Miss Tersly is, more or less, the creator of the Collective. The creation of the empress owns itself to her, and she has proven to not be afraid of breaking the fundamental morals of the Dracogonarious race to get things done. As much as that annoys me.

- Jerkon

Tarygan Tersly is a Dracogonarious female who acts as the Supreme Advisor of her people in the Indoctrinate Collective. One of the most intelligent and important of all Dracogonarious scientists, she is often deemed the Creator of the Collective due to being responsible for Project Indoctrination, the science effort which made the empire a reality.

An extremely intellectual person, Tarygan is the head of the Collective's scientific resources, with practically all of them passing through her approval at some point of their history. Supervising the empires' advance, Tarygan has efficiency in mind at all times and is not afraid to make sacrifices to make her plans a reality, even if they involve breaking the usually sacred laws of his people. No sacrifice is too great, no consequences are too great according to her.


Early History[]

Tarygan was born at the former Dracogonarious homeworld of Draka-2, living a rather standard childhood compared to any other member of her species. She began her studies at a young age, impressing her teachers with her incredible intellect and her ability to react fast to stimulates, and became a scientist serving at the royal capital of the Dracogonarious Empire at the age of 56. Tarygan fell in love with a fellow scientist by the name of Aiganden, and two married about three years after they met, leading to Tarygan becoming a mother of six children. Her immense intellect eventually got the attention of the Emperor, who made her the head of the royal scientists and a direct servant of his.

Second War of Black Fog[]

In the years prior to the Second War of Black Fog, Tarygan learned from the Emperor that he wished to merge the Dracogonarious and the Spinker people by creating an hybrid which would lead both races equally. After the Emperor was assassinated by Arrtkar Crowart, Tarygan began working on Project Indoctrination, the Emperor's dying wish, in order to create an hybrid to lead an united empire. The hybrid was eventually created and named Maryah, and Tarygan gave her to Windey Spinkarius to raise. The head scientist would remain at Jerkon's side through the war, providing support and strategies against the Marinoxidiz and once the war was over, she was elevated a Supreme Advisor of the recently-formed Indoctrinate Collective, much to her delight.



Tarygan appears as a standard female of the Dracogonarious race, being larger than most males and possessing bright orange scales across her body. She is often seen wearing a robe typical to a Dracogonarious scientist, which acts as her formal clothing when meeting with the other heads of the Collective government.


Tarygan is noted for her lack of fear of making sacrifices if it ensures a good result in a long run. She was the one who ordered the Dracogonarious to abandon Draka-2 when the Marinoxidiz destroyed it, preferring to ensure the safety of survivors rather than fight the enemy head on. Tarygan is also not afraid of breaking the laws or the morals of her people to get things done, something often attributed to the terrorists of the Vengeful Claw though she most certainly hates being compared to them.


Tarygan has no fighting ability whatsoever, possessing average physical strength and endurance as expected from any healthy Dracogonarious. Her greatest ability is her intellect, and she is capable of solving problems faster than other Dracogonarious can hope to. Her will is arguably also greater than others, as she is not afraid of the consequences of her actions as long as the results are positive.



Green face.pngExcellent.

  • Maryah - My finest work. A future awaits you, girl.
  • Jerkon - You need to get your head off your gut sometimes, boy.
  • Herquie - Efficient for sure.
  • Windey Spinkarius - An efficient leader... if not a little too girly for her age.


Yellow face.pngHm.

  • Errr - From enemy to subordinate. Amusing.
  • Kezoreg - The Empress keeps this little weird man around now. For what purpose?


Red face.pngUgh.


Why doesn't she just change her name again? It would make things far less awkward. I feel like she's doing this on purpose.

- Koluap

Sometimes, great men - and women - must not fear to sacrifice their reputation and defy everything they once thought was right in order to accomplish a greater goal. Tarygan Tersly sets an example that all who truly wish to become great and famous must follow.

- Tyraz

Looks like you don't always need a gun or a sword or magic to do great things. Heh, I always like to have at least one of those on hand, though.

- Kezoreg




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