A curious individual and a more than competent warrior, if deranged and somewhat pitiful. His mentality is riddled with uncertainty and it is not difficult to tell that he suffers from persistent self-loathing; while his motivation suffers, the man is easy to manipulate and follows my orders without fail due to his own lack of guidance and direction. ... He will be useful to me. I will guide him as if he were a weapon, for there is no other purpose fit for a lost soul as disturbed and worryingly powerful as him.

- A remnant of Crispy's personal files

Tagutan, original name unknown, is a notorious member of the Zazane race who is known for being one of the few entities in the known universe to be manipulate Nightmare Energy and not be associated with the Corruptus. A former lieutenant of Crispy's Insurrection, he spent many years of his life blindly serving under the enigmatic Crispy due to having lost his memory in the event that led to his entropic corruption. Currently, he travels the Borealis Galaxy with his lover, Kalcedia Myran, as a leader of the Scions of the Eye organization.


Early History[]

Tagutan was once the prince of a kingdom of Zazane descended from visitors that colonized the planet Usarake thousands of years before. The society of the colonists descended into a separate monarchy from the old Third Sovereign Domain and had eventually forgotten about their allegiance as new generations spawned. Tagutan was the son of another man named Tagutan who was king of this Zazane kingdom, as well as his namesake in the future. Prince Tagutan was a potent psychic at a young age, a trait seen as a blessing by his people.

Prince Tagutan was a student for a special school that dealt with psychic children and proved himself dominant above the others in his class, displaying his psychic strength through mind reading and powerful telekinesis. By the time he reached 18, he was already a librarian and a student in the art of advanced psychics. He was seen as a gift from the gods by his father, King Tagutan, who cared for his son deeply though had trouble showing it due to being somewhat intimidated by the nature of his son's psychic abilities.

Prince Tagutan would later lead an assault against a great horde of beasts which devoured psychics, called the Adafero, which roamed the countrysides and would eat any psychic they could find. Prince Tagutan would destroy these beasts in a three year long campaign which resulted in casualties for both sides but also the ultimate extinction of the Adafero, putting an end to the fear of the increasing psychic population. Prince Tagutan soon earned the title of Master Sorcerer at the age of 25, proving himself the strongest psychic on the planet and a master warrior with a blade. He would also inherit his father's throne after his father attracted an infection from an Adafero beast, with King Tagutan and his son sharing their final words of love on King Tagutan's death bed the night before he died. The king would be buried while his son would take place on the throne.

After his rise to the throne, the new King Tagutan would marry two women at the same time, Cikad and Kamyr, and have three children in total, Sotankor and Tome who belonged to Cikad and Ukiran who belonged to Kamyr. The new King Tagutan had established himself a loving family with heirs to support the kingdom in the future and could now focus on training his psychic abilities through rest and meditation. However, a year before his downfall occurred, he repeatedly witnessed his own corruption at the hands of a mysterious entity and the massacre of his own people by his hand.

Corruption and Descension[]

A year later, both the War of Claim and the Second War of Black Fog started, bringing doom to the universe in the form of the vile demons of Shu'rimrodir and the undead hordes of Moxix Breek. While at first ignored, Prince Tagutan's homeworld was soon attacked. Both the Corruptus and the zombie hordes emerged on the planet, fighting not only against the Zazane kingdom, but also against each other. Prince Tagutan's life would change when he was attacked by a Shu'olerthae, which delivered a blow to the left size of his face, leaving a large scar. Tagutan, however, used his psychic powers to slay the demon before it possessed him, and being exposed to its Nightmare Energy, basked upon it, being descended into the process. His psychic abilities mixing with the Nightmare Energy gave Tagutan an immense amount of power, while at the same time leaving his sanity relatively intact.

Using his newfound powers, Tagutan destroyed the Corruptus and zombie hordes across the planet to the very last enemy. Upon returning to his home, however, he found his entire family had fallen victim to the Corruptus and the zombies' energies, and the few surviving Zazane of the kingdom feared him as if he was a demon himself. Tagutan, not wanting his family to suffer anymore, slayed them all, and then departed the planet. Years passed, and the Nightmare Energy kept mutating Tagutan's body. The scar he got while fighting the Shu'olerthae evolved into a third, demonic-looking eye, and every night he would be haunted by Shu'rimrodir's nightmares, even after his defeat in the Second Fog War's end. The constant nightmares erased most of the prince's memory of what happened before the Corruptus and zombie invasion, so much that he had forgotten his own name. He could, however, record his father's name, and named himself Tagutan.

An indeterminate time later, Tagutan would be found by Crispy, and was given the opportunity of joining him. Being the first person to not run away or wish harm to him, Tagutan accepted and swore loyalty to Crispy, becoming a member of his insurrection.

