Savas Gormarro (HZC: Saavasar Jiraakhan Gormarrolk), otherwise known as the Lord Militant and the Marauder King, is a Zazane warrior and the Lord Militant of the Brood of War, alongside having been the Preceptor-Regent of the Freeblood Realm prior to its partial assimilation. Savas is renowned for his fierce and stoic exterior, having garnered a reputation for his apparent cold and indiscriminate approach towards others, and is as unyielding as he is powerful; driven by a combination of personal and political ideology and a sense of pride, Savas is a potent combatant in frontline engagement and is infamous for his physical output capacity, holding potential status as one of the physically strongest baseline Zazane in recent recorded history. Stubborn and largely quiet, Savas boasts a notable history of participation in terrestrial combat although is considered to be limited in his capacity as a long-term strategist, preferring straightforward, and potentially unnecessarily dangerous or challenging, approaches in place of complex and supposedly overdrawn ones.

A rough and aggressive individual, Savas, while not entirely emotionally-stunted, maintains difficulty in expressing himself beyond feats of physical prowess or combat ability, which leads to his blunt and direct demeanour and gives him difficulty in communicating with others on a deep and intimate level, even though he can understand the emotions of others. Fulfilling personal desires whenever he is capable, Savas is often undeterred by the thoughts and opinions of others aside from those he holds personal sway with and is torn between desiring a reclusive and quiet lifestyle, which reflects his mindset, and finding purpose in the roles and responsibilities he has been granted and has fought for on multiple occasions, leading to begrudging, but meaningful and truly benevolent, relationships with peers and colleagues and occasional issues pertaining to his family.


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Green faceTell none that I am at your service.


Blue faceFight at my side and I shall attempt not to strike you.


Yellow faceFoe or friend, what shall you decide it be?


Orange faceExit my sight before I have you exit living.


Red faceYou had best retreat, for I am coming for you.





  • The current version of Savas Gormarro was inspired by Asura from the Asura's Wrath video game and Kenpachi Zaraki from the Bleach franchise.
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