I hope I'm rewarded for helping this Tyrómairon fellow.

- Emperor Savra XII

Savra Mathen, formerly known as Savra XII, is a male Corthrinus who serves as the Grand Mandator of the Corthrinus Space Oversector of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, having previously served as the Emperor of the Great Corthrinusi Empire. A multifaceted and mysterious man, Savra is rarely seen on Orbispira coordinating the Imperial government, preferring to operate from his royal Palace on Rinus. Though he has a reputation as vindictive and remorseless, Savra is often considered to be fair and honourable, decrying imperialism and the gravest excesses of the Imperial military.

During the early years of the Empire, Savra battled with Queen Moch-Na of the Mortalitas for the position of Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions, only to be superseded by the Saurornithanta known as Bri'sa'tana. However, while Savra lost much of his political influence in the subsequent years, the New Cyrandia Wars were a blessing in disguise, leaving both Bri'sa'tana and Moch-Na in disgrace and allowing the crafty Corthrinus to rise to leadership. Though Corthrinus space was subsequently subsumed into the Northern Outer Rim oversector under Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur, when the Imperial Senate was dissolved in 14 NE, Savra was appointed Grand Mandator of the newly forged Corthrinus Space Oversector.

Though grateful to the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon for granting him such power, Savra secretly longs for the days of the United Republic of Cyrannus, for while the Republic were not on friendly terms with his kin, they did not encroach on his borders. As such, he is deeply sceptical of centralised power on Orbispira and remains somewhat resentful that he was forced to give up his royal name and title.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Savra was born into the Corthrinus Imperial Family on the Corthrinus homeworld Rinus in the year 38 BNE. As a child, he was raised by his father to be his replacement as Emperor. As such, from the moment of his first birthday, he was taught about Corthrinus history, culture and ethnics. He became very patriotic to his people as a result of learning about his people. When he was growing up, he was rather spoilt and was used to getting what he wanted, nevertheless, he always wanted to help his people in any way he could. His young life was generally very happy as a result. However, on the eve of his sixteenth birthday, things were about to change for the young prince. While his father was on a State Visit to the Basileus Imperium, his return shuttle was attacked and destroyed by the Corthrinus' greatest rivals, the Cyrannian Neraida. Shocked and horrified, the prince was immediately named Emperor Savra XII as per Corthrinus traditions.

Emperor of the Corthrinus Edit

Power Struggle 02

Moch-Na and Savra XII argue on Orbispira.

Filled with rage and fury, Savra's first act as Emperor was personally hunting down and destroying the Grox Cube that destroyed his father's shuttle. Taking his royal flagship, the Hand of Rinus, the young Emperor succeeded in his mission, filling him with confidence in his self-worth. Over the next few years, Savra consolidated his power, becoming a beloved figure for his people. Eventually, the leader of the peaceful Navajaó offended him, prompting him to order the extermination of the Navajaó. However, the United Republic of Cyrannus eventually rescued the Navajaó, making Savra dislike Apollo personally.

Struggling Power

A few years later, Savra XII was approached by a mysterious figure known as Tyrómairon. Tyrómairon told Savra that he had a plan for the unification of the galaxy, and promised Savra great power. Savra, fearing the wrath of Tyrómairon, agreed, helping to form the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Back on Rinus, Savra XII became happy with this New Order and began to plot to become Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions. However, he's facing competition from Moch-Na of the Mortalitas, who wants the role for herself. While attending the first meeting between all the Mandators and Grand Mandators across the entire Empire, Savra was one of the candidates for the Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions, as well as with Moch-Na, Savra's Mortalitas rival. At the end of the meeting, both Savra and Moch Na engaged in a massive argument, which ended with Savra told Moch-Na that her days were numbered. Savra then returned to Rinus, preparing for battle. However, a battle never came. To his anger, he was not made Grand Mandator, with the position falling to Bri'sa'tana, a Saurornithanta.

Mandator of the CorthrinusEdit


Ramashe and Savra meet at the Rambo Capital

In 03 NE/06 AQF- the second month of that year Savra travelled to the Rambo Capital where he received an audience with Empress Ramashe- the monarch of Rambo Nation. During their meeting the two talked about signing a treaty of trade of commerce, as since the signing of the Concordat the Rambo only had trade in Cyrannus with either their own colonial sector and Capricaerón]. Ramashe agreed to sign the trade treaty, but also asked if there was something more. Savra chuckled, and told her that at Orbispira dirty politics were played and that they could help each other as politician allies. Ramashe frowned upon this news, but eventually accepted when Savra said some charming words.

Pleased that the first stage of his plan against the Mortalitas had succeeded, Savra returned to Rinus. With this trade treaty he was now the only one besides Capricaerón who had trade and commerce with the Rambo, opening new trade for his people in Cyrannus who could sell Rambo products for high prices to other species who weren't so fortunate with allies within the Senate, this way those species became independent of the Corhtrinus and would give him his support in decisions he could claim could lower his trade prices. This way Savra could show the Corthrinus' might and nobility, giving him more influence and respect amongst the Senate and Mandator Council. And with Ramashe as a possible politician ally, he gained an advance over Moch-Na who didn't have mighty allies.


Official Opening of Lianna Station

Several months later, Savra attended the opening of the Lianna station in the Quadrant Galaxies as the official representative of the Galactic Empire. During the meeting, Savra spoke with Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic and Senator Senator Chuinaylia, managing to impress the latter with his charisma and charm. Savra also met with Empress Ramashe once again, though was suspicious of her attempts to de-militarise the Nation.

New Cyrandia Wars and aftermath

In the aftermath of the New Cyrandia Wars, Savra gained much political influence. Both of his chief rivals, Bri'sa'tana and Moch-Na were captured during the war with the Cyrannian Imperial State and were subsequently disgraced upon returning to Imperial care. Savra was subsequently appointed to the position of Grand Mandator of the newly established Corthrinus Space Oversector, giving him increased power over his people though his calls to reform the Corthrinusi royal family were dismissed by Orbispira—much to his annoyance.

Personality and Traits Edit

Emperor Savrá

Savra is a man of fine tastes.

Savra Mathen is a man of many distinctions, having many layers to his personality. On one hand, he can be vindictive, vengeful and strong willed, and has been known to send entire armadas to destroy an entire species simply if that species has offended him in some way. Savra can also be very loyal, friendly and good-humored and treats all of his subjects equally and with respect. As such, he is very popular with his people and throughout the Empire. Nevertheless, many, such the Mortalitas loath him for insulting their queen.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green faceI can work with them.


Yellow faceHmph.

  • Bri'sa'tana - Hmph. At least you aren't a Mortalitas.
  • Ramashe - A political ally and tool to gain influence!
  • Apollo - A keen diplomat.

Enemies Edit

Red faceBe a good chap and die.

Quotes Edit

A fine leader. However, I hope your aspirations don't cause friction with the Mortalitas.

- Tyranus

A mere step above a rebel...

- Zillum

I've heard good things about him... And other things not so great.

- Apollo

Watch out for a dagger in your back. Huh.

- Agnassana

Proud to serve among loyal subjects of the Emperor like you.

- Commissar Aerlon

I do not trust him. If he acts against the Mortalitas then the Tiranozark will be forced to intervent.

- Tyrant

Ha. A whelp like you will never be Grand Mandator.

- Moch-Na

We are the masters of this region, inferior lifeform. Your attempts to take it are futile.

- Commandant Khuenaten

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  • Savra is the first Corthrinus character on the wiki.


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