The Confederacy will see glory again. I will not allow this Tyrómairon bloke to come out of nowhere and claim the galaxy as his!

- Cassynder

Taros Cassynder is a male Adlapuspino who serves as the High Chancellor of the Confederacy of Free Planets.

Stubborn, but wise, Cassynder is determined to revive the Confederacy after its collapse in the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War and the formation of the Empire. Though a former member of the Old Confederacy, Cassynder has a certain hatred for the Basileus and the Tiranozark, strongly believing that they shouldn't have been permitted to join the Confederacy. Nevertheless, he has learned to respect other cultures, knowing that he would need all the help he can get against the march of the Empire.

One of the most potent symbols of resistance against the Empire, Cassynder later became a key ally of President Apollo during the Second Great Cyrannus War, working with his former enemy to ensure the end of the Empire and the birth of a lasting era of peace across the Cyrandia Cluster.

History Edit

Confederate Service Edit

Born on the Adlapuspino homeworld of Aegyptiacus, Cassynder grew up sharing his people's hatred for the Libertus, a race they had battled with in the past. However, when he came of age, he began to explore the galaxy and his hatred for the Libertus was soon replaced by a hatred of the Basileus and the Tiranozark, known aggressors in the galaxy. However, he also grew to dislike the United Republic of Cyrannus and joined the newly formed Confederacy of Allied Systems, despite the fact that the Basileus and Tiranozark were members. His dislike for these two races eventually subsided when he fought with them during the Great Cyrannus War.


The Republic and the Confederacy fight against the Fog.

Cassynder eventually became a General in the Confederacy's Army, leading ground forces against the Republic in countless battles, though he was also a keen lover of space combat, much to the delight of his superiors. During the first year of the war, Cassynder gained command of the Viscount and used it in an attempt to invade the Trucinex world of Nexios. However, a Republic fleet under the command of Captain Pirea as well as a Corruptus Nebula put a stop to this plan. Cassynder decided to team up with the Republic against the Corruptus and eventually won the day.

When the Great War ended in 01 BNE, much of the Confederacy's navy was destroyed in the Battle of Carindes and the Battle of Orbispira. When the final death blow to the Confederacy's leadership was dealt by Meketanor and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Cassynder knew that he had to gather followers and flee to fight another day.

Insurgent Edit


Cassynder's Fleet escapes the wrath of the Empire.

Gathering a large fleet over Carindes, Cassynder engaged in a short skirmish with three Imperial Star Destroyers. Though most of his fleet escaped, one Confederate Light Destroyer was hit by a turbolaser blast in the engine cooling tanks, obliterating the vessel. Cassynder felt a pain in his heart that every ship now counted in his battle against the Empire. When they arrived in non-Imperial space, Cassynder discovered some Confederate colonies under the control of the Corporate Union. Negotiating with the Union, Cassynder formed the Confederacy of Free Planets, with its goal to end the Empire and bring about Confederate control of Cyrannus.

One of Cassynder's first acts as leader of the Confederacy of Free Planets was to organize a meeting between Vice President Gorios of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance on the Confederate planet of Honlen, the new capital of the Confederacy. Just before this, Cassynder learned from some spies in the Corporate Union that the dreaded Tiranozark, Tyrant was on the hunt for him. However, Cassynder put this out of his mind and he met with the Vice President. However, the Empire launched a massive counter attack against Helan, conquering it and sending Cassynder on the run.

The Growing Confederates

Cassynder meets Collo.

After escaping the wrath of Admiral Tyrant, Cassynder returned to the Confederacy of Free Planets' main territory, where he and his allies were going to discuss the future of the holdout. Cassynder soon heard of more Confederate remnants and met with the leader of one, a wise Sylvamiman commander called Collo, who after some hours of discussion, decided to merge his holdout with the Confederacy of Free Planets. Cassynder returned to the Viscount, happy to have made new allies and further empowering his beloved Confederacy. After this, Cassynder and his holdout emerged more into the Unknown Regions, remaining hidden from the Empire for the rest of the year.

Revolutionary Edit

DarkTimes - The Plunge

Cassynder attacks a Star Destroyer.

As the second year of the Empire's rule began, Cassynder grew sick of running and hiding from Tyrant. Taking a large fleet, Cassynder and his confederates attacked the Imperial fleet staged at Dusavali, using extreme suicide tactics in order to destroy the unstoppable Star Destroyers of the Empire. Though these tactics left much of the Imperial fleet in ruins, Cassynder decided to retreat, building up his forces for the eventual retribution.

A few weeks later, Cassynder was surprised to find that Mandator Mish'Lea of the Empire approached his starship. Meeting with the Adelphi, Cassynder learned that Mish'Lea planned on defecting to the Confederacy and had a great deal of information about the Empire that could prove useful in the coming war. Delighted at the chance to cause more damage to the Imperial regime, Cassynder began to build up his forces. Eventually, Cassynder began to realise that he would need allies in his upcoming war against the Empire. Despite his better judgement, he turned to the Panthrea Slaver Guild. Cassynder talked at great length to Queen Asenath, who eventually agreed to help the Confederacy.


Cassynder speaks to Nak'kak'chish.

After a few weeks, Cassynder felt that the time was ready for his war against the Empire to begin. Forming a large fleet, he set off a beacon over the planet Konan, which eventually attracted an Imperator-class Star Destroyer. A massive battle erupted, with many of Cassynder's ships being destroyed. However, thanks to greater numbers, the Confederacy was eventually victorious. Cassynder then sent a war declaration to Orbispira, formalising the beginning of the Outer Rim Wars.

