The markswoman of the wood!

- Sefarina Brightwing

Sefarina Brightwing is a human hunter and mage of the wind, whose trusty bow is always at her side. A wanderer and a mage, Sefarina is famous across the Frontier Lands, but to many people, is merely a legend. A tribeswoman, Sefarina is very resourceful and powerful, and is able to survive in extreme conditions.


Early life[]

Sefarina Brightwing was born into a small tribal village in the forest out in the Frontier Lands. Her tribe had been well known tree dwellers, with their habitats mostly being treehouses. Among the tribe, there was a law that everyone had to pay taxes, though the tax was in food. Everyone needed an equal amount of food to gather so that it could be distributed around the tribe when they ate. As Sefarina's father (the men normally hunted) was away fighting, her mother taught her to hunt, using a bow.

Sefarina's skills with her bow came naturally, as if she'd inherited them. Widely regarded as one of the best female hunters - if not the best hunter - of the tribe, her skillful precision and swift but subtle movement allowed her to move through the woods undetected and catch her prey. Of course, she was also called upon to search for intruders, and in some cases, kill them. When an unknown mage was spotted in the woods, only Sefarina had the courage to search for him, find out who he was, and if necessary, bring back his head.

Sefarina confronted the half human mage, firing the first shot. Even this skilled mage had not seen it coming, though he had not fallen to the headshot either. The mage turned, found her, then blasted her, only for her to dodge. The confrontation between them ended as the mage casted a spell, cursing her to sleep. Though when she awoke, she realised she had not been killed, yet was in the mage's house. He told her his name - Valdemar Mistwood - and that he was impressed by her skills, but that she needed to master a new art, magic.

The Dominant Markswoman[]

Valdemar taught her many arts of magic, helping her survivability, further improving her accuracy in marksmanship and subtlety, but also allowing her to use her arrow in much more powerful ways, by channelling magic through the bow to deadly effect. It was not until her tribe was under attack that she ever returned, to horde off the attackers. It was only when she returned that she learnt the attackers to her tribe were The Outworld's undead warriors.

The tribe were relieved to see Sefarina return, having lost many warriors in battle against them. Sefarina's magic and skill turned the tide of battle, with the tribe holding their ground in the refuge treehouse, while she could fire away and prevent them from getting too close. Similarly, she also met people who would befriend her. Earath, for instance, a travelling warrior, whom she befriended, and who promised that whenever she was in trouble, her hero would help her. She also came across Khadia, a similarly feared markswoman of the woods, and the two have since shared a friendly rivalry.

The Village's Fall[]

Though there was one that would not be scared off; Kimorgos was ready to face this wind mage. Sefarina hopped out of the treehouse, and fought the skeleton warrior, as he claimed the last of the tribe's warriors with his sword. Kimorgos tried to fight her, although he could never land a hit, and so used his outworld magic instead. After a long, drawn out fight, Sefarina fired the last shot which felled the bones.

Sefarina was cheered a hero, as she then looked around and gave her signs of respect to the warriors who had died in the fight. As she helped collect the corpses, a tragic feeling came upon her as she picked up the last corpse; the final warrior slain by Kimorgos was her father. She took the amulet he wore on his neck, and wore it herself; the Amulet of Courage, traditionally worn by the greatest warrior in the tribe. Though she still lived there, she was now a wanderer, who would look for a just cause to fight for.

Later on, she would meet pirates, non-humans and the Loron, such as Lak'rajah and Teh'Loca.

Where Ley Lines Meet[]

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Sefarina Brightwing is a well-built, average sized woman. Physically strong in appearance, she has blonde hair, blue eyes and an hourglass figure. Ordinarily, she is found wearing tribal clothing, consisting of a green top and yellow-ish skirt.


Sefarina is emotionally shy, empathic, although at times a very enthusiastic and light-hearted individual. She often sympathises with the feelings of others, while rarely expressing her own. At times, she feels motherly, especially towards the rest of her tribe, offering physical protection and sanctuary. It is said that no one has ever seen her feel aggression for anyone but the Outworld. Sefarina also has a love of nature, and her enthusiasm often leads her to overextend during fights, or to taunt her foes upon their defeat.


Sefarina's main skill is in her ability to control the wind. This allows her to aim her shots properly, to shoot more powerfully among other uses. She is not too bad in close combat, though she prefers to shoot from afar; her weakness is often met when facing an enemy up close. Her wind abilities allow her to escape very difficult situations.


Sefarina is never seen without her bow and arrow, which are enchanted by her. It is said that, if anyone were to pick up her bow, it would not fire a single arrow. She also keeps a knife on her for emergencies, or for food.



Green face.pngHey, guys!


Yellow face.pngHmm.

  • Khadia - I know you hate my guts, but I just consider us friendly rivals.


Red face.pngYou better watch out...it's bow hunting season.

  • Kimorgos - You're still around?!
  • Lak'rajah - My gosh...insane doesn't begin to describe you.


Next time we meet, don't shoot me. Okay?

- Valdemar Mistwood

Dare you look at me, peasant? No survivals shall stand!

- Kimorgos

Aw. If only if you were a little older.

- Pelagrios Sea-Cutter

I'll take you down a notch.

- Khadia the Grotesque

I'll keep to my promise. Don't worry.

- Earath

A pathetic woman like yourself should be in the kitchen, not the battlefield.

- Lak'rajah



  • Her working title was WindJo
  • Based largely on Windranger from Dota 2, with some Final Fantasy influences (in particular Tifa Lockhart, Technobliterator's favourite character in the series)