Sollow is a technologically undead soldier. Sollow is Falrik Zaarkhun's descendant, doomed to living undead after being killed by Falrik, in a body kept active with nanotechnology and cybernetics, and never being destroyed. He is extremely skilled at martial arts and using weaponry, and his body heals almost instantly thanks to nanotechnology, making him an almost perfect super soldier. He is one of the higher ranking people of the Borealis Consortium Network (formerly the Zaarkhun Consortium).


Early life[]

Sollow inherited the Zaarkhun Consortium from his father at 18. His mother tried to control the Consortium, but Sollow simply killed her. He had little care for his family, who had raised him to be a vicious murderer. Sollow did little with the Consortium, besides spread their criminal network around Ottzello Galaxy.


Sollow was killed at the age of 38, when one of his ancesters, Falrik Zaarkhun, traveled forward in time; when Zaarkhun wanted to take over his Consortium again, he killed Sollow Zaarkhun. Afterwards, Sollow's body was rebuilt using complex nanotechnology and cybernetics, reviving him as a sort of cyberzombie. Sollow Zaarkhun dropped his surname from his name, although there is still questioning whether that was his real name.

Zaarkhun Consortium era[]

Sollow joined Falrik Zaarkhun's new Conosrtium, and worked with him in the Second Ottzello Galactic War. He also betrayed Falrik at the end, resulting in Falrik requiring the same life support implants that Sollow did.

As a punishment, Sollow had to serve as the heart of the centre of the Hostile Xenoform Threat in the Third Ottzello Galactic War. After this, however, Falrik Zaarkhun had freedom after his loss, and he took Sollow back. As a result of these actions, Sollow was a literally emotionless character.

When Falrik Zaarkhun died and Genrai Nal joined Shu'wokerama, Sollow took over, and cloned Falrik multiple times. Genrai Nal was granted freedom as long as he served Shu'wokerama when called for, so the three became equal leaders. When Zaarkhun joined the Borealis Consortium Network, Sollow joined this organisation; by this point he was completely pardoned, as he had no emotions anymore.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

In the Second Borealis Galactic War, Sollow worked with Falrik, Genrai, and with General Volim. He was notable for defeating Dark Apostle Geltastra, during the end of the Rise of the Xi'Arazulha.



Sollow has no emotions, and thus, has hardly any personality. He is a man of few words, but also quite intelligent during the times he does speak.


Sollow ha incredibly pale skin, and many have said that his veins show up well. His left stalk eye has been cut off, as well as his tail, and his feet have been modified heavily. Many have likened his appearance to that of a zombie.


Sollow's body uses artificial blood and muscles. The artificial blood has water as the main medium for things to travel in, like in natural blood. It might carry a variety of modified blood cells (biotechnology), with some more conventional nanobots (but with advanced enough technology, the difference between biological and non-biological essentially ceases to exist). Blood's functions include carrying nanomachines, nutrients and oxygen to body cells, waste products away from body cells, a variety of defence systems (white blood cells), and healing/repair systems (platelets).

Sollow's artificial muscles are nanostructured electromechanical motor materials, made primarily of carbon, boron, and nitrogen. It is unknown how strong Sollow's muscles are, though many experts predict that his muscles would be 10,000 times stronger than a similarly shaped biological creature, without augmentations. If a human in good shape can lift 100 kg over his head in one earth standard gravity, Sollow - an equivalent sized creature - would be able to lift 100,000kg (100 tons). Also, hypothetically, as this muscle can do 10,000 times as much work, it can jump 10,000 times as high and far, and run 100 times as fast; a human athelte can run 10m/s, while Sollow's predicted hypothetical speed is 1km/s. However, while Sollow has performed acrobatic moves, incredible speeds and performed feats of almost supernatural strength, they aren't close to these hypothetical feats.

Sollow has nanomachines similar to The System (in addition to Zaarkhun's system), which are far stronger than normal. These are perfect, however and will heal Sollow incredibly quickly, making him near invulnerable after death. They are also used as internal life support.

Sollow also has boots which are capable of magnetics, as well as convertable into hover boots, allowing him to run up buildings, and run on water. The nanomachines provide him the balance to keep up with, as the eyes and the body senses can detect any errors in balance. The heel of the boot would be composed of a material using nanotech, that could shift between being the sticky surface and a flatter surface. When it's flat, miniature magnetic drives in the boot activates, propelling it off the floor.

It is thought that his nanomachines are also boosted by picomachines and femtomachines - little machines far smaller than nanomachines, up to around a millionth of the size of them. This is a theory, and cannot be confirmed, but is very likely.


Sollow has a vibroblade sword (essentially, a sword that is a chainsaw) as his main weapon, and energy-coated knives, which he throws with incredibly precision, and uses to mutilate his foes. In addition, attached to his wrist, he has an electric blade, which is one of his most common weapons. The weapon is part of his body; he does not need to draw it out of anywhere. Sollow also has a missile launcher from where his left eye was cut off.


Sollow has incredibly powerful abilities that some would describe as supernatural, but are provided by his cybernetics and nanotechnology. Although his only real armament is his seemingly unlimited supply of knives, with which he was extremely skilled, he also displays extraordinary, almost unnatural physical abilities. For one, his strength, speed, and agility are far beyond that of an average being of his size. Sollow, like Genrai, is also capable of reading his enemies' muscle movement, and predicting when they will next attack. This is due to his cybernetic eye, and his skill.



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Well, my descendant is one true soldier once he's dead. Just cmes to show what my family came to.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

He is a true warrior, with some real skill.

- Genrai Nal


- Zr'Ahgloth

What keeps him alive keeps him on the brink of death.... How horrid, how could couch a nightmare exist.

- Arnas Volkamen

His endurance is honorable. Chronodrakes bow to you, lord of the Consortium.

- Knez Typhon of the Chronodrakes

This one is dead an alive simultaneously. How.... peculiar.

- Evermind

Abomination... either die or live, don't hold yourself to life after your time has come.

- Dylan

You could have a great future as a champion of the Devourer's word. Join me, or perish...

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

All those implants. Is there anything Heeyorian left in him?

- Lord Admiral Larnus Vontarion

Undead thingy. Creepy.

- General Volim

If he's a machine, why keep the biologic parts then? Just to make people feel sick?

- Captain Torrent

Piece of junk. I'll crush you to nothing.

- Agent Omega

This Organic is interesting. It is strange how the only Organic I like is Dead. Some would call me deranged.

- IV-22A



  • The captain was originally created by the character designer/owner, Technobliterator, until TheImperios made the captain's second look, soon to be updated by Technobliterator. The captain's history and information was created by Technobliterator.
  • Sollow was inspired by Vamp from the Metal Gear Solid series


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