Total War

After months of minor hit and run attacks and the failure of the Carindes Campaign, Cassynder decided that his next attack would need to succeed. As such, soon after the creation of the New Cyrannian Republic, Cassynder travelled to Nosiso where he met with a local resistance fighter against the Empire known as Nak'kak'chish. Together with his new ally, Cassynder incited a rebellion against the Imperial forces on the planet, eventually forcing them from the world. Over the next few weeks, Nosiso became a key center of the Confederate movement.


Apollo and Vemeryn discuss peace with Cassynder and Aporyan.

High ChancellorEdit

However, total war with the Empire ultimately proved to be futile with the Confederacy's weakened state. Using diplomatic backchannels, Cassynder contacted his old enemy Apollo of the New Republic in the hopes that a peace agreement could be made with the Empire while they fought against the Cyrannian Imperial State. Soon afterwards, the Empire agreed to send Grand Mandator Aporyan to coordinate the signing of the treaty.

Aboard the Republic Star Destroyer Sword of Peace, Cassynder and Aporyan agreed to legitimise the Confederacy and enact a peace settlement which would benefit both the Confederacy and the Empire. After returning to Confederate space with peace in hand, Cassynder managed to reorganise the structure of the Confederacy to more in line with a government rather than a militarised rebellion and was ultimately elected High Chancellor on the new Confederacy capital of Nengeredis.

Second Great WarEdit

Despite his horror with the destruction of Mou'Cyran and the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Cassynder refused to lead his people into a war he knew they could not win. Cassynder knew that the Imperials would not honour their agreement forever, and that one day, they would seek to claim Confederate space in the name of Tyrómairon. Assigning High Admiral Evel Thielde to lead several projects intended to counter Imperial naval supremacy, Cassynder was particularly invested in the so-called Project Calidusa, named after the Old Confederacy's foremost political leaders, and designed to represent a game-changer in the great war to come. This ultimately led to the construction and deployment of the Calidusa dreadnought.

SGCW A New Alliance

Cassynder joins with the Resistance.

When the Empire finally attacked the Confederacy, Cassynder tried his utmost to fight off the aggressors, personally commanding the Confederacy's naval forces at the Battle of Nengeredis. However, the Empire was ultimately victorious in capturing the Confederate capital, forcing Cassynder and his loyalists to escape on the Calidusa and a handful of other ships. While he briefly allied with the Cyrandia Resistance, the fall of Sesoka's armada at Andustar forced Cassynder to flee into the Unknown Regions, where he eventually joined up with the New Republic Remnant, agreeing to help President Apollo in his efforts to liberate Cyrannus.

Though Cassynder insisted that the Confederacy would remain an independent power from the Republic, Cassynder proved to be one of Apollo’s most formidable allies during the liberation of Coru Secundus, serving admirably during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds and becoming a key member of the war council in the battle’s aftermath, during which he agreed with Apollo’s audacious plan to liberate Orbispira itself.


The Calidusa participates in the Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE.

During the Great Battle of Orbispira, Cassynder commanded the Calidusa alongside Admiral Thielde, and proved to a bane to the Imperial fleet, downing no less than seven Imperial Star Destroyers during the battle. Alongside his new comrades, he rejoiced when the battle ended with a Republic victory, but wasted no time in rallying his forces for the long push through Imperial territory toward his beloved Confederacy. In 24 NE, he participated in the liberation of Carindes, during which Republic and Confederacy fleets ousted the Imperials from the old capital. By the end of the conflict in 26 NE, Cassynder had stepped down as Chancellor of the Confederacy, content that his people could now enjoy a future free of Imperial influence.

Personality and Traits Edit


Cassynder, in his garb as Chancellor during the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Imperial fraks! You are the ones who led me here to be killed, and you Apollo, you are just as bad as these fools!

- Cassynder can be quick to accuse those he dislikes, such as during the peace negotiations on the Sword of Peace

Stoic and generally unemotional, Cassynder is a deeply committed man who rarely changes his opinion on anything, a notable exception being the fact that he eventually grew to respect the Libertus, something many of his fellow Adlapuspino would see as ridiculous. Cassynder is also known for his gruff voice and love for Capricaerónn Wine, though he never lets his liking for the drink to get in the way of his combat duties. His stubbornness could be seen in his devotion to the ideals of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, which led to the formation of the Confederacy of Free Planets, one of the strongest rebel groups in Cyrannus.

Relationships Edit

Liked Edit

Green faceI swear fealty to you, my friend.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceHmmm...

  • Apollo - Perhaps you're not so bad.
  • Helo Roslia - Maybe you're not the good guy, but you're not the bad guy either.
  • Aporyan - Not the worst Imperial.
  • Adjunct - Weird little ball.

Disliked Edit

Red faceI shall put you down!

  • Tyrant - You'll never get me, "Admiral"! The Confederacy will prosper and you will fall eventually.
  • Tyrómairon - Usurper!
  • Gaius Prentus - Imperial toad.

Quotes Edit

Ugh. Some people just cannot seem to get the message.

- Tyranus

The enemy of my enemy is my friend...

- Apollo

... I don't know...

- Lore Enema

You're on the top of my hitlist, Adlapuspino. Prepare yourself.

- Tyrant

My top priority for now is to flee from the Empire. I assume this one would save me.

- Xor Nazar

A great man, and one of the few I consider a friend!

- Tukio Nutria


Trivia Edit

  • Cassynder is a shared fiction between OluapPlayer and Cyrannian.
  • He is the first Adlapuspino character on the wiki.


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