Enemies of the state will have me to deal with.

- Tai'Rex

Tai'Rex is a female Vulrulan that serves in the fleet of the Regellis Star Empire. One of the most respected officers in the Fleet, Admiral Tai'Rex is quickly making a name for herself as the leader of the Regellian military in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Born on Regellis, the capital of the Star Empire in 35 BNE, her rise to the rank of admiral is among the quickest in the Star Empire's history. She quickly gained a reputation for herself as one of the best and brightest of the fleet, ultimately leading the Empress to assign her as the leader of the military in the newly colonised Cyrannus Galaxy.

She was soon given command of the RWS Palpa'han, a powerful D'deridex-class vessel, and is often seen leading her new flagship against potential enemies of the Empire. She became notable for making first contact with the Jenassian Regency and her assault on the New Cyrannian Republic homeworld of Mou'Cyran in the later stages of 03 NE. After the botched assault on Mou'Cyran, Tai'Rex was captured and imprisoned by the New Republic.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the year 35 BNE on the Regellian Homeworld, Tai'Rex grew up with a strong dislike for both of her parents who wanted the young girl to become involved in politics. However, from a young age, Tai'Rex aspired to command a starship and help bring about Regellian dominance across the cosmos. At the age of fifteen, Tai'Rex joined the Regellian Fleet Academy and due to her strong grades she graduated the next year. Her rise through the ranks of the Star Empire's starfleet was among the quickest in history, gaining the rank of admiral at the relatively young age of thirty. By the time the Dark Times began across the Cyrandia Cluster, Tai'Rex was given command of the Palpa'han, a newly constructed D'deridex-class cruiser and was sent to the Cyrannus Galaxy to lead military operations.

Posting in CyrannusEdit


Tai'Rex observes the Republic Fleet.

Are you an idiot, admiral? That’s not a rhetorical question, I literally want you to tell me if you're mentally slow so I can be sure I can raise the standards for new recruits.

- Empress Minerala

Tai'Rex was put in command of the Regellian fleet over the Cyrannian homeworld of Romii and used its ever growing ranks in a number of small but successful campaigns against nearby empires. However, when she made contact with the Jenassian Regency she decided to propose a non-aggression pact, thus insuring that both insular governments would stay clear from each other. However, when she came across the New Cyrannian Republic and its capital on Mou'Cyran, a diplomatic crisis broke out. Since Tai'Rex was unprepared for the massive Republic Fleet, she was in no shape to fight. When Empress Minerala scolded the admiral for making such a blunder, she decided to retreat. However, Mou'Cyran remained well in the sights of this power-hungry admiral. Indeed, she even managed to unite a rogue fleet of Regellian and Icolian Assemblage vessels and used this new fleet to assault Mou'Cyran many months later. Ultimately however, the Admiral was defeated, captured and imprisoned by the New Republic.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tai'Rex has a remarkable different appearance than most others of her kin due to her family's origins in the tropical regions of Regellis. However, despite her unusual appearance, she is still completely Vulrulan. Possessing light green skin and sharp physical features, Tai'Rex is by no means beautiful, a fact that haunts her daily. She often wears a face mask that helps her overcome her self-esteem issues and possesses long blonde hair which she ties in a pony-tail. Tai'Rex wears a heavy uniform that conveys her high position in the Regellian fleet.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Tai'Rex is a fiercely ambitious individual who stops at nothing to achieve her lofty goals. It is one of her life's ambitions to eventually become the leader of the entirety of the Regellis Fleet and to do this she has employed a mixture of deceit, manipulation and rumour-spreading which has been quite successful so far. Like many of her kind, Tai'Rex is a staunch xenophobe, referring to Apaltar during their encounter as a mere "reptile", instead of addressing him by his proper title as a head of state.

The admiral also has been known to execute insubordinate underlings on the spot should they displease her, making the Palpa'han one of the most feared ships in the entire Regellian fleet. However, underneath all this hate is a frightened individual who seeks to make a better life for herself and her descendants.




The Palpa'han

Palpa'han. It means "Annihilator".

- Tai'Rex

The RWS Palpa'han is a D'deridex-class Battleship currently serving in the Regellian Imperial Fleet under the command of Admiral Tai'Rex. A fully armed battleship, the Palpa'han is one of the most feared ships in the Odysseia Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy and was involved in several minor conflicts in Regellis space, emerging victorious in all of them. Like most Regellis vessels, the Palpa'han is equipped with tractor beams and cloaking devices, which it can use to both ensnare enemies or escape when damaged. This, coupled with the weapons found on the ship, make it a devastating enemy.




Green face...You actually like me? Even with all my yelling?

  • None


Yellow faceStay out of my way fool.

  • Apaltar - He would make a nice pair of boots.


Red faceI will see your cold corpses and I will laugh.

  • Empress Minerala - She is a crazy tyrant.


A thoroughly unlikable woman.

- Apaltar

Punch yourself in the face so I don't have to.

- Empress Minerala

You're stupid.

- Gorf




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