Hmph. No more criminal activity. The only true right is nothingness.

- Skhánaróton -01

Supreme Commander Skhánaróton -01 was the Supreme Commander of the Zí-Jittorám, a former commander of the Borealis Consortium Network, and later a commander of the Dominion of the Xhodocto.


Early History[]

Skhánaróton -01 was born on Aí-khanór 6 around 300 years ago, a desolate planet with a ruling anarchy, notable for having many "do or die" laws. It is said that the entirety of his family was killed by the anarchist rule and therefore he was inducted into the government as a trained war machine at the age of 9 when that happend.

This anarchy, however, entered a state of disarray for about 600 years, and a group numbered around 1000 at the time began to restructure itself. He was then promoted to be the Supreme Commander of the Zí-Jittorám Empire Armies by age 56, catching the attention of General Volim, who made him one of his highest ranking commanders.

By then his political kill count was numbered around 14,000,000. So not only was he the biggest murderer and killer of the 2630's but he was also one of the most important political figures. Between then and the Wranploer Legion's inductions there were civil wars here and there and then there were interstellar wars. By the time he joined the Wranploer Legion, he was responsible for the deaths of at least 30 billion.

First Wranploer War[]

Skhánaróton -01 surrounded by Tralor corpses

Skhánaróton -01's first notable sight in the recent years was in the invasion of a United Lanat Empire colony during the First Wranploer War. Skhánaróton was only followed by a small force, and right when he got on the ground, Tralor troopers attacked, killing some of his men. However, Skhánaróton cared little for it, and quickly extended his gigantic tongue to grab and rip one of the Tralor apart. The others, startled by the brutality of the attack, oot the guards down, and Skhánaróton proceeded to gun them down with his rifle. More troopers appeared from the woods, and Skhánaróton killed every one of them in terrible, terrible ways.

As he moved through the forest to the nearest city, Skhánaróton was ambushed several times, and all of these, the enemies were killed fast. The Legion force was already all down, save for Skhánaróton, who only enjoyed the bloodshed. The captain of the Tralor troopers soon appeared and gave him a final warning, saying he would be destroyed if he walked another step.

The result was a carnage, the forests set on fire, and an entire Tralor world in ruins.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Skhánaróton -01 at the ruins of the Zoles palace

Skhánaróton -01 had little participation in the Second Borealis Galactic War. His whereabouts were unknown through the first 6 years of the war, though he notably had a fierce combat against Agent Alpha which ended in both nearly killed.

Despite his low presence, he made himself notable during the Wrath of Gods. When the BCN went back in time, Skhánaróton -01 would later be tasked to be part of the invasion on Planet Zoleia. During this invasion, the Zí-Jittorám fought the Polar Crystal Alliance, nearly killing many leading figures until he was exploded into smithereens by a Kicathian grenade. Despite this, weeks later, it was revealed that Volim had retrieved his remains and was rebuilding him as a cyborg.

Following Zaarkhun and Volim being killed by Kolossus' actions, Skhánaróton -01's destruction was reverted. Now that the Consortium is crippled, the Zí-Jittorám Commander has joined with the Dominion of the Xhodocto, taking the Zí-Jittorám with him.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

After his migration to the Dominion of the Xhodocto, Skhánaróton became a commander of their forces. He encountered the team there and captured them. After they escaped their prison, they encountered Skhánaróton again along with Mar-Júun. Realising they were outmatched, they retreated.

Skhánaróton would later be encountered in the megaconstruct Ightosia, where it was revealed he had been infected with the Xhodocto-made pathogen known as the Infernovirus. Skhánaróton was transformed into a huge, insane abomination, who gave chase to the team for several minutes. Skhánaróton met his end, however, when he was distracted enough for one of the team's bombs to be planted on Ightosia. The resulting explosion destroyed the entire megaconstruct, with Skhánaróton still aboard it.



Skhánaróton -01 was an evil and ruthless Zí-Jittorám, his attitude making him both respected and feared among his troops. He showed no pity and enjoyed killing his enemies the worst ways possible, so he could hear their screams for mercy.


Skhánaróton -01 appeared to be normal Zí-Jittorám, but he was notably taller and stronger-looking thanks to the training he underwent whilst he was a youth.


Skhánaróton -01 owned large number of weapons but he favours an energy rifle above all others. As a Zí-Jittorám, he has little need for a armor, but he is seen using a ceremonial commander armour which makes him appear larger.


Because of his training as an assassin, Skhánaróton -01 had an exemplary combat skill. He also had heightened senses, and like all Zí-Jittorám, incredible physical strength. After his migration to the Dominion of the Xhodocto, it was apparent that Skhánaróton was to some degree descended.



Yellow face.pngHmph.

  • Zánkharínzalin -0993 - One of my flesh and blood. And a destructive force.


Red face.pngI'll scatter your brain all over the walls!

  • Torrent - "Fool. Join me or perish."


Perhaps the one figure in the entire Gigaquadrant we Kicath will be avoiding.

- Kicath

Do what I say, and you shall have all you want for the rest of your life. The profit, the murdering...everything!

- General Volim

I hope the demons feed off your dead eye sockets, treachous filth!

- Captain Torrent

He's a pretty strong warrior, and he's certainly got his uses. But I don't like his attitude.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

Very focused on what he is meant ot do and who to fight. I like that. Though true warriors fight for a cause, not for fun.

- Genrai Nal

He should try dying, for once. Life is overrated.

- Sollow



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