He appeared, and our weapons rusted and corroded. Our tanks and ships broke down. Our flesh itself thinned and rotted and blood became slick and slimy. But faith endured, somehow. Never before had Spode felt so close, so... real. When the force of absolute evil appeared, one was bound to believe that its opposite existed too. At least, we all hoped it did.

- Clericarch Tadjamad

Aleskelkimtani, most known as Sethzak is one of Angazhar's several Tandava, a form taken to usher in calamitous events through the manipulation of the Gigaquadrant's living beings. An entity of truly terrible nature and power, he is the only known Xhodocto in modern years to inhabit the Tuuros Galaxy, where he organizes a vanguard for the Dominion of the Xhodocto known as the Argent Dominion, forcing the inhabitants of the area known as the Schism to submit to his will. Sethzak's ultimate goal is the complete domination of Tuuros and to turn the entire galaxy into a legion of destructive war machines fit for his tastes.


Sethzak transcends the concepts of time, being an entity of impossible age created from the mind of Angazhar for purposes alien to all but the Xhodocto themselves. As a manifestation of the Xhodocto god of war, Sethzak has spent the entirely of his existence contributing to the perpetuation of conflict across reality, destroying entire universes for sport while rallying armies to command.

He was first known to manifest in the Onuris Universe during the War of Ages, where he was one of the many corporeal avatars of the Xhodocto revered by the Congregation. When these avatars awakened, Sethzak initiated a march to the Church of Spode and carved his way through their worlds, causing the deaths of billions of Radeon until he finally reached Vendespode, where he fought and killed Clericarch Telfar before damning his soul to Inferno to be tortured by the Samut'angar until the intervention of the Isio'Nar. Once the war came to an end, Sathrak vanished from the universe alongside the rest of the lesser Xhodocto, and was widely believed to have been slain.

Sethzak manifested once more during the Third Xhodocto War, where he assumed the form of a Tandava Xhodocto in order to lead the mortal followers of the newly created Dominion. With the resurfacing of the Tuuros Galaxy in Gigaquadrantic affairs, Sethzak was sent to it in order to be a vanguard for the Dominion's eventual colonization of the galaxy - as the former domain of the Congregation, Sethzak believes the galaxy to be the Xhodocto's property. Venturing into the Schism, the terrible entity begun enslaving entire races to serve as his war beasts, leading to the foundation of the Argent Dominion.



Sethzak's Tandava avatar is distinct among other lesser Xhodocto by its shining silver hide, a contrast to Angazhar who is often represented by the colour red. Even in a mortal husk, Sethzak's mere presence is terrible to behold, as he warps reality around himself and change his shape to inflict further terror on his victims at will. It is said his presence is enough to land to freeze solid and for the air to become heavy and nigh-unbreathable.


Sethzak embodies most of Angazhar's traits, including a desire to plunge all of existence into eternal war and bloodshed. In his case, Sethzak prefers to instigate conflict through the use of lackeys, for he is presumably amused by watching mortals slaughtering one another in his name - a contrast to Angazhar, who prefers quick and direct annihilation of all. As an entity of infinite arrogance, Sethzak shows apparent disgust to those who would pledge their lives to gods other than himself, which led him to develop a particular hatred for the Radeon; for pledging themselves to Spode, he would subject them to the most terrible fates imaginable.


As a Xhodocto, Sethzak's powers are absolute; he holds the power to create and erase entire universes at a whim, though he tends to purposely limit his strength in order to participate in the bloodshed he instigates, for it entertains him more to give the opponent a glimpse of hope before tearing it away. In his Tandava avatar, Sethzak's essence manifests as blinding, icy blue and white blasts of energy, and in the event his corporeal husk is destroyed, he can merely reconstruct himself to do battle again for as many times as needed. Unlike Angazhar who is heavily associated with fire, Sethzak's powers are often based around the cold and extremely low temperatures.



Red face.pngThere is but one law. Mine.


Red face.pngWatch your universe wither and burn.

  • Iovera IX - Insulting mockery of an ascended being. Join your predecessor in the void.
  • Tuk Nijusi - May the games continue for now.
  • Hrantaec - This war hound requires no training.
  • Sarhadraxantal - Zhuleshxi's Bane? A mote of dust in my eyes. I will teach your kind the meaning of true terror.


Most unsavoury. You had better not get in the way of my annual fun-time, Sethzak, or I will imagine you out of existence! But can I actually do that...that is the question. Can I imagine myself out of existence? The very contemplation of it is tantalising and terrifying to behold! Or perhaps rather fun.

- Santorakh

There's been news of odd occurrences in the Schism again. If any god really did listen to a prayer, I would pray that it is only a rumour.

- Tuk Nijusi




  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II
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