Maxios Telvenum, full title His Esteemed Royal Majesty Paragavatus Maxios Telvenun Ultanos I, Grand-Duke of the United Drallivian Republics, Highlord of the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene, 511th Master-King of the Draconid Imperium, Scion of the Grand House Valocanus, Binder of Grand House Telvenum and Royal House Ultanos Is the incumbent paragon of the Draconid Imperium. Previously the grand-duke of the United Drallivian republics, Maxios was a confidante to his predecessor Uriel Ultanos XVI, whose daughter Alessa Ultanos he married in 2811 AD. It was this connection and Uriel's trust that made him the first Drallivian paragavatus of the Imperium, which has quickly propelled him from a noteworthy diplomat to one of the most powerful figures of authority in Andromeda. In his home republics, he has become known as Maxios the Entwiner for how his marriage to Alessa effectively elevated the Drallivians to be recognised as one of the Draconis


Born into the royal Telvenum family, Maxios was given the finest education within the republics. Studying histroy, sociology and politics among other things. At the age of 37 a ship bearing the insignia of the Draconid Imperium landed on the outskirts of Vadaas city, the planetary capital. Upon learning of the arrivals, Maxios requested to see the expedition leader Uriel Ultanos. Both of them talked expressively in his office that night and a day later Uriel returned with a plan to transform the imperium, with Maxios's help.

For the next two decades he worked to introduce the Drallivians to the imperial population, working with every level of the imperial government and became a close and personal friend to Uriel. During the Andromeda War Maxios kept to the imperium's heart but wasp leased to see his soldiers serving. Four months into the war Uriel asked if he could attend to Guolivian of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, he and the senator enjoyed their time together and as a parting gift the Basileus offered him a Dvottie which he named Vathala.

Maxios grew very close to Uriel and as such ended up spending more time in the Imperial Palace than his own estate in the United Drallivian Republics. In early 2791 he attended a guided tour of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth's "Deep Core" production facility. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Maxios was captured by Hedon Morillium who was covertly working for the Drakodominatus Tyranny to take control of the station. After being discovered Maxios was knocked unconscious and taken away from the facility after the Dominatus arrived. During his incarceration in the bastion of the Sons of Hedon, Maxios was kept in comfortable accommodation. Rather than outright killing him or using him as a toy as they had done so many others, Hedon instead coaxed the prince with the taste the mutant Draconis was accustomed to, serving him dinners made of his escort and using brainwashed peers as pleasure slaves. Maxios attempted to resist for as long as he could, and made several attempts to escape. A year later however wore on his body. Hedon had planted a corruptive seed in his mind, ingratiating him as an honorary member of the Sons before returning the medallion Uriel had bestowed that Hedon had taken from Maxios while he was unconscious. Rather than directly returning to the Imperium, Maxios remained in the palace, eventually used as leverage during the trial of Angrus Mortarion in 2793. Using a Tyranny flash clone, Maxios posed as though he were under torture, the clone swiftly replaced him as his executor - in retaliation for Angrus' execution - brought the killing blow. Maxios secretly returned to the Imperium, revealing himself in Uriel's study.

From his connection to senator Guolivian, Maxios was a key player in keeping the Draconid-Cyrannus Cold War from igniting into a full-on conflict. He was often in communication with the senator, conjecturing over time from communications and missions to Cyrannus that Guolivian was a key connection to Emperor Tyrómairon. Despite his best efforts however, there continued a strained ceasefire for the first decade of the 29th century. It wasin this decade however, that Hedon's seed started to gestate, eating away at Maxios sensibilities and secretly eroding a sense of decency. During this time Maxios became fond of more extravagant tastes, finer clothes, more lavish food and finer wines. His mind might have deteriorated into full depravity had his behavior not been noticed by the reformed Hedon. Maxios found himself under the constant gaze of the titanic commander, who attempted to deprogram Maxios from the suggestions that had been implanted during the Great Tyranny War. Maxios protested at first, believing nothing was wrong with him, later conversations with Alessa - to whom had grown a fondness for him - convinced him Hedon had a point. Whether or not the guidance would have lasting effect remains an issue as Maxios struggled to resist the refined tastes he had developed.

