In both preparation and application, war is a science. One must be cruel in its prosecution—Brutal, unflinching—for violence and deception represent the irreducible and inescapable essence of warfare.

- Grand Admiral Decimius

Tector Decimius was a male Libertus who served as the highest ranked Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, prior to his death during the Harborage. A native of Cyranduas, Decimius was widely regarded within the Imperial hierarchy as the Navy's greatest strategist, whose exploits included the Fall of Lanat Prime, the Destruction of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance and a highly intricate web of plots against the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus during the closing stages of the Cyrannian Cold War.

Ruthless, unpredictable and brilliant, Decimius made a name for himself as a highly capable tactician in the Imperial Navy, serving for years as the captain of the Imperator-class Star Destroyer Chimaera. Serving throughout the Dark Times and the New Cyrandia Wars, Decimius consistently rejected promotion to flag officer, favouring front line service on the bridge of the Chimaera, where he felt he would best serve his Empire.

In the midst of the Cold War, however, Decimius stunned the Imperial command hierarchy when the Galactic Emperor himself offered him a promotion directly to the rank of Grand Admiral—the highest in the Imperial Navy. Upon overseeing the final pacification of the Outer Rim, alongside Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur, Decimius was tasked by the Emperor to oversee the "Operation"—a far-reaching Imperial strategy toward a single, though elusive, end goal. Decimius emerged as the enigmatic puppet master of numerous and Imperial strategies, connecting the rogue Phaedric Lord Ruuvitharn and the Ecimaex Wall of superweapons in a web of intrigue which did not bode well for the New Republic, ultimately leading to the Second Great Cyrannus War, during which he was directly responsible for the collapse of the democratic superpower.

At the height of his power, however, Decimius was killed during the Battle of Harborage by the unexpected arrival of Du'utahrovin. His death came as a major blow to Imperial forces, who stood on the precipice of total victory over the Republic.


Early Life[]

Decimius was born on the Core World of Cyranduas, in the vast continent-spanning megacity which gives the planet its name. Born to a family of labourers in the Old Quarter, his parents toiled in the shipyards sponsored by the TransGalactic Bank of Cyrannus. Though expected to follow in their footsteps, the brilliant young Decimius saw greater things in his future. As a scholar of military history, he joined the Cyranduasi System Defense Fleet and later, the Navy of the United Republic of Cyrannus, serving on the Valourous under Captain Laege Shavalera. He fought in many battles of the Great Cyrannus War, most notably the Third Battle of Acrocanthaí, where he masterminded a crushing defeat for the United Lanat Empire, leading to his promotion to the rank of captain. In 01 NE, he gained command of the newly constructed Imperator-class Star Destroyer Chimaera.

Mirus Bound[]

Battle near Rambo Prime, in which Decimius aided the Rambo.


And you are all quite welcome for the battle plan. Hopefully you aren't all killed. That would be quite unfortunate.

- Decimius to the allied leaders during the Mirus Campaign

Decimius was at first posted across the Outer Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy on the Empire's seemingly endless campaigns against the Confederacy of Free Planets. During these many battles, Decimius performance as a tactician was noticed by Imperial Command, who reassigned the young Libertus to the Mirus Galaxy which was in the midst of the opening stages of a war between the Lanat Empire and the United Mirus Council. Though he was officially aiding the Lanat Empire, he ordered probes to be launched across Mirus, learning about the political situation and how to adapt it to his future plans for the Empire's dominion. As the leader of Imperial forces in the Mirus Galaxy, Decimius attended a meeting between several Gigaquadrantic leaders to discuss how to end the threat of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, though for much of the meeting he did not speak his mind, due to the lingering alliance between the Empire and the Tyranny. However, frustrated over the lack of planning by the other delegates, Decimius surprised them all when he decided to provide a plan of action in which allied empires would join the same taskgroup in order to minimize distrust.

