Leonardo was born on Cyloia in the years of warmth and was the lead trader for the cowbug tribe, he created very close ties with Ioi when he was a kid and the Eldarisian's overall. Leonardo's family was a long line of blacksmiths and was a large tradition in their family. Leonardo however took up trading since he was good at persuasion and talking with others, this made his family displeased and angry with him. He traded many times with his strongest ally, the Eldarisian's and the cowbugs saw many years of prosperity, until Cyloia forever changed. The once thriving, green planet took on a new color and the temperature changed, it became very cold as snow rained for many days. The Leonardo asked the Eldarisian's for help, and they agreed to help them find a way to fix this situation. When the Eldarisian's entered the age of civilization, the Eldarisian's found a way to send them off in space. So Leonardo and his people were sent into the abyss of the unknown.

Leonardo and his people found a planet of life, they landed and named it Geist. Leonardo's leader had died from age and he was named ruler of his people for his knowledge in economics alongside many others who specified in other fields. So Leonardo lead his people through the age of stone, to civilization and space. The Cowbug republic was found with Leonardo as the main council member. Leonardo eventually found the Eldarisian's and contacted them, they asked them to join, Leonardo and the council soon agreed. Leonardo eventually stepped down from being the representative of his people and pursued his dream to be the high trader. His family finally supported him on his journey to be the High trader and this only fueled him forward.

On April 3rd, 2803 he found that his lover Vos Heli was most likely dead and captured after her transport was attacked. Bugencower was deeply affected by this tragedy, his energetic mood of the past soon slowed down. While he retained his friendly nature and some of his energetic style, he ultimately gained a very serious outlook on life. This lost made him very yearning for romance, wanting someone who would truly love him for eternity and stand by him at his darkest times. Giving up hope on her being alive, Bugencower still remembers her, but he knows he must move on and find a brighter future with someone else.


Sir Bugencower is a friendly extrovert with a strong respect for the Eldarisian culture and religion. Independent and rather emotional, Bugencower is a leading figure in Eldarisia and one to be respected. With no tolerance for corruption, he surrounds himself with religious and strong willed friends and shows no pity for those who are corrupt. This extremely cold approach to corruption keeps his subordinates in place and has eliminated the issue entirely within the Empires trade. This has made him similar to his enemy Elka Cloden who also has done something similar, but on a larger scale.

With the death of Vos, Bugencower has become more negative and hopeless for the future of the universe. While still friendly and trying to be positive, he is slowly becoming more and more distant. To combat this, he has become more active in his religion and curious about the universe.


Green face Allies: A true person who has stood with me through many wars.

Blue face Friend: A new ally perhaps?

Yellow face Neutral: Hmm...

Orange face Dislikes: Please leave, your quite annoying.

Red face Enemy: Begone from here you wretched pile of filth in this universe!

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