I ensure the continued operation of the Republic through the continued operation of this vessel.

- Selanius

Selanius is a Libertus who was liberated from a life as a Caprigrox during the Dark Times after being transformed by the Neraida during their invasions of the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War. Rescued during the Battle of Amemoriam, despite Selanius' past allegiance to the Confederacy, he was grateful to the Republic Remnant from freeing him from his life of indoctrination.

However, despite his best attempts he has found reintegration into non-Neraida life challenging and often struggles to make friends amongst the crew of the Republica, a fact he reasons with the Neraida implants present throughout his body. Nevertheless, Admiral Willelmus Cretacea trusts Selanius with the security of his ship completely and has made it a personal mission to help the inherently kind-hearted Selanius to reacquaint to normality. Secretly during the New Cyrandia Wars, Selanius became involved with the Cyrandia Resistance, a fact known only to the Admiral.

During the Neraida War, Selanius proved instrumental in the Allied victory against the Neraida, developing weapons including the matter turbocannon, inventive shield technologies and helping the industrious Aevarin scientists manufacture a virus which ultimately severed the Neraida hivemind, finally destroying the Gigamatrix. Though he was offered a promotion to the rank of Captain, he decided to remain on the newly retrofitted Republica as Admiral Cretacea's first officer. After the destruction of the Republica during the Second Great Cyrannus War, Selanius accepted the position of First Officer of the Star Destroyer Allecto.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the Libertus homeworld of Capricaerón in 26 BNE, Selanius grew with a strong desire to explore the edges of known space in the Cyrannus Galaxy, constantly seeking to discover new species and new depths to knowledge amidst the vast unknown expanses of space. Though Selanius was naturally apolitical, he found himself allied to individuals loyal to the ideals of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Joining the Confederate Navy prior to the Great Cyrannus War, he had hoped for a position on an exploration ship in the Unknown Regions near Moreuse, the homeworld of the Mortalitas.

With the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War, Selanius instead found himself posted on Cianbur, a planet located on the border between the Southern Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions. Though disappointed that he would not serve as an explorer, he nonetheless ensured that his duties were carried out with honour and distinction. During the second year of the conflict, however, his life would change forever.

Appearing from nowhere, the Neraida viciously attacked Cianbur with all the ferocity of a relentless storm. Emanating from a single Cube, Khuenaten and his cybernetic warriors destroyed much of the planet's citizenry. During the fighting, Selanius was injured and rendered unconscious. He believed that they were fighting "Grox", though the truth was much worse. These were the corrupted amalgamation of horrific experiments, constantly searching for new ways to improve the whole. Selanius was the sole survivor of the Cianbur, though he would have horrors inflicted upon him that often made him wish that he was one of those lost.

The Neraida ripped off Selanius' right arm and leg, while tearing out am eye and replacing what was taken with cybernetic implants. He was one with the Neraida, a single piece of a larger whole and an experiment for a new breed of cybernetic warrior. Serving the Neraida with emotionless zeal, Selanius would spend many unthinking years in their service, which would ultimately come to an end during the Dark Times, when he was severed from the Neraida central intelligence by the Republic Remnant—thus beginning a long process of reintegration into galactic society.


Selanius would prove to be a hostile member of the crew of Willelmus Cretacea's exiled fleet. At first, he wanted nothing to do with such lesser beings, often demanding to be returned to his Neraida "kin". Admiral Cretacea took a personal interest in Selanius' reintegration aboard his vessel, which would ultimately be replaced by the mighty dreadnought Republica upon the establishment of the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE. Eventually, Selanius grew an abiding respect for the Admiral, whom he began to see as a father-figure of sorts.

Despite his brevity and lack of social skills, he would also make some friends among his fellow crewmates, some of whom inducted him into the Cyrandia Resistance—which sought to overthrow the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus through force. During the New Cyrandia Wars, Selanius would serve with distinction as the security officer of the Republica, aiding the Admiral in the Battle of Amphryssos and various other battles in the course of the conflict.

War for Capricaerón

Attention, rebe-... Val? President Inviere? Senator Magalen? Is that General Sesoka over there?! Isn't this a merry gathering... Selanius?! I knew something was off when you requested shore-leave."
"Deception was necessary, Fleet Admiral."
"Indeed? In any case, I expect you back on the Republica within the hour.''

- Willelmus Cretacea and Selanius during the War for Capricaerón

During shore leave from his time on the Republica, Selanius secretly travelled to the Liberty, the flagship of the Resistance, where he met with other Resistance leaders such as Raen Magalen, Fleur Inviere and Rambas II to plan an attack on Capricaerón, his homeworld and a key world in the Empire. Selanius, secretly representing the New Republic Strategic Intelligence, assured the Resistance leaders that the attack would end with the Republic annexation of the system. This assurance would prove valid when the Republica arrived with official word from the Galactic Senate of the New Republic that the United Worlds now fell under Republic control.

Operation against the Overseer
Meeting on the Aeolus

Selanius with the Allied leaders on the CRS Aeolus.

Remember what I told you about repressing the Neraida thoughts?"
"That information was irrelevant. I deleted it in order to assimilate the star charts of the Bruckclyde Sector. Compartmentalisation is one of my many talents.''