However, he was soon sent by Imperial Command to oversee the Rambo Protectorate, a task that soon led to his involvement in the rebellion instigated by Garlboz and Mortikran. Along with the crew of the Chimaera, Decimius aided the Rambo in the Battle near Rambo Prime, which ultimately saw the capture of the Angforst Space Station and the arrest of Garlboz. Soon afterward, Decimius returned to the Mirus Galaxy, where he formulated an impressive plot to bring about Imperial control over the central territories. In consort with Inquisitor Chi Chodecra, Decimius planned an invasion of the United Lanat Empire, in order to either consolidate Imperial interests in Mirus or fragment the region into chaos, depending on how events developed. Discovering a Tralor exile named Nekroch, Decimius launched a massive invasion of Lanat Prime, ultimately resulting in Emperor Aoblix's death and the ascension of Nekroch, an Imperial puppet in all but name, to the throne.

The titanic Battle of Vasuband erupts.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

Caranye: "I recommend full shields. This could still be a trap."
Decimius: "The Phaedric Lords confirm their words, agent. The Dominion has not directly attacked us, as per our agreement, but this threat is nonetheless of a demonic origin. A remnant of a time past. Nevertheless, these... new allies of ours will be acceptable cannon fodder."
―Agent Caranye Valaeris and Decimius discuss the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone

Though he expected to remain in Mirus for quite some time, Decimius was soon reassigned back to Cyrannus, where he had a key role in the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone, leading the Imperial fleet against the demonic defences of the Corruptus Overworld Brezank. Alongside Decimius was Imperial Intelligence Agent Caranye Valaeris, who acted as his liaison to the ground forces working to destroy the three generators protecting the planet. After the teams were successful, Decimius watched as the arrival of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation heralded the destruction of the demonic menace.

After the battle, Decimius relayed his admiration of the allied force's tenacity before returning to the Outer Rim on his regular patrols. Four months later, Decimius was assigned to join Grand Admiral Carandial's fleet during the Siege of Vasuband against the Cyrannian Imperial State. During the battle, Decimius led the crew of the Chimaera to great effect against the rebel fleet, ultimately playing a key role in smashing what hopes the State had for surviving the ordeal. With the collapse of the Imperial State, Decimius was assigned typical border patrols for a peace-time officer.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

Decimius walks away from Captain Medé on the bridge of the Chimaera.

Captain : "Sir, surely the Republic isn't going to fall for such an old tactic?"
Decimius: "On the contrary, my dear Captain Medé, they'll be utterly destroyed by it."
Medé and Decimius, during the Skirmish in the Mantillian Worlds

Decimius would next see combat during the Battle of the Hubworld against the Capricorn Remnant Alliance, working closely with Grand Admiral Mortalagueis against the Alliance fleet, utterly destroying it. When the battle ended, Decimius returned to Orbispira, where he had a private audience with Emperor Tyrómairon himself. The Emperor claimed that Decimius had already proven his singular worth to him and the Empire many times over, and granted him an immediate promotion to Grand Admiral. The Imperial court was shocked by the Emperor's decision, for while none could doubt Decimius' tactical ingenuity, no other individual had ever been promoted from the lowly rank of captain, to that of Grand Admiral. To the consternation of his fellow Grand Admiral Carandial, the Emperor also made clear that Decimius was to be the first among equals, granting him the same powers once held by Zillum as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy.

Simultaneous to the Reconquest of the Rim, led by Carandial to crush lingering remnants of the Imperial State, Decimius secretly travelled to the Unknown Regions, where he began to oversee the construction of a vast network of bases and installations in the newly charted Ezduiin Oversector. In this capacity, he worked closely with the newly promoted Grand Mandator Mincarione in the development of the Judicator-class Battlecruiser at Ezduiin Station, which necessitated the diversion of resources from the outer sectors of Ezduiin. This campaign brought Decimius into conflict with many new alien species and worlds, which most surrendering their resources to his superior armada. Those who refused were utterly destroyed, while those that acquiesced, were subjugated and cut off from galactic society, to prevent the Empire's clandestine plans for the sector from falling into Republic hands.

Grand Admiral Decimius reports to Emperor Tyrómairon.

