The unfit will live in ignorance for a time, for our power is not ripe to truly begin the work, but when we come knocking on their door with a cloak and scythe, who are they to resist or stop us?

- Satan.

President Satan (Satan: SatanSignature, rough translation from ancient Daemonium meaning "balance"), full name being Satan Fourn Digree (Fourn and Digree are both words from rough Universal Daemonium meaning "Swift" and "Strong"), is the present President that presides over the Infernal Republic.

Appearance Edit

Satan shares the same body type as a standard Moar. On his head a X is painted, this is to indicate his role in the government (president), his left shoulder has the Najmat Khumasia, a birthmark that generally prophesies of power. This mark is painted red to help it stand out.

His armor is considered formal wear-- his gauntlets, which end at the wrist, and a steel loincloth, both of which are made of an iron-titanium alloy. His chest plate ends just above the first spike that juts out from between his pecs, and he wears a pair of tassets.

Personality Edit

Satan is known to be a very delicate and kind man to his country and people, often looking out for what he believes is the best for his home.

To other species, on the other hand, Satan will treat them like property rather than individuals and will act incredibly racist towards them. However, he always tries to make sure that the basic needs of enslaved species are met-- such as to keep his workhorses alive.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Satan is not much different from the average Moar, but he has a reputation of being incredibly good at fistfights and wrestling, a reputation he built in his youth when he still lived in Dow Nunda.

Aside from this, he does not have any outstanding abilities that sets him apart from a normal Moar.

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Personal Relationships Edit


Green face - The friendship of a Moar is sweet and delicate, treat it with great care.

  • Diablo - “Moars are naturally close knit, but our friendship must be closer than skin against muscle. Let us rule, not as me as the superior, but with us as equals.
  • Hades - “A master of all forms of war and battle! I could never ask for a better Moar to lead my abundant armies.


Blue face - You have earned a Moar's respect. Do not treat such a gift lightly.


Yellow face - I suppose it is not right to hate everyone, but it is against Moar custom to like everyone. So I guess I do not hate nor like you.


Orange face - Inferiors do not deserve to be in my presence; I suppose, at times, it cannot be helped.


Red face - I have the power of billions of judges, warriors, and warlords at my fingertips. What say you, whelp?

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