- General Sesoka and Selanius

Selanius continued to serve both the Republic and the Resistance during the Cyrannian Cold War which emerged from the ashes of Vasuband. He was involved in the Resistance plot to capture the mysterious Imperial Overseer, where he would fail to persuade the others to allow him to assimilate the Overseer's extensive knowledge. The mission ultimately ended in failure and the complete destruction of the Resistance team involved.

Neraida WarEdit

My name is Selanius. I am a former Caprigrox drone currently serving on the flagship of the Republic. My insight will prove invaluable. Fleet Admiral Cretacea wishes to inform you that a Neraida fleet approaches Angrenos. Naturally, I have formulated a defense strategy. I am sending your vessels schematics for matter turbocannons. Fire these concentrated streams of quark-gluon plasma at the Neraida and it should allow for a more efficient evacuation.

- Selanius, to the Allied commanders during the Neraida War

During the Neraida War, Selanius found himself pressed to develop a weapon which could be used to defeat the augmented Neraida force. Naturally, he developed such a weapon within a short space of time, which he dubbed the "matter turbocannon", capable of firing concentrated bursts of quark-plasma, which were planned to be devastating to Neraida shield technology. Selanius first appeared in the conflict proper prior to the Defence of Angrenos, when he represented Admiral Cretacea in an Allied conference on the Republic Star Destroyer Aeolus. During the meeting, he provided the allied commanders with schematics for the matter turbocannons and returned to the Republic to prepare for the crucial field test. Ultimately, his efforts would prove successful, though the battle against his former masters raged on.


Selanius and his team flee as the Bisistar and the Neraida clash on Aevarin Prime, prior to the planet's destruction.

During the closing stages of the conflict, Selanius transferred to the Aeolus upon the Attack on the Republica, working to develop countermeasures against the Neraida in preparation for the final battle. When he heard that the Terran Republic had discovered a race known as the Aevarin, who had developed a virus capable of destroying the Gigamatrix, Selanius travelled to Aevarin Prime to extract the scientists who developed it, only to discover that the planet was besieged by the Bisistar Domain.

Escaping the destruction of the planet, Selanius worked around the clock with the Aevarin scientists, and those from the Indoctrinate Collective, to perfect the strain. During the Battle of the Neraida Core, he joined Vanikaimar, Morin Ehtar and a variety of other warriors to the Core, where he personally deployed the virus which ultimately destroyed the Triumvirate of One and the Neraida Gigamatrix. Feeling free for the first time in his life, Selanius returned with his comrades to Republic space, where they were hailed as heroes. Though he was offered a promotion to the rank of Captain, Selanius instead accepted Admiral Cretacea's offer to join him on the refitted Republica, as its new first officer, a position he accepted with pride.

Second Great WarEdit

Selanius, serving capably alongside Fleet Admiral Cretacea, played a crucial role in the opening conflicts of the Second Great Cyrannus War, using his brilliant tactical mind to the Republic's benefit on more than one occasion. In the immediate aftermath of the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, however, he was faced with a grave challenge, defending the Republica from Mortalitas boarders under the flag of the Great Star Dominion. Fighting alongside Aoirtae Valaeris and Apollo himself, Selanius and his security contingent fought their way to the bridge, only to be incapacitated by Zillum. Selanius and the others were saved only due to the sacrifice of Gorf, who transported them to safety.

Subsequently, Selanius became the first officer of the C.R.S. Allecto, under Captain Nerazachi.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Selanius is quite clearly a Libertus despite his extensive cybernetic modifications forcibly grafted onto his body by his former Neraida overlords. As part of this horrific process, the colour largely drained from Selanius' scales and feathers, resulting in a dark grey appearance. Perhaps the most notable aspects of Selanius' appearance are his cybernetic limbs, which replaced his previous arms and legs. These implants provide him with increased strength and stamina, while his arm has the ability to transform into a sizable laser cannon should he find himself in battle. Additionally, Selanius has an intimidating red, pulsing cybernetic eye—much to the fear of those he encounters.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Selanius possesses little remnants of his personality prior to his mutilation at the hands of the Neraida Gigamatrix. When he was first rescued by Willelmus Cretacea's crew, he garnered a reputation as a rude, disruptive and belligerent member of the crew, though these traits stemmed from his lack of social skills—deprived from the young Libertus by his mechanical captors. His time among the Neraida has resulted in several personality defects, such as a desire to inflict great harm on his enemies and a unquenchable desire for greater knowledge. Behind this exterior, however, lies a man who truly cares about the Republic, the Resistance and particularly, his fellow crewmembers of the Republica.



Green faceYour presence is agreeable.

  • Willelmus Cretacea: Your aid has been most helpful in my transition.
  • Sesoka: The ideals of the Resistance will be upheld.


Blue faceYou are efficient.


Orange faceYou are inefficient.

  • Unknown


Red faceI wish to radically dislocate your limbs.


One of the most important members of my crew. I can't officially say that I agree with his work with the Resistance, but what Command doesn't know, won't hurt it.

- Willelmus Cretacea

Your freedom will be short-lived. The pull of the Neraida is the pull of a black hole. You are powerless to resist.

- Sakhmet

Creeps the hell out of me, that one. Looks like a Marinox but even uglier.

- Gavakar



  • Selanius is the first liberated Caprigrox on the wiki.


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