Nightmares fueled by the blood of the assassinated. The rage of billions making them all stronger. The Malcaeum will haunt the lives of mortals for all eternity.

- Arrtkar Crowart

Shu'rahkavarh (Vida'Rra: That Which Hates) is the first of the Malcaeum and one of the Prime Nightmares of the Corruptus, currently serving under the Dominion of the Xhodocto. Among the most powerful demon generals of Shu'rimrodir's hordes, he has caused the deaths of trillions of sapients through history through his immense power and command over the Malcaeum race, with even the legendary Vida'Rra coming to fear the presence of the monster popularly known as the Skewer.

Shu'rahkavarh is an oddity among the Malcaeum, with a somewhat passive and lazy behaviour though that does not make him any less dangerous. He leaves no survivors on his wake, thrusting his massive bone spear through his victims to pile them up and promptly make an example out of their corpses, and his vile powers have led to the destruction of entire worlds. As one of the most powerful demons of the Corruptus, Shu'rahkavarh is not to be underestimated.


Ancient History[]

Shu'rahkavarh was the very first Malcaeum created by Shu'rimrodir during the original War of Black Fog. Originally a standard Malcaeum unlike any other, his dedication in murdering mortals got Shu'rimrodir's attention, who gifted him tremendous power as a reward. Becoming the very first Alpha Malcaeum, Shu'rahkavarh's personality changed and he became far colder, as opposed to his former hot-blooded attitude. He waged war against the universe until the Corruptus was defeated, which led to him being trapped in dream energy prison much like all other generals of the demon hordes.

Modern Wars[]

Shu'rahkavarh was one of the numerous demons awakened during the Second War of Black Fog, been seeing attacking the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies during the second and third years of the conflict known as the Plazithian Massacre until he was finally defeated by the efforts of Jerkon and his allies. Shu'rahkavarh would re-emerge years later during the Second Borealis Galactic War, when the Devourer's Chosen champion Capastrus the Emotionless summoned him on the Draconid Imperium capital of Praetoria. Shu'rahkavarh caused massive damage to the planet until he was defeated in battle by High Inquisitor Arsac, Agent Nu and Falrik Zaarkhun. Wounded, Shu'rahkavarh retreated and was not seen again for the next years. Following the end of the war, Shu'rahkavarh joined the Xhodocto Dominion alongside the rest of the Corruptus.

During the Third Xhodocto War, Shu'rahkavarh took part of several attacks on the Grand Inquisition, including the Grand Cathedral and one of their Reliquaries.



Shu'rahkavarh appears as a massive, winged Alpha Malcaeum with his skin tinted in black and scars. His eyes are also pitch-black in colouration and appear to absorb all light shined on them, as opposed to his species' usual blood red eyes.


Shu'rahkavarh, unlike all other Malcaeum, is a very cold and somewhat quiet entity. While he adores bloodshed and does not hesitate to cause as much destruction as possible, Shu'rahkavarh always acts slowly and carefully, refraining from charging mindlessly into fights. Despite his seemingly slow metabolism, Shu'rahkavarh is extremely intelligent and will try to think of strategies to take down enemies who cannot die from a single slash of his blade. As his name implies, Shu'rahkavarh enjoys skewering victims through his spear-like weapon until he makes a pile of corpses, which he then either explodes into a shower of gore or throws about as projectiles.


Being the most powerful of all Malcaeum, Shu'rahkavarh is a tremendously powerful entity. His physical strength makes him more powerful than even Shu'wokerama's servants, and as the rest of his species, he gets empowered from negative emotions, including anger, sadness and fear. Shu'rahkavarh is also empowered by bloodlust and bloodshed, meaning any kind of combat that ends in death makes Shu'rahkavarh stronger, and enemies with the desire to fight are also used as empowering tools. Shu'rahkavarh's spear can pierce through most known materials, can turn flexible enough to be used as a whip and can be used to blast entropic energy for ranged combat. When overcharged in power, Shu'rahkavarh can go into a frenzy, causing it to ignore pain and attack with even more power.



Yellow face.pngFor That Which Devours...


Yellow face.pngBloodshed...


Orange face.pngThe frenzy begins...

  • Sarec - The ascended still bleed...


He is good company for he does not talk much.

- Varugr

The Demon of Bloodshed, His wrath given form. Corrupt, crush and slaughter, ye vehement storm!

- Geltastra

You are a powerful force, a hurricane of blood and violence to sweep the truth of inevitability upon our foes.

- High Inquisitor Arsac

I wonder whether Shu'rimrodir will let me use your blade as a cheese grater. Not that I have to ask.

- Santorakh




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