Watches from atop her dreaded cliff does she, the wretched hag whose very hands puppeteer the strings of the violent seas. Crooked eyes and grotesque figure does she bare, to coincide with an attitude and motif most vile and foul. Take heed of warnings of the Sea Witch of the South, lest your life - your mind if fortunate - conclude in tatters and tears.

- Gorodic Skarn, dwarven cleric of Thunardormir

Alvinian Varaikar, most known as the Sea Witch, is one of the last surviving members of the Bizargar race and a powerful witch who lives at the Great Cliffs. Formerly the last of the Bizargar High Chieftains, Alvinian was cursed by the Lympharians and driven nearly mad, leading to her becoming a mayhem-causing, destructive individual for three hundred years until she was finally calmed down through the affection of her allies.

A master of the arts of hydromancy, Alvinian became known as the Sea Witch of the South due to her foul temperament and her power over the seas, though today she has become a calmer, if not somewhat heroic entity due to opposing the forces of the Void. Eccentric, cranky and generally unwelcoming, it is hard to get past the Sea Witch's extremely thick exterior, but those who do discover a pained old woman who just wants a friendly company after spending three hundred years in isolation.



Alvinian is one of the last survivors of the Bizargar race. Over three hundred years ago, the Bizargar came into conflict with the Cult of the Eclipse, who destroyed their villages and assimilated their population. At the time, Alvinian was the High Chieftain and fought the Lympharians with her magic powers, but was ultimately defeated and suffered the blunt of a curse cast directly at her. As a last effort to save her people, she ordered the survivors to run away and not look back, until she was the last Bizargar she could find.

Despite surviving, the curse cast on her caused Alvinian to hear whispers and lose a considerable part of her sanity before they came to a sudden halt. By the time the whispers were gone, Alvinian had become deluded and made a home for herself at the top of a cliff, calling herself "the Sea Witch of the South" for her home being located right next to the sea, where she made a living of harassing the local nations of the area.

The Forgotten Lands[]

The Sea Witch was one of the members of the Forgotten Lands expedition organized by Riad. At this expedition, she met Kinmorunddraver, Hachi, Marcos Ridgewood and Lekren-Lex. While at first displaying nothing but apathy toward the rest of the team, the Sea Witch wuld eventaully warm up and grow a friendly relationship with Hachi. This resulted in Harbinger attacking the team and revealing the Witch's curse to them. The team fought and defeated Harbinger together, causing the Sea Witch to change into a far more welcoming persona as she finally found a group of individuals who understood her pain.

The Sea Witc remained with the team through the entire adventure, encountering Hamoins Dalverat, Kebra'Osos and even Imperator Kalarah of the Shiarchon. The Witch escaped the Forgotten lands with the rest of the team and after doing so, she quickly invited them to another adventure: exploring Infernos Mons.

Treasure Hunting[]

The Sea Witch was the one who organized the exploration of Infernos Mons. Joining forces initially with Riad and Hachi, she desired to explore the volcano and obtain possible traeasures in it. On her way to a Merovar settlement, she saved Clothovera Moirai from a bandit and grew interest on her, allowing the half-elf witch to join her team. As the team travelled to Infernos Mons, the Sea Witch also met Pelagrios and encountered Kinmorunddraver once more. As part of the adventure, the sea Witch encountered Tangilaruka, Chieftain Grumbgor, Karps and eventually also met Javina Desertsun, who she quickly took a dislike of.

While exploring Infernos Mons, the Sea Witch created a magical bubble shield to protect the team from the volcano's heat, and acted as their leader in the exploration. She would later aid the team in defeating and freeing Harkin from his corruption by trapping him into the ground to be exorcised, and would later travel to Akriarion Island on Xitannoth's back. The Sea Witch travelled with the team through the wasteland of Akriarion, evading Vulcanus Horde monsters and the legendary chimera Atrocius on the way to the island's volcano. When Xacutus was reawakened by the Exacutus Vulcanus, the Witch stole the Bacullum Mille Soles and escaped the island alongside the rest of the team. Following the adventure, the Sea Witch officially accepted Clothovera as her apprentice and returned to her home at Skull Cave.

Following this adventure, the Sea Witch took part of the exploration of the Golden Necropolis alongside Pelagrios. Traveling with the pirate himself, Earath, Kanna, Ndrhthryr, Khadya, Sefarina Brightwing, Archaviour, Norrigan of Aynach, Ophellatar and Septimus, she explored the tomb of the Orichalcum Elves and obtained various treasures. She fought Janos Omegon, Ánnoria and Leviathan along the way. After the adventure, however, all of the Witch's treasures were stolen by Xitannoth due to him wanting his share of the non-existent treasure of Akriarion Island. After this, the Witch helped explore the Fog Forest, where she fought the Dark Caxildiz and helped defeat one of Vargash's tentacles, and she later became involved in the War of Vampires, where she led the team which travelled to Castle Nightshade in order to save Clothovera from Zran Kar and end the Nightshade Clan's attacks on the world.


