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Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.

- Taev Voseatiur

Taev Voseatiur was a male Libertus who served as the Imperial Grand Mandator of the Northern Outer Rim and the commander of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. Native to Imperavelli, an ecumenopolis serving as a hub of the Empire in both military and economic affairs, particularly in the aftermath of the loss of Moreuse to the Cyrannian Imperial State. A consummate politician with an aptitude for manipulation and deception, Vosætiur was considered one of the most powerful Grand Mandators in the Imperial Order and one of the few to earn the personal favour of the enigmatic Galactic Emperor.

A strong proponent of meritocracy, Vosætiur looked down on aristocratic and monarchical governments and was supportive of the Empire's own form of government only if the leading figures, including the Emperor and the Grand Mandators continued to prove their worth in the Imperial hierarchy. As such, Vosætiur was a strong critic of systems of government in which the leader is chosen by inheritance and was also highly critical of democratic governments for appealing to what Vosætiur saw as the will of the ignorant.

Rising to the top from the bottom of the social hierarchy of Imperavelli, Vosætiur's rise to prominence closely followed the rise of the Empire with his position of power even gaining him a place in the Emperor's inner circle of advisers. Unlike his rival, Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius, Vosætiur was a proponent of winning wars before they start and subscribes to the dictum that "knowledge is power", secretly maintaining an intelligence base that keeps tabs on many individuals both within the Empire and beyond.

This philosophy led to his involvement in the "Operation", which eventually culminated in the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm and the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War. As the commander of the Imperial Battlestation, Vosaetiur considered himself to be the most powerful being in the Empire and in his hubris, was killed when the New Republic destroyed station during the Battle of Cadian in 15 NE.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Taev Voseatiur's early life other than the fact that he was born into one of the lowest environments imaginable for a Cyrannian world and made it his mission from a young age to improve his prospects in a world that does not reward anything less than exceptionalism. Thus was life on Imperavelli, Vosætiur's homeworld, where the democratic rule of the Federation of United Worlds was ignored in favour of a strict society in which the powerful held all the authority and the weak were cast aside. Over the decades of his young life, Vosætiur rose quickly but subtly through the ranks of Imperavelli's government earning a reputation as a friendly and approachable man always willing to advance his career. However, this hid Vosætiur's true machiavellian tendencies, seeing people as mere tools to aid in his ascendance to power. Those who proved useful were kept close while those who outlived their usefulness were cast aside.

As he completed his first century, Vosætiur was placed in office as Imperavelli's governor and managed to keep the planet away from the influence of the disorderly rabble of the Northern Outer Rim, even spearheading the creation of an Imperavellian fleet designed to ward off pirates and smugglers operating with impunity in the system. In one such occasion, Vosætiur commanded a mission which saw the capture of an infamous pirate king who had been raiding Imperavellian shipments for months prior. To send the pirates a message, Vosætiur placed the pirate king in an escape pod and transmitted footage from the interior of the pod as it travelled slowly towards its final destination: Imperavelli's sun. As the once deadly pirate screamed in pain while being slowly burned alive, the pirate fleet broke off earning Vosætiur a reputation as a fervent protector against whom the only outcome is defeat.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

Grand Mandator Vosaetiur and the Imperial Fleet arrives at Moreuse.

Early Involvement

Attention, rebel fleet, this is Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Several weeks ago, your forces besieged my homeworld of Imperavelli. Now - allow me to return the favour. The Imperial State faces extinction. What now remains is where it makes its final stand. Will you opt for oblivion?

- Grand Mandator Vosaetiur in a transmission to Zillum's fleet over Moreuse.

Though he managed to keep Imperavelli away from the Great Cyrannus War between the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems, the wars conclusion interested him greatly. Where there was once two warring democratic governments, there now existed a single meritocratic Empire. Believing that he, and his people of course, would benefit from joining such a society, Vosætiur travelled to Orbispira, where he was appointed the Imperial Mandator of the Imperavelli Sector. Over the course of the next three years, Vosætiur presided over Imperavelli's rise to galactic prominence, becoming a high functioning hub of the Imperial Military in the northern reaches of the Outer Rim. When the New Cyrandia Wars erupted, Vosætiur remained loyal to the Emperor thus ensuring the loyalty of Imperavelli upon the fall of Moreuse and much of the Northern Outer Rim to Zillum and the Cyrannian Imperial State. With Mandator Moch-Na's whereabouts unknown, Vosætiur was pleased to learn that the Emperor had appointed him the new Grand Mandator of the Northern Outer Rim, a title which Vosætiur has since worn with pride.