As relations between the Republic and the Empire continued to deteriorate, Decimius became intimately involved in planning the so-called Operation, alongside Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur. Orchestrating a web of intrigue, Decimius masterminded a plot against the Aldárae Order, revealing to them through the captured Inquisitor Vandalion the existence of the Ecimaex Wall, a superweapon capable of shooting Republic vessels out of hyperspace. Simultaneously, he handpicked the young Libertus Henera Medé to serve under him as the captain of the Chimaera, and in order to test the captain and the crew, he commanded the Chimaera into the Republic-held Mantillian sector. There, Decimius made use of a antiquated tactic to utterly destroy a Republic fleet, leaving no survivors. By the time the Chimaera returned to the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, Decimius harvested the fruits of his labour, watching as the Republic attacked the Ecimaex Wall, simultaneous to the destruction of the Mou'Cyran system—the culmination of years of the Grand Admiral's planning. The Second Great Cyrannus War had begun.

Second Great War[]

Opening Stages

It is finally time to unravel the great puzzle—the complete and total destruction of the Republic. At long last, the game is finally afoot.

- Grand Admiral Decimius

While the destruction of the Imperial Battlestation during the Battle of Cadian dealt a serious blow to the Empire, Decimius survived to oversee the Imperial Navy, albeit under the direction of the newly empowered Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius. Despite his apprehension of working alongside Caesarius at first, Caesarius found himself admiring his brutal efficiency and ruthlessness. Soon after the Battle of Cadian, Decimius ordered Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci to cross the border and attack the Republic worlds of the Coru Secundus region. During the initial campaign, Decimius personally presided over stunning Imperial victories at Theohos and the Mou'Cyran Remnants, before returning to Orbispira, leaving the Chimaera in Medé's capable hands. He later worked with Captain Titus Dromaeo during the Blockade of Shaher to use interdiction technology to prevent the Vanara Houses from fleeing into Accel Space.

Decimius presides over the fall of Rambo Nation.

During the closing stages of the New Republic Civil War, Decimius utilised information provided by the Rambo High King Rambert Ramveral to ambush Praesator Adelheidis' True Republic in the New Capricaerón system, resulting in the utter destruction of her faction, and thus, the end of the New Republic's Civil War. Shortly afterward, Decimius utilised the chaos caused by Rambert's corruption by Mar-Júun to besiege the Rambo Capital, and presided over the final dissolution of the once proud Nation. Returning to Cyrannus, Decimius was called upon by the Emperor himself to lead all Imperial forces in their capture of the Twelve Worlds. Coordinating closely with Grand Mandator Caesarius, Decimius personally led the mission to arrest President Apollo, only to be repelled by the arrival of the Aldárae agents Kara Inviá and Aoirtae Valaeris.

Several months later, Decimius, who concentrated much of his efforts on claiming the unknown territories of the Quadrant Galaxies, was perplexed to discover that the New Republic Remnant had somehow obtained a vessel capable of outclassing Imperial ships-of-the-line. Intrigued, he prepared to formulate a plan to find and destroy the Remnant's hidden base somewhere beyond the galactic halo. Soon afterwards, he was contacted by Director Sarossk of the Saurien Sector Corporation, who informed him of advances made by the Rambo Loyalists, which ultimately led to the establishment of the revolutionary Dinotopian Republic.


The game, finally, comes to a close.

- Decimius' final words

Having detected the rebel base on the hidden world of Harborage, Decimius gathered the bulk of his armada and led it through the wormhole, where he faced off against the assembled force of the New Republic Remnant. Smashing through the Remnant fleet, Decimius personally led the ground attack force against Apollo's base. Just as he was about to give the order to fire on the base, and in so doing, killing Apollo and his closest loyalists, Decimius heard the mighty, earthshattering roar of Du'utahrovin. The massive Aldárae dragon descended from the clouds and unleashed starfire, annihilating an entire line of Imperial walkers.

Du'utahrovin ambushes the Imperial forces, killing Decimius.

