Silver Death (name given by the DCP, the entity itself appears to be nameless) was a superweapon under the service of the Universal Junction of Species. A mass of shapeshifting utility fog which often took the form of a silver-plated Junction Mind-King, Silver Death was often considered the greatest and most powerful weapon of the Junction that was not a dreadnought, and among the most powerful weapons the First Gigaquadrant has ever witnessed.


Early History[]

Silver Death's past is shrouded in mystery, but he is widely believed to have been created by the Junction during their prime at their home universe of Dimension Zero. Due to that universe's degradation, abandonment and eventual destruction by the Xhodocto, the origin and purposes behind Silver Death's creation have been long lost, the only being still possessing this information being the AI Alfabusium. Through the millenia of his existence, Silver Death has served the Junction Mind, single-handedly bringing entire civilizations to their knees with his immense power. When the Junction made the Onuris Universe their new home, Silver Death was brought over with them.

In the Onuris Universe, Silver Death was present during Attero Dominatus' Borealis Campaign, where he fought and killed Kuzushimasu during the final invasion of the Tyranny's Borealis headquarters, later participating in the Mirus Campaign as well. When the Junction departed from the Onuris Universe, it appears they have taken Silver Death with them, as no traces of his being have ever been found.



Silver Death's 'natural' form was that of a cloud of self-replicating nanomachines serving the purpose of utility fog, often appearing as a silver-plated mist which can take any form they wish. Silver Death is more often seen as a silver-plated Mind-King, though he was not restricted to Junction drones and could take the form of whatever he pleased, in any shape and size he deemed necessary. All of Silver Death's forms maintained a standard silver-plated appearance.


Silver Death was programmed to fulfill orders directly given by the Junction Mind, and because of this he was often seen as their 'second-in-command' even though he was no different from any Junction drone in hierarchy. Silver Death possessed a cunningly cold intellect and had no concept of mercy or alliances, destroying his enemies with all of his might while displaying little interest in his own actions. As a weapon of the Junction Mind, Silver Death merely did what he was told to and nothing else.


Being utility fog, Silver Death could change his shape at will. This allowed him to literally make openings on his current body so that attacks may pass harmlessly through him. The nanomachines which composed Silver Death could shape themselves into incredibly advanced armor and weapons ranging from rifles, cannons, blasters, blades, fists and more. Silver Death's nanomachines could also simulate artificial muscles which gave him unnatural amounts of physical strength and endurance.



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