Maxios eventually married Alessa in 2811, uniting the two families Ultanos and Telvenum together. An international ceremony was held in Minos'Drakon with a reception held that night in the Alcanti Royal Palace. As a partner to Alessa, Maxios became a full memebr of House Ultanos, adopting the name "Maxios Telvenum Ultanos" to reflect Draconid traditions regarding the process. Two years later, Uriel approached Maxios with a radical proposition: After over a century of leadership, Uriel had planned to abdicate, selecting Maxios to be the next paragon. Maxios was frustrated at Uriel's cryptic plans but accepted them out of trust for his old friend now father-in-law, trusting Uriel would not have come to him without considering the consequences first. Not long after, Maxios was ceremoniously crowned, promising to uphold Imperial values and continuing the projects that Uriel had begun, settling in to his new duties as paragavatus and a highlord of the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene as Uriel left for places unknown.



As expected of a royal family member he takes pride in his appearance. His body is adorned with violet scales are often waxed on special occasions to give them a shine when the light hits it. On the top of his head he possesses a knot of fibre-like hair that extends from the back of his head that rests over a curtain of hair that runs down the back of his head and neck. He is accustomed to tunics, coats and jewelry and will always pick the finest garments money can buy. He speaks with passion in a smooth-mannered yet croaky voice.


Maxios is a stern man, well-disciplined and rarely speaks out of character. A man who does his best to say the right thing at the right time, and is fond of poetry, music and classic literature. Born into a wealthy family with a reputation for expecting the finest, Maxios was a man of great wealth and taste. These tastes however temporarily became more pronounced as he indulged himself in ever more extravagant experiences as a result of Hedon's imprinting. Since that time he has begun to mellow out, fighting to display a sense of modesty. When threatened he is known to lose his composure and it is easily recognisable when he is disappointed, as while he does his best to hide it, he is easily frustrated with a tendency to bark when under immense pressure. Like many Drallivians he is more humble to aliens than the Draconis, and despite his love of fine living holds no pretensions that he is innately superior to other species. Due to his high upbringing though, the odd case does come out ,and when it does Maxios often attempts to use his sense of wit to curve the situation around.


Maxios' most significant skill is in discussion and diplomacy. A trained speaker fro ma young age, Maxios likes to take great care in what he says, as well-read man with a love of poetry also makes hims somewhat quick-witted, adding to his image as a charmer easily capable of thinking on his feet. He is not harmless in combat however, as he is a competent master of the longsabre and typically takes a defensive posture to minimise exertion. This degree of mastery is moderate, as Maxios sees it as a gentleman's skill and uses it mostly as a hobby.



Green face.png - “I can rely on you

  • Uriel Ultanos - Wherever you are, keep yourself safe.
  • Alensia Ultanos - I was honoured ot be inducted into the prestigious House Ultanos
  • Alessa Ultanos - For you, I would move the stars themselves.
  • Hedon Morillium - While we started as enemies, I value your judgement and your commitment
  • Iovera IX - A reserved lady. Shame, she is so radiant...
  • Tyraz Breek - Be proud of the impression he made. Not all his kin despised him.
  • Alexandre I - From humble gentry to galactic emperor. We are certainly alike.


Blue face.png - “You posess something I like

  • Guolivian - Perhaps the second strongest connection I have ever made in my entire career.
  • Captain Lorrelas - He has fire. I respect him for that
  • Kitravasuron Vanlirasan - Never imagined I'd share a table with a Kicath but there you go.


Orange face.png - “Don't you dare get in our way

  • Apollo - Her highness Ramashe adores him, Guolivian spits on him. I could not possibly comment.


Orange face.png - “Don't you dare get in our way

  • Emperor Kies - Short-sighted Imbecile! Keep your snout out of Imperial affairs.
  • Tyrómairon - Men like him are what make politics such a sour affair.
  • Taremanon Valocanus - How far the mighty have fallen. To think I once admired you.


A remarkable man, but I get the feeling our fates are secretly intertwined

- Uriel Ultanos

Mutant whelp. Uriel thinks you deserve the throne!? Pah.

- Volkarus Khaxvis

Much like myself. I hope our friendship can lead to a greater bond between our two clearly supreme cultures.

- Senator Guolivian

A wise man. His relationship with Guolivian is troubling though.

- General Corvar of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance


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