Stolithik is a former champion of the Devourer's Chosen, now serving in the Dominion of the Xhodocto. Known as "the Sorrowful", he is well known for screaming and wailing in pain, and corrupting his enemies' minds by making them cry at the suffering of him and of battle. He is an incredible sorcerer, capable of Dark Chronoscopic powers, but also uses his blades to cut foes apart.



Stolithik was one of a tribe Blothnos corrupted by the Devourer's Chosen. Stolithik was one of those who tried his hardest to fight against corruption. Stolithik's squad was a team who tried to fight against the corruption, but still fought for the Chosen undercover.


When he was sent to battle against the Unified Nation of Ottzello, Stolithik's team was surpressed by a particle cannon. The team kept fighting, trying to avoid the attacks, but they could not move forward. Soon, the team realised something; the cannons weren't coming from UNO, but from the Chosen, who had discovered that they were rebels. Stolithik was hit badly, and saw his squad die on the ground alongside them. With the knowledge that he had failed, he shut his eyes and passed out, feeling his senses go.

Stolithik woke up. He discovered that he was not in fact dead, but he found himself in the heart of the Devourer's Chosen. He was spoken to by Geltastra, and expected the worst. Instead, she congratulated him on how well he'd done and his resistance to the corruption. Stolithik felt uplifted. Realising his power, Geltastra gave him stronger powers and corruption.


With these powers, Stolithik quickly rose up the ranks from a simple commander to the best, due to his strong powers that had been awarded to. Stolithik became not only the leader of the Blothnos, but a Champion.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Stlithk made his first appearance in the Second Borealis Galactic War, in the Rise of the X'Arazulha. During this part of the war, Zr'Ahgloth defeated him, but his failure only made him stronger. Stolithik returned in the final battle of the Rise, and was defeated by Commandant Darwishi; the only soldier who couldn't even be simulated to feel emotions, and thus wasn't affected by Stolithik's corruption.

During the Business of War, Stolithik notably joined forces with the Vague in an attempt to stop UNO from being freed from their prison. However, he was killed in battle once more.

Stolithik made his last stand when he attacked the UNO capital of Grenzaar during the Chosen uprising. He was eventually killed by Feldosia, at the cost of her sanity.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

Following the Chosen's defeat, the Dominion of the Xhodocto started to be formed. Geltastra, feeling satified by Stolithik's abiltiies, revived him once more. Now he serves as a soldier of the Dominion, but he has lost his entropic powers and his title of Champion in his revival.



Stolithik is known as "the Sorrowful", as he is well known to wail and scream, but in deep sorrow, as well as cry as he fights. This is because of the damage that corruption has done to him, the battle in which he lost all the people he loved, the pain from being near to the radius the cannon, and the pain in battle. However, he also cries out of sympathy for those he deems as heretical (for not following Shu'rimrodir), and for the screams and suffering of war and battle; he feels that life and war is horrific for those not under Shu'rimrodir's religion, and he ends their suffering by making them join Shu'rimrodir or ending their 'miserable' lives. For this reason, fighting comforts Stolithik.

Stolithik sees Shu'rimrodir as sympathetic to his feelings, understanding and caring (which is not necessarily true). Stolithik feels that the Devourer is "the only one who understands him", along with his friends in the Devourer's Chosen, and for this reason worships Shu'rimrodir with prayer almost every battle. Whenever Stolithik fails battle, he wails and cries deeply, and whips himself; when he has done well, he prays thanking Shu'rimrodir for all "the help and guidance of the great Devourer", and feels he has done a good thing for a good cause. While he envies the higher servants of The Corruptus such as Shu'wokerama, he still respects them greatly. He also feels close to his 'friends' in the Devourer's Chosen, who are his "only true family he ever had".


Stolithik's appearance is often blinded by his energies, which he will use often against his foes. But what makes him stand out as obvious are his crying and wailing noises; he rarely tries to hide himself, as he often doesn't need to.


Stolithik uses powerful blades said to be crafted from metals and energies of the Devourer himself. However, he mostly uses weapons that, while they appear as ordinary captain weapons, are capable of causing enormous damage to any foe, using Dark Chronoscopic powers, as well as running on plasma; combined the weapons can cause damage of incredible proportions.


Stolithik is a powerful sourcerer; it is said that his tears bear the mark of energy, and that when he cries a huge horde of demons can be summoned. It is also said that his wail signifies death to his enemies, and that his talk of cries and sadness not only instil fear, but instil death. These are all because of his nature and power. However he is also unique for being the strongest of the Chosen in Dark Chronoscopic powers, and of the Champions, is said to be the 'time keeper'.



Green face.pngYou can feel the tears, the pain, the screams!

  • Kernax the Striker - Yes, yes...DEEP STRIKE INTO THE HEARTLESS HERETICS!!!
  • Ref'kolar the Laugher - THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR LAUGHTER LORON!!! The Devourer's servants should not be fucking clowns!!! Yet I like you somehow...
  • Indricarron the Tormentor - YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER!!! SO...SAD!!!!! The Devourer needs real people helping him, you are making it look like his servants are heartless, thoughtless murderers with no sympathy!!!


Yellow face.png*wail* Cry.. Cry for me!

  • None


Red face.pngShow me your tears... let them flow! Cry.. until your eyes run red! SO SAD I COULD DIE! I WILL MAKE YOU CRY!

  • Commandant Darwishi - You heartless monster...CANNOT CRY?! YOU BRING MORE PAIN AND SUFFERING...DIE!!!




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