I fight for democracy and freedom. This new "Empire" spits on the name of the Republic and the people who swore loyalty to it; a disgrace supported by those who espouse the ideals of tyranny and rule through fear. I swear to you this; the Empire will be brought down even if I have to kill a billion Imperials to do it. Long live the Republic!

- Sesoka making a particularly vitriolic speech to his followers early in the Dark Times

Sesoka is a male Tenerensis who serves as the informal leader of the Cyrandia Resistance. A native of the Tenerensian homeworld of Carolinii, Sesoka is a battle-hardened warrior whose early life was dominated by the bloody Tenerensis-Caveneu War, which ravaged Carolinii over two centuries prior to the Great Cyrannus War. Though long serving in the Carolinii Defence Fleet, he ultimately pledged his service to the United Republic of Cyrannus upon its formation in 53 BNE, ultimately making a name for himself as the Republic's top warrior and swordsman in conflicts such as the Great War and the Second War of Black Fog.

After the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Sesoka led a resistance group in the Inner Rim against the forces of the Imperial Military, making a name for himself as the most wanted figure in Cyrannus, behind only Taros Cassynder of the Confederacy of Free Planets. Though Sesoka was pleased with the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic, he remained unaligned with it, continuing his guerrilla campaign against the Empire into the New Cyrandia Wars and the Cyrannian Cold War.

During the Cold War, Sesoka became the informal leader of the Cyrandia Resistance, keeping his rank of General and coordinating with sympathetic New Republic senators such as Sola Naberraé to strike against Imperial targets. Prior to the Battle of Ambar, Sesoka became a key ally of the nascent Aldárae Order, coordinating with them to strike against the Miluiel homeworld—liberating it from the Imperial Navy.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

When Sesoka was a child, his homeworld of Carolinii was in the midst of a Cavaneu Invasion with nearly all the settlements on the planet falling into anarchy and despair. The young Sesoka grew grew up fighting in the war which orphaned him, attaining a level of skill which he ensured he never lost as he advanced through life. Though the war was over several centuries by the time the United Republic of Cyrannus was formed, the aid given to Carolinii by the Republic made tangible differences in how the poor of the planet lived. Sesoka soon swore loyalty to the Cyrannus Republic and quickly became one of the most respected officers in the URC.

Plazithian Massacre[edit | edit source]

Early Stages

President Apollo speaks with General Sesoka on Orbispira.

Fear not, Mister President. I will carve into these monstrocities in the name of the Republic and the democracy upon which it has prospered!

- Sesoka to President Apollo.

When the Great Cyrannus War broke out, Sesoka hunted down members of the Confederacy of Allied Systems and brought them to justice in the name of the Republic. However, soon after the conflict broke out, he was contacted by President Apollo himself who gave the General a top-secret mission to fight alongside the Republic's Plazithian allies against the forces of the Corruptus. Though initially hesitant, Sesoka agreed to work with the Republic's allies to end the demonic threat to the Milky Way.

Battle of Tiraigas

Meeting with Koluap and Jerkon of the Dracogonarious Empire, Sesoka became a member of a team consisting of the two famed Indoctrinate commanders as well as Kithworto, Keldar and Herquie, all of whom worked very well with one another as they faced down the threat posed by the insidious Corruptus, including an encounter with the horrifying Corruptus demon world Brezank located deep within the unknown reaches of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Back in the Milky Way, Sesoka was present as a joint task force made up of the Republic, the Third Sovereign Domain, the Dracogonarious Empire and the Kicath when the deadly entity known as Shu'ytrogarva attacked the Kicathian world Tiraigas, a world home to billions of innocent civilians. While the Republic fleet attempted to destroy the entity with its mighty turbolasers, the demonic powers of Shu'ytrogarva proved to be too powerful. Along with his new friends, Sesoka fought in hand-to-hand combat with the demon's infernal spawn, utilising both his feet and his energy sword to cut down many of their ranks. Ultimately, due to the powers of Herquie, the demon lord was vulnerable to attack, leading to the team attacking it directly, with Sesoka plunging his sword through the demon's heart.

Battle in the Nightmare Realm

Sesoka and his teammates surrounded by the mysterious Vida'Rranlora.

Hold the line! Fire everything we've got!

- Sesoka commanding the Republic fleet against the demon god Shu'rimrodir.

Soon after returning to Tiraigas, Sesoka returned to his Star Destroyer Precipice, where he travelled with the Republic's allies to an entirely different state of reality known as the Nightmare Region, where a gigantic allied fleet fought against the supreme demon god of the Corruptus, Shu'rimrodir. Though the mighty fleets of the allies failed to even injure the demon, the sacrifice of the mysterious Laminoula'Fuerq managed to dissolve Shu'rimrodir, ending the threat of the Corruptus to the First Gigaquadrant. Returning to the Milky Way as a hero, Sesoka and his allies all received medals from the Dracogonarious. Sesoka was present when Tarygan Tersly announced the formation of the Indoctrinate Collective, attending the resulting celebrations that the war was over before returning to Cyrannus.