With the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation under his command, Vosaetiur became one of the most feared figures in the Empire, successfully using the Battlestation's destructive power to destroy the Corruptus demon world Brezank during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone as well as using it to cause Zillum to flee to the Quadrant Galaxies during the Seizure of Moreuse.

Vosaetiur presides over Tyermaillin's trial.

End of the Conflict

I do not intend to make you a martyr, Tyermaillin, as your predecessor became. No... you will rot for the rest of your days in the brig of this Battlestation. You will be alive to witness the renewal of the Empire as it becomes a vision of strength and unity without your insignificant rebellion sullying our galaxy.

- Grand Mandator Vosaetiur during Tyermaillin's trial after the Battle of Vasuband.

After the highly successfully Siege of Vasuband resulted in the destruction of the Cyrannian Imperial State, Imperator Tyermaillin was brought to the Imperial Battlestation to stand trial. Vosaetiur presided over the former rebel leader and listened intently to Tyermaillin's account of a vision of the galaxy's past, present and future. Though unnerved by many of the details claimed by Tyermaillin, Vosaetiur delighted in ordering the once mighty rebel leader to the brig of the Battlestation to rot away for the rest of his days while the Empire grew in strength.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

With the conflict over, Vosaetiur spent much of the subsequent months overseeing deadly new upgrades to the primary weapon systems of the Imperial Battlestation, which was now capable of harnessing and unleashing phantom dark energy on targets potentially located on the far side of the galaxy, or theoretically, the Gigaquadrant. However, when the Grand Mandator learned that the Emperor planned on resurrecting Tyranus, he was outraged. Travelling to Orbispira, he boldly confronted the Emperor though his concerns were dismissed by the nefarious sovereign. Returning to the Battlestation, Vosaetiur awaited the moment he would meet the so-called "Imperious Lord".

Destruction of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance

This is the beginning of the end for defiance against the Emperor's righteous rule. The end of a galaxy of disorder and chaos! And the birth of a galaxy of Imperial loyalty and resolve! Today will see the death of the detestable rabble of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance! After today, let no one deny our power! Let no one deny our strength! Let no one deny our destiny to rule! Nothing will stand in our way, not this patchwork of rebels nor the dithering Republic and its pathetic allies! Empire eternal!

- Grand Mandator Vosaetiur prior to the firing of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation.

Upon the discovery of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance's Hubworld deep in the Unknown Regions, and the subsequent battle to claim it, General Nakatar - a high ranking general in the Alliance's ranks - was brought to the Imperial Battlestation so that the Empire could ascertain the nature of the Alliance's nature with the New Republic. Vosaetiur personally tortured the Basileus general to within an inch of his life, though ultimately decided that an alternate approach would be required. Thus entered the Imperious Lord, Tyranus, who utilised his Phaedric powers to probe Nakatar's mind for information. When the Basileus general proved to be too powerful, Vosaetiur decided to test the new capabilities of the Battlestation on the Hubworld.

By destroying the Alliance Hubworld and the surrounding starsystem, Vosaetiur committed what many consider to be the most heinous warcrime in galactic history.

Firing from across the galaxy, the Battlestation's beam of phantom dark energy created a small Big Rip through hyperspace, which completely incinerated the Hubworld, killing all ten billion on the planet's surface. The ensuing supernova destroyed the entire system, greatly impressing the Grand Mandator, who saw it as an example to the rest of the universe of the folly of defying the Empire.

End of the Senate
Paxius: "Surely you do realise how reckless it is to challenge Vosaetiur?"
Donaró: "A would-be dictator, Senator Paxius. Lest we forget, the one responsible for the destruction of the Alliance Hubworld. Billions slaughtered in the blink of an eye. What a glorious Empire we inhabit."
―Senators Paxius and Donaró discuss Vosaetiur

Almost five years later, Vosaetiur cooperated closely with his rival, Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius to finally remove the Imperial Senate, which had been a thorn in their plans for a militarised Empire. Indeed, while it was inarguable that the Senate was a hotbed of pro-Republic sympathy, Vosaetiur concocted a variety of stories to justify the Dissolution, priding himself on convincing the Emperor to wipe away the legislative body. In reality, Tyromairon had long planned on doing so as part of his effort to fully transition the Empire from the successor state of the United Republic of Cyrannus to a "perfect" Oikoumene state. While Vosaeitur faced considerable internal opposition from the Potentate, he privately dismissed Aeresius as "irrelevant".

