's chief diplomat and without any particular ambitions of greater power, Aeresius did not protest.

Potentate Aeresius arrives at Station Halcyon on board the Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser Desolator.

In 10 NE, with tensions between the two superpowers flaring, Aeresius was clandestinely contacted by High Councillor Balbus Marinus of the Talven Empire—a notable ally to the Republic. Marinus suggested that the Talva could act as negotiators between the Republic and the Empire. Unwilling to let the galaxy slide into a galactic conflict of unrivalled proportions, Aeresius accepted.

Travelling to Station Halcyon on board the newly completed Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser Desolator, Aeresius met with Marinus as well as Proconsul Athan Apostila and Senator Sola Naberraé, both of whom deeply distrusted any Imperial overtures since the end of Republic/Imperial cooperation at the end of the New Cyrandia Wars. Though Aeresius made it clear that he did not desire war, he could not help but to insult the power of the Republic, claiming that if the Empire wished it, the Republic's days would be numbered. Nevertheless, the meeting ultimately ended in an agreement that the Talven Empire would act as a negotiator during bilateral meetings between the two states. Nevertheless, as he returned to Orbispira, Aeresius suspected that the galaxy was already on a dangerous path, one with a single, unavoidable and devastating destination.

Nevertheless, despite his outwardly sneering attitude, Aeresius found comfort that the Imperial forces under Captain Delin Lassiter cooperated fully with the New Republic during the Battle of the Interdimensional Warp Gate and was touched when Lassiter told him that Republic Captain Nexul Tohon rescued her from the destruction of her command ship. Nevertheless, he found enjoyment from the arguments between the Rambo and Republic diplomats, much to their annoyance.

Later in the year, Aeresius was shocked and horrified when the Emperor dissolved the Imperial Senate, branded dozens of his close friends and colleagues and traitors and handed much of the Senate's remaining power with the Mandator council—an institution controlled largely by figures such as Taev Vosaetiur, whom Aeresius suspected of coveting the throne. With his faith in the Empire shaken, Aeresius worked diligently to free Orbispiran civilians who protested the Dissolution and managed to save over five hundred individuals from execution, by distancing the harsh Deoclet Caesarius from the Orbispiran justice system.



Caesarius presides over Aeresius' execution.

Long live the New Empire!

- Aeresius' mysterious final words

Throughout the Second Great Cyrannus War, Aeresius became increasingly critical of the Empire's forcefulness in its conflict with the New Republic. While he harboured little sympathy for the democratic ways of the Republic, he believed in maintaining the status quo which emerged between the two powers during the New Cyrandia Wars. Ultimately, however, his sentiments led to his withdrawal from active political life, and he came to view the Empire he served as a poison upon the galaxy.

After learning of the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds in 20 NE, Aeresius approached the Aldárae agent Arasah Nui, and in return for sanctuary in the New Republic, provided clearance codes allowing an allied fleet to potentially attack the Imperial capital. However, his betrayal was soon discovered by Grand Mandator Caesarius, who had usurped much of Aeresius' former power, and held a grand parade to publicly execute his rival. Aeresius remained defiant to the end, and in his final breath, hailed his hope for a "new Empire" to right the wrongs of the old.

Aeresius' sacrifice would ultimately provide the New Republic with the opportunity to launch the Great Battle of Orbispira, hoping to rid the galaxy of Imperial tyranny.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aeresius lived most of his life in the lap of luxury, with this being very much evident by how he presented himself. Aeresius enjoyed wearing his favourite golden suit made from Dvottie feathers, considered one of the finest materials in the entire Gigaquadrant. He was considered quite attractive indeed, but not on the level of Apollo, who is known across Cyrannus for his famed good-lucks. Nevertheless, Aeresius took pride in his appearance.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Aeresius was a curious figure. Though being born into wealth, he was never one to flaunt it obnoxiously to the less fortunate. Indeed, he gained much of his respect in his career for the care he showed to those who helped him on his journey to become successful. Though Aeresius took pride in his appearance, he was not egotistical in the slightest, though was often considered to be cold and humourless. Often, he would respond to what he saw as idiotic with a raised brow and a narrowed eye. However, during the Cyrandia Conference of 3 NE, he found enjoyment by irritating the Hutter Ambassador by winking at him while he spoke against the Empire. Unlike many Libertus, Aeresius was a devout believer in the Lords of the Thirteen, with his family's patron god being Herm-ai.



Blue faceHerm-ai be with you.


Yellow faceHmm...

  • Apollo - I am not sure what to think any more.
  • Apaltar - A statesman with interesting policies.
  • Tyraz - I do have quite a bit of respect for him.


Orange faceHmph.



We have received your transmission with, I am sure you will understand, a degree of surprise and apprehension. After all, your newfound friendship with the self-styled New Republic of Cyrannus is well known, as is your personal alliance with Nexarón Valkistair, their war-mongering President. Yet, now you contact us? We, who strive to ensure your new friends are denied the seat of galactic power? How delectably intriguing.

- Aeresius, in communication with Balbus Marinus

Despite his allegiances, he isn't the worst person who could guide the Core. Hopefully, he'll see sense before the end.

- Apollo

Hmph. He has no idea how to be a Mandator.

- Tyranus

He made a big mistake in wasting the Highlords' time. Do not expect such a warm welcome the next time we meet...

- Uriel Ultanos

Hmph, a man who wastes a Zazane's time is worth killing. However, the Empire are not known for mere time wasting without reason. I shall have to discuss more with this man.

- Tyraz

An interesting man, I was amused at his attempt to upset the AGC.

- Crispy

I commend his work for the Empire.

- Mandator Draedarrr

A loyal servant of the Emperor. I wish my people could serve under him rather than Tyranus.

- Commissar Aerlon

Perhaps the sole reason the Republic and the Empire haven't clashed in full out war yet. A reasonable man!

- Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo


  • Aeresius replaced Tyranus as the most important Grand Mandator.



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