Golden Movement[]

During the Golden Movement, Tagutan would grow to become one of the personal lieutenants of Crispy, alongside the demonic Zazane Shikan. During the early stages of the insurrection, he found himself preyed on by the demons of the Corruptus, who sought to make them one of their own, eventually leading him to come to conflict with Varugr and Mordathai, who attacked him. Only through the timed intervention of Shikan did Tagutan survive the incident, and due to his own lack of knowledge on Corruptus Demons, he would come to blame the Brood of War for the attack, believing Varugr and Mordathai to be descended beings under the command of Tyraz.

While spending most of his time away from public affairs, Tagutan would find himself conflicted once ordered to retrieve the famed Kalcedia Myran for Crispy. The female displayed sympathy for Tagutan's state and revealed to him she suffered of similar problems, causing the Zazane nightmare to grow close to her under Crispy's back. This led him to come to her rescue when she found herself attacked by a demonified Kryptkor Talsar, and following the incident, Tagutan would grow increasingly obsessed with her.

When Kalcedia was taken away to be destroyed by Kol Daren and his servants, the Insurrection came to her aid for Crispy could not afford her killed. However, Crispy would come to find Tagutan with her, the lieutenant choosing to protect her from both Kol Daren and Crispy's men. Realizing he had become infatuated with Kalcedia, Tagutan declared himself out of Crispy's control and out of his insurrection, with him and Kalcedia departing together to the Borealis Galaxy in order to start their lives anew. He would later react to the eventual end of the insurrection and Crispy's disappearance with indifference.



Before his corruption, Tagutan appeared mostly as a normal Drik Zazane. However, he was always considered very handsome by his species' standards, being an object of lust across his kingdom. After his corruption, Tagutan changed into a more demonic, spiked version of himself with a purple, corrupted skin. His eyes are shining red in colour and the air around himself often becomes darker in his presence. Two notable traits in Tagutan's appearance are his height and his third eye. Tagutan is much larger than the average Zazane, reaching almost four meters tall in height. His third eye is located above his regular left eye and is usually left closed, unless Tagutan wishes to fully channel his powers or to intimidate an enemy. While leaving it open for some minutes is harmless, long periods of time with the third eye opened is painful for Tagutan, and can even cause the eye to bleed severely.


Before his corruption, Prince Tagutan was an ambitious and confident man who found comfort in the company of others. He was a caring man and always wanted to look after his people as a benevolent ruler when he reached the throne, though throughout his time as a prince he has performed numerous feats that can be seen as admirable. He was confident in his abilities and would not hesitate to accept a fight of somebody wished it, as he saw it as good sport or practice. After his corruption, Tagutan has changed both mentally and physically. Due to his Nightmare powers, he is prone to fits of rage or violence and has been shown to be a more sad individual by expression, despite his powerful status. His time with Kalcedia has helped alleviate some of this, as he is slowly learning to open himself to others.


Tagutan is notable for his Nightmare Energy powers, unique for being the only creature with these powers and not be aligned to the Corruptus. His powers range from launching powerful bolts to extending razor-sharp tentacles from his back to skewer his enemies. In combination with his species' own Dencension Energy, Tagutan's powers are amplified even further. Tagutan is a very experienced melee fighter and is very dangerous with his blades. In addition, a trait granted by his corruption was making his skin almost amphibian-like, allowing him to breath underwater among other things. He also possessed an unique attack, called Ajna, which is a psychic blast that causes everything to be pushed back from him while his targets have horrifying nightmares.

Prince Tagutan is a master of blades, taught during his years of education. He has no particularly favourite blade, although after the death of King Tagutan he used his father's sword, Vixuetiir, a long blade capable of being infused with psychic energies. After his corruption, Tagutan now uses a secondary blade he gathered in order to kill the corrupted people of his kingdom as well as his father's blade. He has forgotten the name of his swords over time although he has not forgotten how to use them, in fact he has become even more skilled. Both swords are capable of being infused with Nightmare energy due to also being corrupted.



LoveRelation.pngI suppose even nightmares have feelings.


Blue face.pngYou have not run off. That is a surprise.

  • Dolgan Tuchaki - She won't let me touch her, but I know she's fond of me.
  • Vekaron - An admirable soldier, familiar to great tragedy. I'm sorry.
  • Hachiman - You helped me control my affliction. I am forever in your debt.


Yellow face.pngBack off.

  • N/A


Red face.pngLet me share the horrors of my nightmares with you.

  • N/A


Despite possessing entropic energies, this one appears sane. He is still a risk however and therefore precautions must be made. Reccomended action: Observe unless sufficient reason is given for isolation.

- Grand Inquisition archive entry

Interesting. Serve me.

- Anzilanarus

It's a bizarre phenomenon - lost souls gravitating to one another, that is. Is there such a thing as fate, or was it simply some sort of great coincidence? For many years, I believed that it was my talents and my looks that people cared for, so I played it up to try and fit into the purpose that was laid out for me. ... Tagutan saw past my body and looked inside to bring the genuine me to light. We gave each other direction, and now we both wander the same road.

- Kalcedia Myran




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