Second Great War[]

Caesarius: "I hear that you're having a spot of bother, Taev. As I predicted, the Republic would outwit your meagre security."
Vosaetiur: "So sure, are we? I stand ready to destroy Capricaerón and in so doing, rid the Republic of their soul as I already did their heart. There can be no escape from that which we will unleash."
―Caesarius and Vosaetiur

Several months later, Vosaetiur worked with other high ranking Imperials on the final stages of the "Operation", which culminated in the destruction of Mou'Cyran and the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Considering himself the most powerful being in the Empire, with the potential to challenge the Emperor himself, Vosaetiur watched in awe as his beloved battlestation destroyed the very centre of the New Republic and in preparing to destroying Capricaerón believed himself to be at the cusp of total victory.

However, his efforts were opposed by Deoclet Caesarius, who believed that he endangered the Empire's eventual victory with his bloodlust. During the Battle of Cadian, Vosaetiur was surprised by the Grand Republic Fleet's bold assault on the Station, though in his hubris, continued the firing sequence of the Station as it targeted Capricaerón, which the newly appointed President Apollo had designated the Republic's interim capital. He was killed when the station's exolaser backfired onto the station itself, the result of internal sabotage and interdiction fields being directed from Republic ships. His death created a power vacuum in the Empire, with Caesarius quick to gain control over Vosaetiur's jurisdiction and intelligence network.

Physical Appearance[]

Taev Voseatiur was a member of a Libertus subspecies native to Imperavelli, though the differences between his kind and the more common Libertus native to Capricaerón were relatively minor. Possessing dark grey colouration and a plume of dark protofeathers on his head and tail, Vosætiur was not considered to be particularly attractive though his personality and aspirations for greatness have been known to attract others to him. Almost half way through his second century at the time of his death, Vosætiur was still not considered to be an elder and yet his demeanour and posture marked him as a figure to be respected and trusted, which the manipulative Libertus often used to his benefit.

Personality and Traits[]

A profile of Taev Vosaetiur.

He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command.

- Taev Voseatiur

Taev Voseatiur was a highly complex individual with very little in the way of a moral compass. Publicly, Vosætiur maintained the appearance of a well-meaning though highly ambitious individual who cared deeply about his people and those who aid in his career, though this was merely a front to hide his true nature as a highly duplicitous, narcissistic and manipulative politician who subscribed to the dictum that the "ends justify the means", thus being capable of deeds considered by most to be heinous all in the pursuit of personal and Imperial power—perhaps most notably the Destruction of Mou'Cyran during the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Due to his background in the lowest pits of Imperavelli, Vosætiur felt a certain level of kinship to the very lowest in society while holding those born into privilege or a position of power with distrust and derision. Nevertheless, any individual regardless of their position in society was fair game for Vosætiur's intricate plans. As previously mentioned, Vosætiur was a strong proponent of a meritocratic system of government and supported the Emperor's regime purely due to the fact that he respected and admired the Emperor's political aptitude. In fact, it can be said that the Emperor was the only being that Vosætiur truly feared, which the Emperor was more than willing to use to his advantage, providing a keen insight into how the upper echelons of the Imperial government work.

Though his ruthlessness was subtle to those who first meet him, there are many who knew a small extent of Vosætiur's ferocity, such as those who served under him while he served as the protector of the Imperavelli system. The incident in which he devastated an entire pirate fleet by merely capturing and torturing their leader is well known to those who remember the event, but this generally earned him admiration rather than disgust. Given his personality and political persuasion, Grand Mandator Vosætiur was a supporter of the Imperial Inquisition.



Blue face.pngA friend is nothing but an enemy known to you.

  • Tyrómairon: The quality of a good leader is instilling fear into those who serve him. The Emperor does this quite effectively.
  • Charcar'maer: The Inquisition is in good hands.


Orange face.pngThere are few things I dislike as much as mediocrity.

  • Erissare: Foolish quim.
  • Apollo: You stand for the government of the ignorant, by the ignorant and for the ignorant.
  • Tyranus: I do not abide traitors, no matter what our Lord Emperor says.
  • General Nakatar: Such resilience is... impressive.


Red face.pngThe best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.


Deceiving the deceiver is more difficult, though infinitely more satisfying.

- Tyrómairon

I bet I can seduce this hot looking, intelligent and scaly Libertus

- Liloth



  • Vosætiur is in some ways a spiritual successor to Imperator Tyranus.
  • Though an original character, his inspirations include Francis Urquhart and Wilhuff Tarkin.
  • Despite the title of "Grand Mandator" being of a lower rank than "Potentate", in truth Grand Mandator Vosætiur has more power within the Empire than Tereyn Aeresius and has been known to outrank even the Phaedra within the Imperial hierarchy.


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