If I was to know everything, what is left to discover?

- Himself

Tarsus Senvinus is one of the more proficiant members of the common house Senvinus. Originally a tecchnology specialist for the royal academy his affinity for tecchnological artifacts is what catapulted his career to where it is today.

Appearence and Personality[]

Tarsus is a sturdily built Draconis with deep blue/purple scales and dark red plates on his head, back and torso. He often wears practical clothing and is frequently seen in a while lab coat when he's working. Over his left eye he wears a multi-purpose reticle that he can flip up and down and it offers a variety of information along with having a magnfication option. When focused this device is squarely over his eye and he freequently mutters to himself when concentrating. These mutterings are often scientifically related to his corrent task (such as reminding himself of the procedure when disassembling a piece of equipment) and he holds an extremely accurate memory.

Tarsus is no warrior, while he does have some firearms and hand-to-hand combat training he will frequently "leave war to to the professionals". Despite this attitude he is capable of fending for himself and posesses the talent of making someting useful out of almost any machine aprt, a trait he picked up when experimenting at university.

When he speaks, it is in a proud manner and does not enjoy seeing machines being mistreated and not given the proper care. He finds it difficult to resist the urge to intervene, sometimes harshly. He is known to call people who mishandle or bluntly use equipment 'boulderhanders' in reference to the often-crude way he sees them use techonlogy.


Early life and education[]

Tarsus was born to landowning parents in ID.216129 on the agrarian world of Arlavia IV. For much of his childhood he would spent time around the farming equipment and since age 10 he helped to fix the robots that tended the fields of his family's farm. While msot children in his local area played in the fields he stayed in the farm's workshop and at age 22 he had managed to develop his first low-A.I. companion. When he was 25 he was told by his parents that his uncle Voridius had given him a scholarship to study at the royal academy's Arlavia IV branch in the nearby city of Ahkoess.

During his university years he became increasingly fascinated with technology, and was almost fanatical to the academy's motto of "the only limit to technology is the application". During these years he was noted to clutter up the engineering labs with curiosities and gadgets that had little purpose. Eager t ofind an application for each one. This trial-and-error phase bore fruit when he managed to refine beamdrill technology by using an alternating pulse system, allowing the cutting beam to last 3x longer without burning-out the crystal. When he was 40 he completed his dissertation and upon the day he was t oenter military service he enlisted proudly as an engineer.

The Imperial Navy[]

Tarsus gained a reputation as a tinkerer in his service. He was known for correcting faults in engines and during downtime was often found in the garages tweaking with the various technologies present. Had his improvements not given the imperium an overall edge in several key bettles he might have been discharged for attempted sabotage.

After his service he returned to the academy's technology division, he agreed to help part-time with is cousin Vidius' research into project Mophis. and over the next century of his life he would rise to prominence i nthe academy as an accomplished professor, expanding his fields into software programming and even dabbled with learning history. The modifications he had made became widespread in Imperial designs which would give imperial forces a considerable edge against the mecha-Wasps in ID.216229-244.

Andromeda War[]

Since the discovery of the Andromedan Artifacts, tarsus has effectively taken charge of the entire research project. His research notes, comined with that was knwon by the Shellious Imperium lead to a near breakthrough were it not for an all-out attack by The Inheritance on the research facility he was working in, which almost cost him his life. The later stages of his research involved numerous field visits to uncovered sites.

This new habit of travelling had put him in danger again in late ID.216343. The academy had dispatched him to the Borealis Galaxy to discover clues about the whereabouts of another artifact. His ship was raided by Captain Torrent and he was injured severely when the alien captain tortured him for what he knew. The timely intervention of reinforcements saved him from the possibility of being kept hostage aboard Torrant's ship.


Green face.pngYou have merit, I like it

  • Vidius Senvinus - My Cousin, I hope his research bears much fruit
  • Gora - So many secrets in his head...
  • Emperor Edoshai - Very sensible for an old man, no offence.

Yellow face.pngPlay nice, and we'll see.

  • UNOL - An interesting lot, I will accredit them for that
  • Admiral Dacia - Without you I would have been a pirate's plaything

Red face.pngGo and dive into a singularity!

  • Captain Torrent - Pirate brute almost killed me!



  • The only limit to technlogy is the application.
  • beat it, I'm working.
  • Intriguing...
  • Do you mind?
  • Damnable boulderhanders
  • Ahh.. Not good
  • Well that didn't work, let's try this instead.


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Our encounter was fairly fun. We could do it again sometime.

- Captain Torrent


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