Knowledge is power... And I know a lot.

- Taos Thanin

Taos Thanin is a Chaplain of the Ankoran Templar Orders, specifically from the Order of the Astral Knights. Born on Usse, he migrated from the Ankoran homeworld to Muara late into adulthood to aid the Muaran Resistance in the Teyan Subjugation War, where he was aided the forming Astral Knights, and became a member of the Order, abandoning his former Order in the Milky Way.

He is a known Psionic, and master of both offensive and defensive abilities. Studious more than proactive, he prefers to simply understand and comprehend what he is capable of, rather than actively use his capabilities to wield Essence as a weapon. Regardless, he is known to harbour years of experience with Psionic magic, and has used it on multiple occasions to perform supposed miracles of faith.


Born on Usse, Taos was always studious, though highly promising warrior. Hunting Usse's giants for sport, he enjoyed learning how to track each beast, recognising their behaviours, and mastering survival skills by study and practice. Eventually catching the attention of the Templar Order, the Skytalons, they took him from Usse to Aetun, placing him under the knife and recruiting them into their Order as a Templar. His already studious nature, along with his emerging Psionic capabilities quickly helped him raise through the ranks as a master tactician, warrior, and mage.

Yet when the Teyan Subjugation War broke out in the Andromeda Galaxy, now a Templar, he set out to aid those there, and establish a new Order, with the blessing of his lord, the Skytalons' High Templar. Coming upon Aeolla, he joined the band of other Templars in establishing the Astral Knights within Muara, turning down the role of High Templar in preference for his current position as Chaplain.


Described as overbearing in conversation, Taos is a large, towering specimen of an Ankoran, standing a foot over the average height of the Templar sub-species, which already stands an impressive (by Ankoran standards) six feet tall. Broad and well-built, his body is nearly entirely muscle, though the genetic implants each Templar undertakes has left multiple surgical scars on his body, as well as the mechanical dermal implants in his body to allow for direct control over his armour.

Armourwise, Taos is clad in typical Chaplain armour, painted gold and silver, though possess an additional linen Essence-imbued hood that covers his head, which aids him in keeping his mind sane as Psionic magic flows through it.


Approaching the verge of middle-age, Taos has remained untouched by the slow embitterment most Ankoran become possessed by as they reach their two-hundredth year, and remains a compassionate individual akin to other Ankoran closer to an age of approximately one-hundred. Quiet, studious, and kind, the Templar is renowned for his love of reading and learning, and thus when he is not engaged in 'official' Templar duties, such as battle or religious ceremonies, he can easily be found in the Astral Knight's libraries. He is fond of religious texts, and keeps a varied of ancient tomes collected from across a variety of Spodist cultures, comparing the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between sects of the faith.

Regarding his faith and powers - Taos views his natural powers as a gift from Spode. They are something he sees to be cherished and utilized to the best of his abilities. This idea is wholly reinforced by Psionic Essence's complete incompatibility with demonic magic, resultant from their nature as a paired Essences.

A deep emphasis on defence exists in Taos' world-view, and though he is not outwardly defensive, he is quick to act when danger arrives, and thoughtlessly rushes to the defence of the innocent. This worldview also extends to his enemies however, and he is quick to stop an unjust execution or mistreatment of prisoners.



Green face - “Friends I would die to protect

  • Anima Lux - “Your Resistance has achieved great things; I will ensure it stands.
  • IX - “I hear many great things about you from Kavaat. I would enjoy seeing your combat capabilities myself.
  • Kavaat - “For a baseline Ankoran, he is quite admirable... I would be proud to serve alongside him any time.


Blue face - “Do you come to pray, friend?


Yellow face - “The Holy Scriptures should be shared. Would you care to read with me?

  • Lata Sus - “Kavaat seems fond of you. Blood is thick indeed.
  • Ryles Talda - “You are good to Kavaat. I see why he values you.


Orange face - “Repent for your sins!

  • Kulvarla - “You have caused much harm. The Holy One frowns upon you.


Red face - “There is no soul left to redeem. Judgement comes.


  • Taos can fluently speak French, Teykata, Mithraela, and both Low and High Dracid.


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