Great Cyrannus War[edit | edit source]

Year One

General Sesoka and the UNO taskforce engage the Confederacy in the Dyslok Nebula.

During the last month of 1 ATC, General Sesoka was on board the Intolerable when it was attacked by an unknown enemy, which later turned out to be rebel Osteola loyal to the Confederacy. Though the Osteola destroyed much of the Republic fleet, Sesoka and his crew managed to escape.

Year Two

Later in the second year of the war, General Sesoka was tasked with the Unified Nation of Ottzello on his new flagship, the Precipice to back up UNO forces against the Trucinex Colonial Sector, in the Distant Relatives campaign. General Sesoka arrived to join the Kralgon Emperor's unmanned ships attacking the Dyslok Nebula. At this location, the AI Weapons and Sesoka were defeated, and retreated. They regrouped, with a manned UNO fleet. Using the Emperor and Sesoka's combind strategic tactics, they conquered the Dyslok Nebula and much of the Colonial Sector, but then learnt of many dark plots hidden in the nebula; the leader, Nexatru, had managed to procure a weapon capable of exterminating life based on genes, and had worked with UNO's greatest criminal forces; not just Kroggs, but the Zaarkhun Consortium. Sesoka and the Emperor defeated them, however, Genrai Nal escaped, and his location is presently unknown. After this series of adventures, his task force was ultimately successful in defeating the forces in the Colonial Sector and he left to fight elsewhere in the galaxy.

The Cognatus Remnant appears to aid the Republic.

General Sesoka had been tasked to go to planet Temomyho, to investigate about a possible Neraida invasion. Travelling in the Precipice, Sesoka and a team of scouts approached the planet, where they detected a Cube approaching the planet, apparently carrying several Dronox Hives to be launched at the surface. The two ships engaged, but the Cube was equipped with extra defences to protect the Hives. Most of Sesoka's scout team was destroyed, and his Star Destroyer was being damaged. However, the sudden arrival of the Cognatus Remnant won the day, ultimately joining the side of the Cyrandia Alliance.

General of the Resistance[edit | edit source]

Dark Times

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was created, Sesoka openly defied it and was arrested, being brought onto a Venator-class Star Destroyer. After being brought before the captain of the ship, Sesoka managed to kill him with a vibrosword through the torso. Soon a massive mutiny broke out, with many of Sesoka's supporters battling Imperial for control over the ship. Eventually, Sesoka and his men and women were successful and escaped into the unknown regions of the galaxy. Eventually, Sesoka came into contact with the Cyrandia Resistance and gladly joined it in 02 NE, eventually gaining a leadership role within the organisation's military forces.

New Cyrandia Wars

Though pleased with the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE, Sesoka knew that much of the galaxy remained under the Empire's yoke. Remaining in the Resistance, Sesoka established contact with many sympathetic members of the Republic Navy as well as the new Republic Senate. The establishment of a regime supportive of the Cyrandia Resistance brought many new vessels, starfighters and personnel into the ranks of the rebel forces, while the New Cyrandia Wars against the Cyrannian Imperial State provided ample distraction for the Resistance to carry out attacks against the Empire, with Sesoka quipping that "the Empire's difficulty is our opportunity".

War of Capricaerón

Sesoka watches as the Silencer is disabled.

Finally we can reveal ourselves to the Empire, finally we can take the fight to them!

- General Sesoka

With the Empire distracted by the Cyrannian Imperial State, Sesoska orchestrated the first major Resistance strike against the Empire, rallying much of the fleet in a conflict which became known as the War for Capricaerón, seeking to liberate the planet from the Empire. During the battle, the Resistance overwhelmed the local defenses, with Sesoka personally leading a risky attack against a squadron of Imperial heavy walkers. Just as the battle began to go against them however, a Republic fleet commanded by Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea arrived, informing the Resistance that their actions prompted the Empire to cede the Twelve Worlds to the Republic. Though Sesoka initially believed that Cretacea had sold them out for political gain, his fears were allayed by the truth of his words. Fleeing the Imperial starfleet, the Resistance returned to regions beyond major Imperial patrols, to gather their strength for the next strike.


During the Cold War, the Resistance was forced to decentralise its command structure in order to avoid capture by the Empire. Nevertheless, Sesoka remained in contact with disparate cells such as the Rambo Loyalists, the Creeper Cabel and the Free Osteola Rebel Cell, working on minor, though symbolic attacks against the Empire across the Cluster. He eventually came into contact with the Republic Senator Sola Naberraé, who informed him of the destruction of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance and the existence of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. She also provided intelligence on the existence of the Imperial Overseer, whom Sesoka sought to assassinate during a visit to Ezduiin Station. The attempt ultimately failed, with all of Sesoka's operatives killed by the Overseer and his dark minions.


