He is silent as he watches. His sole purpose is to guard me, and, when I will it, to strike down armies in sadistic joy. He is silent, observant, and not even I know what goes on behind those Blood red eyes.

- Dark One

Sentry, is a powerful member of a Bounty Hunters' Guild called the Shadow Hunters, and one of it's highest ranking members. Extremely intelligent, and extremely powerful, Sentry is one of the finest warriors in the First Gigaqaudrant.

History Edit

The Being only known as Sentry is a powerful member of the Bounty Hunter's Guild. He began life on an Unknown planet, but was exiled after he killed the King, A gigantic brute thrice his size, with only his 2 hands. He became a famed warrior and mercanary. With only his 2 swords, he destroyed entire armies.

Later, the King's son sent other bounty Hunters after him. Sentry dealt with them with ease. Finally, A Shadowy Being came to him and offered him a chance to join his side. Sentry promsied to do so, if the Shadow could beat him in a fight.

A long battle ensued, which went on for an entire week. Finally, the 2 landed 2 near fatal blows, and both agreed that Sentry could work for Dark.

Career Edit

Sentry became Dark's greatest Hunter,and became his personall bodyguard after more hunters joined. Snetry became famous for guarding, adivsing, and helping the Dark one in fights, though he rarely needed it. He was meant to role the Guild in Dark's absence, and often lead assaults on otehr worlds, even by himself.

During this time, Sentry replaced his hands with thin, powerful Phasic Claws, to slice through several tanks of enemies.

Alliance Edit

Later, Dark, Sentry, and Trodaka met a power Crime Lord named Morglukia. Sentry was brought to guard Dark and Trodak, in case things did not go as planed. He syaed at the party, watching everyone, espically Trodaka.

He enjoyed himself, and beat several of Morglukia's minions in drinking contests, as he had 3 livers, meaning he as to try really hard to get drunk.

He returned to the Hunter Homeworld of Karstral to await his next mission.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Sentry is a methodical, treacherous warrior, who takes great joy in battle. He is an extremely intelligent warrior, and can out-think many of his opponents. He prefers to fight his opponents face-to-face, and dislikes the use of guns. He is a methodical, genius-level warrior, and very sociopathic, being emotionally cut off from most others.

While he is a sadist, and hates most others, he respects and cares for Dark, and takes care to protect Dark's more liked Hunters, Like Trodaka, Gridlock, and Latiscka. He is clam, and wise, and is believed to be centuries old. He also respects any warriors that may equal or are better then him.

Abilites Edit

Sentry has combined his races' nightmarish technology with Darkling tech, making him a nightmare for any race unlucky to meet him in battle. He can disappear at will, separate his atoms to avoid projectiles, and can send a sonic hum through the air, shattering bullets and solid projectiles, and stunning foes.

Sentry can teleport, and also has the ability to summon Shadow Tentacles from his body, using them to grab and slam air-born targets into the ground. His most powerful ability, however, is his psychic field. This "Paranoia Field", can cause enemies near him to attack each other, or cause them to commit suicide.

His hands are long, thing Power claws, with the ability to rend even buildings to pieces. He is an expert fighter, and extremely flexible, as in some cases, it's shown he can slip into tiny cracks in a building foundation.

Dark suspects these are not his only powers, and that he may be the most powerful of the Shadow Hunters yet.

Equipment Edit

Sentry carries only heavy traditional Darkling Adabtive armor, which adabets to the users' bio-chemistry and wishs.

Sentry used to carry 2 long, heavy electrified blades, but has replaced his hands with prosthetic power claws, which are much more efficient.

Relations Edit

Blue face Allies Edit

Your protection is of utmost importance.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

State your cause.

  • Brute - Face me again and see what happens.
  • Archnoid - Marinox scum.

Orange face Enemies Edit

You can die, Just make sure the battle statifies me.

  • Barda Clett - So you will fall. Your death shall be legend!

Quotes from Others Edit

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A good, and possibly my only, friend.

- Dark One

Quotes from Himself Edit

That battle failed to stasify.

Hmph, that was a dissapiontment.

Next time, send a real Bounty Hunter. Oh yeah! There won't be a next time. Hahahaha!

My blades are ready!

You died as you lived; an inferior warrior.

Gah! I desire a real fight!

You got your weakling blood on my Swords.

Trivia Edit

  • Was inspired by Darkness from Bionicle, Urai Fenn from Star Wars, and Nufai from Universe at War.
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