Afterwards, the Sea Witch was involved in the event known as the Eschaton, where she begrudgingly became ones of the heroes of Dar-Nahalant. During these adventures, she managed to break her Lympharian curse by creating a purging potion out of blood collection from Vargash's tentacle at the Fog Forest and dust particles ground from a severed horn belonging to Kaherihonar at the East after she aided in rescuing Lorchakim. The breaking of her curse caused the Witch to grow more optimistic and led her powers to become more intense.



The Sea Witch appears as a typical member of the Bizargar race. She is an humanoid, clawed creature with a large bird-like beak. She wears clothes filled with poisonous barbs, and also possesses a blade in one of her arms for emergencies. The Sea Witch lives in a tall cliff located at the edges of the Tropical Lands with the ocean, in a cavern which appears to be shaped like a Deiwos skull.


The Sea Witch is often seen as chaotic and erratic individual who likes to create spells and test them in local animals, and attacks anyone who falls to her traps, independent of their races or alignments. Outside of this harsh shell, however, the Sea Witch is quite protective for the ones she cares for. She used to refrain from creating bonds with others because of the curse inflicted on her by the Lympharians, which summoned them to destroy whoever she considered a friend, though this curse has since been lifted.


The Sea Witch has a vast control of the Source, being a master of the art of hydromancy and also possessing limited knowledge about arcane and dark magic. She can manifest water from her hands which she can launch at high enough speed to cause harm to other creatures, and she is also able to breath underwater permanently if needed. Her arcane powers include levitation and shapeshifting, with the Witch being known for being able to change her form into that of various animals, from small rodents to large albatrosses. The Witch's knowledge on dark magic is limited to studies and potion brewing, with her being unable to actually cast the magic herself. The Sea Witch's magic is what keeps her alive, for she has long passed the natural lifespan of her people, though she is noted to not be immortal, instead just aging at a decreased rate from normal.



Green face.pngW-what do you mean "friends"? I just tolerate them, that's all.

  • Hachi - I like you.
  • Clothovera Moirai - Is this what having a daughter feels like? I kinda like it.
  • Kanna - You're like me, but furry instead of feathered.
  • Alhazred - Turns out you're pretty important. At least you're not a show-off.
  • Pelagrios - Funny guy, that one.
  • Riad - Nice guy.


Blue face.pngI enjoy your company a little bit.


Yellow face.pngWhat do you want from me?

  • N'hali Brineheart - No thanks, I got my own skulls already.
  • Javina Desertsun - Make up your mind. Do you care for us or not?
  • Bastion - "Look how shiny and mighty I am".
  • Karps - Self-centered idiot.
  • Lekren-Lax - Eh. Keep down.
  • Earath - Interesting one.
  • Norrigan of Aynach - I'm terrified.
  • Septimus - That armor for sale?
  • Longinus - Your obviously never got spanked by your mother.
  • Vixaatus - Dragons don't eat Bizargar, right?... Right?
  • Khaadun - Stupid accent.
  • Mhor - You like fish, we get it.
  • X'impe the Wraith - Stupid accent, again.


Orange face.pngI hope Smeevers lick your feet at night.


Red face.pngThere is a reason people fear witches. Let me show you why.

  • Praenuntius - Stop tormenting me!
  • Kebra'Osos - Dragon-ogre simpleton.
  • Imperator Kalarah - Takes more than spiky armor and a big ego to scare me.
  • Exacutus Vulcanus - Doublecrossing bastard weapon.
  • Xacutus - I'll get you back, skull-face!
  • Zran Kar - Can you do everyone a favour and bleed out and die already?


She's rather lonely, I wonder if she's okay.

- Hachi

Vos vires coniungere debet. Vel potest evellet te, et coques vobis cutem vobis.

- Shiarchon

We should see whether you are what the common folk claim you are to be. I doubt it.

- Kinmorunddraver

Meh. Who needs magic anyway?

- Lord Protector Arken-Lak

It brings me untold sadness to think that, throughout the entire time that our lives and hers overlapped, me and my kind not only never had the opportunity to engage in fruitful dialogue with her but, furthermore, only ever thought of her as "that witch with the freaky beak".

- Mala Aurorum





  • The Sea Witch was originally inspired by the Sea Hag from Popeye, and also takes inspiration from Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone.
  • The Sea Witch went through numerous retcons. She was originally introduced as an imprisoned form of Vargash before being changed into an independent antagonist, and then finally being revamped into a protagonist.