Caught off guard by the mystical arrival, Decimius' efforts to rally his forces for a counteroffensive were met with confusion and silence, forcing him to take direct command over the walker's cannons, unleashing volley after volley at Du'utahrovin, who directly dived down to face the threat. His eyes fixed on his target, Decimius fired a precision bolt, hitting Du'utahrovin in the wing and sending him plummeting through the skies, almost throwing off the Aldárae knights in the process. However, through the power of the Valin, both Aoirtae and Kara managed to balance themselves and Du'utahrovin long enough for him to regain altitude, hovering and coming to a stop in the face of Decimius' walker. The Grand Admiral, accepting that he had been beaten by a supernatural force he could not have predicted, closed his eyes and accepted his fate as an all-consuming blast of fire engulfed him and his walker.


After the Grand Admiral's defeat at the Battle of Harborage and subsequent demise—the loss of the greatest Imperial tactician was felt within the Imperial ranks. Within the Quadrant Galaxies, the Imperials were robbed of his keen tactics and ruthless force the Imperial/Legatus hold over the Ramboidae Realm slowly splintered. Decimius' demise was mentioned by Legatus rear-admiral Schlahs Stutgrat during his capture and mused it was perhaps the reason the Empire and Legatus might lose their hold over the Ramboidae Realm. Stugrat's statement was proven partly right as the Imperial and Legatus forces in the Quadrants endured a string of losses at Rambo Prime, Ramgotheria and Ramar Shadda, while in Cyrannus, the Remnant began a campaign of liberation against occupied Republic space.

Physical Appearance[]

Decimius' most notable physical feature are his red eyes, a feature common to Libertus on Cyranduas. Having greenish skin and wearing a low-key Imperial uniform, Decimius nonetheless sticks out in the crowd. His uniform is skin-tight and contains a utility belt containing a small handgun as well as any supplies that might be needed should he find himself in a firefight.

Personality and Traits[]

Decimius was viewed by many in Imperial Command as the perfect officer of the Navy. Intelligent, calculating, unflinching in the face of danger. Decimius embodied all of these traits and molds them together to form a tactical genius the likes of which there few in a generation. Caring deeply about those who serve under him, Decimius never risked the lives of those under his command and blames himself whenever one fails. Nevertheless, on the battlefield, Decimius was ruthless, dangerous and though he knows when to retreat, has a devotion to victory and ultimate Imperial glory. Unlike many in the Empire desiring a higher place in the hierarchy, Decimius was content with the title of captain, enjoying the mix of conflict and exploration that comes from captaining a ship in the unknown reaches of the Gigaquadrant.



The Chimaera

The Chimaera (ICS Chimaera ISD-1994) is an Imperator-class Star Destroyer serving in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Measuring 2,600 metres long, the Chimaera represents the Empire's military power in the Mirus Galaxy having been assigned there during the Tralor Confinement War of 03 NE. Under the command of Captain Decimius, the Chimaera is one of the most sought after posts in the Empire due to the captain's combination of both military and exploratory duties all in the name of the Emperor and his mighty Imperial Order. The official crew compliment of the Chimaera is 36,000 which includes officers, troopers and other enlisted personnel. The ship also contains squadrons of ASP fighters, Imperial Walkers and Imperial Wardroids, allowing the Chimaera to carry out invasions of entire galactic sectors almost single handedly.




ImperialLoyaltyFace.pngEmpire eternal!


Blue face.pngKeep your friends close...

  • Rela Loupál - She has my respect. A captain who can hold off the Neraida is a sight to see.
  • Nirndal - You continue using such a primitive ship? Ah, but no ship is primitive when in the hands of the right person.
  • Chi Chodecra - I admire your efficiency.
  • Caranye Valaeris - Pleasure working with you agent.


Yellow face.pngNo comment.

  • Carandial - Your decision to remain under the Empire's command was wise.
  • Helo Roslia - In another lifetime, we could have been fast friends.


Orange face.png... and your enemies closer.

  • Zillum - A brilliant tactician, yes. But a terrible commanding officer.
  • Mortikran - A disgrace. He doesn't deserve to wear the uniform.
  • Hachiman - How irritating.


Talented, he could go far if he was interested...

- Geleriva Delsacrian

Libertus fool!

- Mortikran

The greatest asset the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus can use against the New Republic. To ensure victory, one might benefit from an early "retirement" of this particulair admiral!

- Malegras


  • Decimius was inspired by Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Star Wars saga.



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