As the Cold War reached it's terrifying conclusion, Sesoka gained an important contact in the form of the Aldárae Master Alinor Nanuq, who sought to enlist the Resistance's aid in liberating the Miluiel homeworld of Ambar. Though initially suspicious of the Aldárae's intentions, Sesoka agreed to aid them, working with various Resistance cells from across Cyrannus and the Quadrants to unite them in a singular force to overcome the substantial Imperial fleet blockading the artificial planet. Sesoka was proud to watch the unified Resistance fleet, including the Rambo Loyalists, the Creeper Cabel and the Free Osteola Rebel Cell come together, though feared that their differing ideologies may lead to disagreement.

Nevertheless, joining the Aldárae team to the surface of Ambar while the Resistance fleet battled the Imperials in orbit, Sesoka was confident that they would win the day. Sesoka was impressed by the skills of the young knights sent by the Order, Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá, Arasah Nui and Northarr but was perhaps most impressed by Vanikaimar, coordinating with them to defeat the Imperial soldiers and walkers deployed to prevent them from reaching Ambar's custodian, Radiant-of-Stars-Eternal. When they arrived at the central facility, they met with Radiant, who directed them to the control spire, where the Miluiel could, in theory, be liberated from Imperial enslavement.

However, the Phaedric Order had already arrived, battling Sesoka and the Aldárae for control over the spire. Though he lacked their mysterious energies, Sesoka lived up to his reputation as a fearless warrior, using his sword to viciously duel against Phaedric Lords such as Vandorallen and Cythonia. The battle ended with the arrival of Thaurlathrón and Apolithanatár, two Oikoumene with powers beyond his comprehension. With the battle completed, Sesoka returned to the Resistance with a deeper understanding of what was at stake in the war against the Empire and though he was saddened by the death of Val Niathan and the Resistance flagship Liberty, he swore to his men and women that they would never give up.

Second Great War[edit | edit source]

Opening Stages

The Cyrandia Resistance arrives at Andustar.

If the Republic falls, we fall too. It'll be difficult, but we must take the fight to the Empire!

- General Sesoka

With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War between the Empire and the New Republic, Sesoka found his forces caught in the middle. Fortunately, he was approached by the Vanara Houses, who agreed to provide sanctuary to the Resistance leadership on the hidden world of Naamah. Though he remained there with Resistance Command for quite some time, Sesoka knew that the Resistance would need to continue its campaigns against the Empire to continue inspiring hope among the people of the galaxy. Therefore, he took command of the Emancipator and travelled back to Cyrannus. Once there, he began the search for a new Resistance base in the Outer Rim.

While exploring the Neoarkan Sector close to Confederate space, the Resistance encountered the Auethnen Raptor, led by Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá and Vanikaimar, seeking aid for the Republic at the Battle of Coruanthor. Eventually agreeing, Sesoka led his forces at Coruanthor against the Empire. Once the battle had ended, Sesoka led the Resistance back into the Outer Rim, where they established a new base on the remote ice planet Andustar.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

General Sesoka is a hardened warrior and as such rarely saw eye to eye with the government or the president of the United Republic of Cyrannus on matters such as war tactics or the protection of civilians, often clashing with President Apollo in the hopes of convincing him to commit more fully with the abject destruction of the Confederacy. Though respectful of the former President, Sesoka was often considered an example of a conservative figure in the inner workings of the Republic. A wise and accomplished warrior, Sesoka strives to do what he believes is the best thing for the galaxy, including the destruction of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and all who support it. As such, some of his ideals can be considered extreme, in that he wishes to spell an end for the Mortalitas and the Basileus as a species, believing them to be inherently at the heart of the galaxy's woes.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Friends[edit | edit source]

Green face.pngI shall stand beside you in battle.

  • Willelmus Cretacea: I'd be proud to serve with you to my death.
  • Kralgon Emperor: A powerful and intelligent warrior.
  • Kithworto: Such power...
  • Jerkon: It was an honour fighting with one so determined.
  • Keldar: You are a mighty warrior, Zazane.
  • Koluap: Haha! Quite amusing! I would enjoy the chance to fight with you again.

Liked[edit | edit source]

Blue face.pngWhat would you ask of me?

Neutral[edit | edit source]

Yellow face.pngSpeak quickly! I have little patience for foolishness!

  • Apaltar: Your goal should be the destruction of the false Empire!

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Red face.pngDon't make me destroy you!

Quotes[edit | edit source]

We have little in common, though I did enjoy working with him during the Great Cyrannus War.

- Apollo

Such a shame he decided to fight the Empire openly. Yes... Such a shame...

- Aev Tempaere

Our partnership against the forces of the Corruptus was satisfactory. And his efforts against the Empire are encouraged.

- Jerkon

Keep to your little hole, mortal. Perhaps you can escape the forces of nightmare there... but for how long?

- Arrtkar Crowart

A troublesome relic of an era long gone. His little resistance will be rend to dust before his eyes.

- Mortalagueis

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sesoka was primarily created so that Cyrannian could participate in fictions that require a single warrior rather than a ship captain or a fleet of warships.
  • Sesoka's revival during the New Cyrandia Wars was suggested by OluapPlayer, he later went on to play a major role in the revamped Second War of Black Fog.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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